Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Swapping Tables

I moved tables around for Thanksgiving so we would have a little more room and I love the new look, so things are going to stay this way for a while.  The round table that I normally have in the breakfast area has 4 large leaves and it can extend to accomodate 12.  That's a little tight in the breakfast area, so I moved it to the dining area this year.  I love it here.  Without the leaves, it is a fabulous 54" round table so it really is quite versatile.

This is the table without the leaves you are used to seeing in the breakfast room. (Pay attention, there is a lot of table swapping going on and it gets really confusing. haha)

And now here is  the breakfast area with the farm table.

Thank goodness for versatile furn. in a small house.  See those stools that slide under my coffee table - -

 Since I am using all the chairs around the Thanksgiving table right now, I pulled out the stools and they make a great seating arrangement here.

To finish it off, I took part of my farmhouse display and put it on this table.

Don't you love versatile furniture and swapping things around?

I'll show you the new arrangement in the dining area after I tweak things a little bit.  Loving the swap.

I have my Christmas decor started, but since I was Claudia Clutz yesterday, things are a little slow going.  I fell off the ladder in the garage and broke my toe.  Geeeeezzzzzz

The winner of the $150 Glasses.com giveaway is Robin Wray - - Congratulations
I sent you an email, please let me know you received it.  Thanks.

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  1. Wow! It looks bad. I hope it heals quickly, but be very careful that you don't develop a clot.

    I really like your new farm table in that spot.

  2. Ouch, ouch, ouch. Nothing hurts worse than a broken toe. Hope it feels better very quickly. Love the farmhouse table in your breakfast area. :)
    xo Laura

  3. Love your table rearranging, the farm table looks great in your breakfast nook. Your foot though, looks very painful. Take good care of yourself.

  4. Oh Marty, I am so sorry about your toe! It looks very painful. I hope you feel better everyday. I love the way your tables look in their new spaces, and I love how you used those stools. Beautiful!
    Patty at Home and Lifestyle Design

  5. Ouch, Marty! So sorry! Hope you recover quickly. <3

    Your table switch looks great! I love those stools.


  6. Marty - will start with love love loving your table swaps - they look so much better - esp in the large breakfast area - this recetagle table fills the space so nicely, makes it more balances and smart looking. LOVE.

    And your poor foot, holy smokes lady OMG it looks awful - ouch ouch ouch! And this time of year to boot- horrible. Well thank goodness it doesn't get icy snowy cold there, you could never put that injury inside boots or shoes to go out.

    I am saying prayers for your quick healing - be sure to take Vitamin D and oyster shell tablets for calcium so it heals fast.

    Hug sorry hugs.

  7. Marty,
    I love that you swapped out the tables. The farm house table looks really great in it's new space. Sorry about your poor toe. That looks nasty and sore. Keep off it as much as you can and keep it elevated and ice it for pain (the nurse in me!!!) Hugs and fast healing are being sent.

  8. Glad your toe is all you broke! I love the stools under the table!

  9. I just love your table switcheroo's! Your home as always looks beautiful--your foot on the other hand looks less pretty and more painful! Take care, rest up, because we can't wait to see what you will create with your Christmas Decor this year...

  10. I really like your farmhouse table in the breakfast area. The stools that can store under the coffee table are genius. But... No more ladders!

  11. Marty, the tables look great swapped. I like the little benches with the farm table. Oh, your poor toe. Don't you know to stay off ladders!

  12. Marty,
    Oh, my goodness, dear friend!!!
    Do be more careful. . .that looks painful!
    I love the Farmhouse Table in the breakfast room!!!
    Versitile furniture, indeed!!!

  13. Marty - so sorry to hear about your fall - take care of that foot!!

    Cheryl @ The Creative Me and My McG

  14. ouch! sorry to hear about your fall. I hope you have a quick recovery!

  15. Oh ! I feel so sorry about your toe! Otherwise, swapping tables is fun and you did a great job. Hugs, Cristina

  16. Marty, I noticed the stools right away in the breakfast area - love how versatile they are, being able to pull them right out from the coffee table (which I had not noticed them being there before!). Ouch on the toe - but I guess lucky you didn't break anything more serious, right? Hope it heals quickly - and just proves to be another good reason for internet armchair shopping, hehe.

  17. Oh no!! Your poor foot!!! On a good note--the house looks fabulous!! You know what I never noticed the transferware before. With the round table, as soon as the post loaded on my computer, I zeroed in on it. Your home is beautiful!

