Thursday, December 5, 2013

My Nativity & The Dining Room

With all the table swapping I've been doing, (you can see that post here), I am finally adding to the rest of my Christmas in the dining area.   Loving this table here instead of the farmhouse table.

 This is the centerpiece I showed you in this post.  I love the soft neutrals of the golds and silvers.

Now I needed something for the buffet so I thought my Nativity would be perfect, I love it and it is super special since it is part heirloom and part treasures from the Lord.

Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, The Wiseman and the Cow in the center were all that was left of my MIL's nativity.  I was still so thrilled to inherit it, I think it is so pretty.

Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus are so beautiflly detailed and in such lovely colors.

I wanted more pieces to complete the nativity and wouldn't you know the Lord heard such a silly wish and fulfilled it.  I found the Camel and the Cow at Goodwill last year.  Then later on last year I found the second Cow and the precious Sheep figurine.  This summer I found this special little Angel all at my local goodwill for just pennies.

My son came in a few weeks ago and said, "Look what I found laying in the driveway.".  Can you believe the most beautful rosary?  Now that is such a special touch to add to my cloche.

So I think this is the most wonderful Nativity in the whole world and I hope you like it too.

The perfect finishing touch to the dining area.

Since I broke my foot hubby has been helping.  When I walked in and saw this he just smiled really big and said 
"Looking good, don't you think?" 
 God love his heart, he actually did the tree.  Not sure how we're going to get to the front door though and wow, boxes everywhere.

Gotta' love this man, he says" not to worry, I have everything under control". I can't wait to see how he pulls this miracle off.

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  1. Marty, I'm sorry to hear about your foot...praying for quick healing! I love your Nativity and how you put it all together so beautifully the Rosary is a precious touch.

  2. Love it, and hubby is adorable...he did a great job on the tree....and I'm sorry to hear about your foot, hope your recovery is quick and painless!


  3. It is all so beautiful, Marty. So sorry about your foot, but hooray for such a helpful hubby. xo Laura

  4. How in the world did I miss that you broke your foot???? It's finals week for me and everything is a bit of a black hole right now, I ADORE your nativity. It looks like Lladro. Am I right?

  5. I love your nativity set with the additions. Love the cloche and rosary too. The dining table vignette is so elegant and really goes well with this table.

  6. I missed that you broke your foot too! Sorry to hear that. How nice about hubby putting up the tree by himself. Your nativity is so beautiful. I love how you've collected the pieces through the years and the rosary is a perfect touch!! I have a weakness for nativities. I just love them!

  7. Ohhhhh, love the manger scene with the hay. God bless your hubby! Good luck during the holidays with the injury. Your house is looking festive! Susan

  8. Your Nativity is so beautiful-perfect addition to the buffet. And what a wonderful husband--he's right--it is looking good!! Can't wait to see it all completed...

  9. I really like the table you switched to. It is more country French, which seems to be your style. I like the story of your manger scene.

  10. Marty, your dining room is gorgeous! I adore your nativity- what a special set! I love you idea of adding a cloche over Mary, Joseph and Jesus. Thank you for sharing your beautiful dining room with us!

  11. Marty, I see you have a very special nativity too...and from your MIL also :) I love the way you have the main characters underneath the all looks so wonderful together :)

  12. I love your precious heirloom nativity and as to the Lord, I think he gave you that good man too! :)

    So sorry about your foot...what better time could you have picked than at Christmas time, huh :( I am behind a post or two so I shall go backwards and see if you dropped a table on it :(

  13. Oh Marty,
    When did this foot thing happen? So sorry. Hubby did a really nice job and your nativity is truly gorgeous!
    Hugs friend,

  14. My money is on Jim! Bravo to him! It all looks fabulous! Yes -- the Lord gives us all sorts of miracles!!

  15. Your nativity scene is just beautiful Marti and the story behind it too. So sorry you broke your foot, but it looks like Santa has given you the best kind of helper and that is so sweet. Get better soon.

