Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Living Room Makeover Plan #2

You know how sometimes you think you have a plan all figured out and it will look fabulous. When I made my idea board I was so sure I wanted white drapes in the living room. Then when you start working on it, everything kind of falls apart and it really doesn't look like what you wanted..  That's the way my white drapes for the living room turned out.  You can see all of the different looks I tried with them here.   So on to game plan #2.

Here are the white drapes, now there is nothing wrong with them, it's just that they look so plain in here.  No wow or pizzazzzz.    Actually they really do look better in this picture than in real life. ( My sofa is more of a cream and this makes it almost look dirty)  Ok, now to clarify, I love the lighter brighter look, just not the stark white, so I think I need to look for something more of an ivory color.

Before I return these,  I was wondering how they would work in the family/breakfast room.  Actually, they really look much better in here.

 This room has white walls while the living/dining area has beige walls, so they blend better, but still just a little plain.  Nothing wow at all,  I am wondering, does a room have to have wow, or am I just weird.

 Frames the window and blends in which is good since this is not a really huge space.

Ok, back to the living room - remember this is with the brown drapes that I have had for a while.  

 If I move the family/breakfast room drapes in here, I think they will give me the look I want.  They are the same color as the walls and they have enough of an elegant touch with the header and fringe to compliment the room.  Ok, this might work. I really was ready for a change, but my dark brown drapes did work really well.  However, these do make the room a little brighter for a change.  These drapes will look nice in here, but what about the family room.

Right now, this is the only drape I have up in the familyroom.  Just so-so.  

I think I am just not a stark white girl, I can't get my arms around these at all.  I need to figure out something else.  Sorry Ikea, but these are going back.  I just don't think they are me.  Love the all white in others homes, but hate it in mine.  Have to be true to myself.  I do have a super idea and it will be fabulous, hopefully.  I will show you later.

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  1. they do look good, but not wow like you said. Seems like the dark wood of the table kind of swamps them. I have been thinking white drapes might work for me, so I really grateful for this post. I will go in another direction too.

  2. Marty, have you thought of sewing a wide topper to the tops of the white drapes to add the color you so crave. Or perhaps using velcro to attach the topper so you could change out the colors...maybe to match your pillows. Just brain-storming here.

  3. I agree with you Marty... in fact I almost bought white drapes last week... I kept going back n forth - stood there looking at them for quite a while and then decided on a color instead. :0)
    I hope you find exactly what you are looking for... I know whatever you choose will look great!

  4. When I worked in china, crystal, silver, many years ago, the linen department was also part of it. We helped people put together their china and linens. Ivory and white are really tricky when used together. There was a rule of thumb. It is possible to use ivory dishes on a white cloth, but white dishes on an ivory cloth will make the cloth look dingy, most likely. I like the beige panels in your living room. It gives a brighter look without muddying your wall and furniture colors.
    You are on the right track and I know it will be beautiful!

  5. The one that truly knows what works is you!…I know that you will come up with the perfect drapes to compliment your room and achieve the exact look you are going for...

  6. Marty, I feel exactly like you:-) I always want some wow, and I think that's a good thing. I also like a lighter look sometimes with the option of changing back when the mood strikes. I used drop cloths to make my LR drapes and love that they are light but still creamy. But I want something more dramatic at times too. Trying is fun and usually gives you some other idea you wouldn't have thought of, so it makes the process the fun part. Can't wait to see what you settle with!!

  7. Marty, the white just doesn't work for your home. Your browns, beige, and more of the ivory are for sure your colors. You are a "warm" color gal. I have always loved how you can put the warm colors together so well. Stick with the tried and true. . it is you.You will get it right you always do. Hugs, Karie

  8. Again, I feel your indecision as I am doing my living room, too. So much beige and I am afraid of color. Have you thought of bringing in a third color of pale blue or rose? Since you are not an all white person, maybe that is what you need. I think you have a lot of beige going on and the hints of color in your pillows may not show up enough. But most of all, follow your heart. So far, so good!! :)


  9. Now, you've got something there.......the family room drapes are perfect in the living room, elegant yet understated, fits right in with your d├ęcor and makes a connection!!! I'd still move that dark end table from in between the two dark chairs, too heavy at that end of the room. I understand what you are saying about the WOW factor, but it can be in some other form other than the drapes......a painting, floral piece, pillows, a secretary or cabinet of some sort......you know what to do there!!! You'll know when it feels right.......you're good at this!!!

  10. Your house is lovely no matter wnat and it's so you, BUT yes, it's not the wow you want, I know your style Marty, as I am like that too, not soo White! You make your house wow everytme with all the perfect accessories such as pillows, artwork and wonderful pieces you always come up with and the forever amazing vignettes, so I can just see you knowing exactly what to do in a few hours, lol!

  11. Your home is always lovely and inviting. I do like the white in the dining room, especially with your pretty table.

  12. Hi Marty,
    Ok you know I am a white and cream girl but I have to say you need some kind of pattern I think with the drapes. Something light but with some kind of pattern to bring it all together. I actually think Ballards makes a check drape that would match your skirt on your round table and throw pillows you have and also have you checked Country Curtains they have all kinds of light patterned drapes that might match with your decor. Just some thoughts. I have had good luck with Country Curtains to find check and light colored patterns.