  18. Where did you get the coffee table? Or what brand name is it?

    1. It is made by Thomasville. I bought it about 15 years ago. Thanks.

  19. I love the swap of the tables looks great! Oh my your foot looks so bad…I hope it heals quickly!

  20. First and foremost.....do slow down, my dear, Marty and enjoy your new arrangements, relax and baby that toe!

  21. Love the swap -- the toe, not so much! Just glad that is all you broke!

  22. Oh Marty! You are so busy and always making sure that this lovely blog is always updated. Please take it easy.

  23. Marty, I've responded to your two emails of the past two days and I'm not sure you're getting them. I definitely want to thank you for winning the $150 from glasses.com! I am sooo excited.

  24. I really like the tables this way. The little benches look perfect too! I'm sorry you hurt your foot! I'm a clutz always! The family joke at get-togethers is for me to tell where I've fallen throughout the year! Glad THEY can laugh about it, I sure don't!! Hope your toe heals quickly!

  25. Oh Marty! Your poor toe looks like it hurts so bad. I love all your tables though. xo

  26. I love the table swap! I'd definitely leave it for a while. Bless your heart - that toe makes me cringe :-(

  27. Ouch Marty, I know how that hurts. Were the words you uttered as colorful as your foot?

  28. Oh sweet Marty, I'm sorry your poor toe looks...awful!!! I love the table swap, it's perfect and yes, I've done a lot of black and blues moving furniture in the past! Take care lovely lady. Hugs,

  29. So sorry about your toe! That looks very painful! Hope it heals well.

  30. Bonjour,

    Je sais que cela fait énormément souffrir que de se blesser un orteil... Je vous souhaite un prompt rétablissement.
    Gros bisous à vous.

  31. Oh, that looks like it would really hurt. Hope you had it looked at and I wish you a speedy recovery!
    Love your table switch, it's amazing how things look in different rooms almost like getting new furniture.

  32. Oh arty, yor POOR TOE!!!!!!!!!!! I feel yor pain as I did the same thing, I won't get into the details:( I love the new tabl arangements!!! GREAT idea!!!

  33. Love the table swapping, and the stools look great in the "new" breakfast area. Fast healing on your broken toe

  34. Oh, Marty! I hope your foot will get better soon. I have done that and I know how painful it can be. Your table arrangement looks wonderful!

  35. Oh my gosh, Marty! I hope your toe is better soon. That's one of those parts that can't get a cast, too, isn't it? Your table swapping worked out great. I love this look. The little stools add to the farmhouse look of that table. I forgot that your round table has leaves that extend it; that's a great option to have.

  36. I love the swap and the beautiful mismatched chairs in the dining room. Your poor toe -- the things we endure for our love of home decor! Be careful...

  37. You did a FINE job on that toe! I broke my little one a few years back and had to wear a boot for quite awhile...Marty I would milk this for all its worth at Christmas...I think your family will have to do all of the hard work ( like doing dishes and such ) and you just direct them around :)

    Seriously...I am reading posts backwards so I have already seen that your husband is taking care of things! :)

    I love the way the tables are arranged now...it looks like it worked out great! :)

  38. Oh, my, I hope it doesn't hurt too much! Taje care and take things slowly, Santa is not there yet, you have time to have your decoration ready! I love how the long table look in your breakfast area.

  39. Yep...I remember doing that..trying to make the table bigger...putting all the leaves in the table and it still wasn't big enough.
    OK.. it looks like you are ready for the big day. Working on it here...working on it! :)
    Looks lovely, Marty!

  40. Marty, Your home looks lovely! I am so sorry about your broken toe and I can totally relate. Mine took months to heal and it hurt like crazy. I hope you have a fast recovery. Thanks for linking to the Open House Party.

  41. I like the new arrangement. I really like the farm table and how you've set up the seating. Ouch on the foot! I'm always nervous coming down on ladders.

  42. Ouch! I know from experience how painful that can be. Hope it heals quickly.

    I really like the new table arrangements or "switcheroos!"

  43. Holy Crimoli, Marty...you could have broken your NECK & been a quadriplegic today!!! Gosh, what a lucky break that it was only your toe. But this is an awful time to be hobbling around...you poor thing.
    What the heck were you doing up on a ladder without someone there to steady it & spot you? Next time, wait for an assistant!!!
    Remember when I fell down the garage steps with that glass vase in my hand? It was only 3 days before Christmas, so most of my work was already done. I hope you can relax & let some of the fluffing & cooking slide by this year.
    Thank goodness your hubby is able to help out. Tell him I'm impressed with the tree he did. BRAVO~clap~clap