  16. your nativity is very beautiful marty, perfect! so sorry to hear about your foot but it's gonna be good for you so the husband can pull off what needs to be done♥
    get better..huggies♥

  17. First, I had to go back to see the table switch. It's brilliant! I've done that before too - moved furniture, loved it and wondered why I hadn't done it years before! Second, that picture of your foot is horrible! I do hope you are getting better. If I were you, I think I'd wait until after Christmas is all put away before I decided I could do much of anything! What a sweetheart your husband is. The tree looks beautiful. That nativity is gorgeous, and I can't believe all of the wonderful stories behind all of it. Obviously, that was all meant to come together to be beautifully displayed in your home. Take care of your foot! laurie

  18. He's a keeper for sure, Marty! I'll bet he was real proud of himself, too. : ) Love your nativity. I think the rosary is a great touch added to it.

  19. I love your sweet nativity and the story behind it. Very pretty!

  20. Sorry about your foot. I love your Nativity. Such a sweet story

  21. I hope your foot is better soon . I bet that hurt! Your tree looks beautiful, how nice of your husband, he did a great job!

  22. Beautiful, Marty! That includes your tree! How sweet of your hubby to do this for you! Take care of your foot!

  23. Marty, Your nativity scene is gorgeous. I love the soft colors and the sweet faces. I looked for years for one with sweet faces and finally found one and ended up buying a second, in case broke a piece. How exciting that you've found more pieces to go with it...just proving that God listens even to the smallest request. I'm so sorry to hear you broke your foot, but it looks like your hubby is doing an awesome job of taking care of things. What a sweetie. Take care and I hope your foot heals quickly...well, as quickly as a broken foot can heal.
    xo Babs

  24. I'm so sorry to hear about your foot. The story of how your beautiful nativity came together for you and how your hubby is helping out are precious! Continued blessing this Christmas season!!

  25. I have a small nativity my Aunt made for me and it's a very special part of my Christmas. Your tree is lovely and how sweet of your hubby to do it for you. Hope your foot is better soon. Thanks for linking to TTF!

  26. Sorry to hear about your foot, Marty! As for your nativity, it's so beautiful ... a treasure indeed. Blessings.

  27. Marty I'm so sorry to hear about your foot! Your Nativity looks beautiful!! What a great hubby you have...he did a fabulous job on the tree!

  28. Hi Marty. So sorry to hear you broke your foot. Your nativity is beautiful. It's so nice to have a husband that will take care of you when you need it...good for you!


  29. Marty,
    Oh, dear friend. . .I adore the Nativity in your Dining Room!!!
    The use of the cloche adds dramatically to enhance its presence. . .in your room. . .in our lives!!!
    Your Christmas Tree looks amazing. . .yes. . .he's a keeper!!!
    Thanks for sharing!!!
    Prayers continue for your healing and for baby Bronx!!!

  30. Your dining room looks amazing. Our dining room is the last room I have to finish in our house and I can't wait to get it done. Thanks for sharing your decor with us.

  31. Beautiful, Marty! What a treasure to inherit your MIL's nativity and being fortunate to add thrifty finds to it! Merry Christmas friend! ~Christy

  32. Oh Marty, how did you break your foot, I am sorry to hear that! Praying for your quick recovery! Your husband did a splendid job, I must say! I absolutely adore your Nativity scene under the glass cloche...the muted colors add such a soft elegance! I love the colors you use for your holiday decor...whites, silvers and gold, beautiful! Praying for you and little Bronx! Hugs, Poppy

  33. So sorry your foot got broken. May you have wonderful Holidays resting and keeping it elevated.Hugs, Sherry

  34. I didn't know you broke your foot? Darn... I love your nativity. It looks like Lladro? That's so great that your husband set up the tree! Take care of yourself and get that foot healed up!

  35. What a guy! Bless your heart! He did a wonderful job on the tree and I love your dining room Christmas decor - especially the Nativity Scene. I will be featuring your post in this week's Home and Garden Post.

  36. your nativity is so pretty! Thank you for sharing it last week at TTF. I am going to feature this post today on TTG FB.


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