  13. Good Morning Marty! I have to say I LOVE the drapes in the family/ breakfast room....but its your space :)
    Your accessories and furniture have a real WOW factor already and I love those curtains with that wall color.
    I am forever trying to go really light almost white and then my space feels super...blah and cold. Thank goodness for
    good return policies ..;) Happy nesting!

  14. I agree with your decision. You need something to balance with the things you already own and those didn't warm up to anything. I ended up buying mine from Horchow- they are very light but also had some gold in them which works for my decorating. I watched their sales and got free shipping!

  15. I'm confident you will figure this out! But can I tell you...I'm so enjoying the process here...and learning so much! It's also fun to read the comments...and see how others are feeling. I know you are the one doing all the work...just think of all the exercise you are getting! ;)

  16. If you paint the living room darker, the white drapes should "pop" more. I have Benjamin Moore's Edgecomb Grey, but it's not grey--it's more of a sand or linen color. Not so dark to irritate me, but more color than a cream.

  17. With your sewing and decorating skills, I can see why you would not be thrilled with these. And, yes, they do look too white. I used to be a decorator, and white and off-white and ivory and beige is very tricky to mix. In fact, when I was studying design, it was a HUGe no-no to mix off-white and white in the same room. Everybody says "no rules" now, but I think you kind of have to know them to break them. One other thing I might mention which is glaring to me, but maybe not to everybody here: curtains should look like they would close, even if they are meant to remain stationary. That means they should be full enough that they WOULD close if you wanted them to and still not be stretched out flat. Generally, a panel should be at least two and a half times the width of the window. One designer's trick is to use a less expensive fabric and make it fuller to get a very lush look. You can always use a pricier fabric to band the edges or use some trim to upgrade the look.

    You have good taste and a very good eye, and I know you will keep working with it till it satisfies you. Hope my two-cents worth helps.


  18. Such a lovely home! I hope you find what you are looking for…seems like I always have too specific of an idea, and then I have trouble finding it! Good luck!

  19. I actually like the white ones, but I tend to be a "less is more" person and I do agree with you, if they aren't you...you will never be happy. I made that mistake with living room furniture once. I loved it in the store, it wasn't me but it was really pretty...hated it, got rid of it eventually and bought what did suit me. It was fun reading your "thinking" this through.

  20. Are you going to put the former living room curtains in the dining area? They would add a lot of drama against the white walls and coordinate beautifully with the wood table. Just a thought.

  21. Everything looks beautiful Marty! Thanx for stopping by the party. Hope all is well.

  22. I agree Marty, you need a little wow! But I'm a wow kind of person, I love white in other peoples homes, but I don't like living with it. The only somewhat white room I have is my foyer but I have been try to incorporate a little more white into every room. Thanks for stopping by and your kind comments on my bedroom mantel.

  23. I do like the white better in the dining room. But not for me either. I always had white walls and light draperies, then I got brave and painted the walls Sherwin Williams Kilim Beige. Not exactly bold. I ended up with 2 inch wooden blinds flanked with black bamboo woven verticals on the living room windows. All neutral. All boring. What I am saying is that I am not the person to give advise. I know you will find exactly what you are looking for even if you don't know what it is yet.

  24. Actually..I think you made the right decision. They would have been "okay" but not great. If you don't have that satisfied feeling..that "I'm loving this look!" you are right to backtrack.

  25. I like white on white, or white with gray, but white with beigh is tricky. With your warm colors I agree that an ivory or dark beigh works better. The dining room curtains work well in the living room for a lighter look. I don't mind the white in the dining room, but maybe you could jazz up the window a bit by adding something in the space between the curtain rod and the top of the window...perhaps a scrolly iron piece or a lovely picture. Whatever you come up with it will be gorgeous because gorgeous is what you do so well!

  26. I'm voting for something with a little more "wow" - nothing too loud, either some color or a subtle pattern. I think the white curtains are pretty, they just kind of fade into the wall. Decorating with white/cream/beige can be tricky, but you've got great style, so I know you'll figure it out!

    Marie @ Holly Crescent Cottage

  27. I agree, you should follow your heart because you are the one who has to live with it. Someone mentioned trying another color, and I think that is the way I would go. A few months ago, we decided to add drapes to some of our shuttered windows and went with a really pretty soft turquoise (from IKEA). I wasn't sure how that was going to work, but the turquoise actually became very neutral and works with everything in our home. I'm not saying you need to go with turquoise, I'm just suggesting you might enjoy something other than cream or beige. Good luck!

  28. I love the white drapes, but I understand what you mean about the "wow" factor. Maybe you're not a "white decoration" kind of girl and I'm not a "wow decoration" kind of girl!

  29. Marty,
    It's alright NOT to be an "all~white home decor girl", dear friend!!!
    I am still lovin' the gray in your living room!!!
    I'll be back soon to see what choice you make with the drapes!!!

  30. I think its a beautiful room! Id love if you would share it on my first ever DIY Done! Link party at FlyingC-DIY.com. hope to see you there!

  31. I think its a beautiful room! Id love if you would share it on my first ever DIY Done! Link party at FlyingC-DIY.com. hope to see you there!

  32. I like that you aren't satisfied yet and you are willing to keep at it. I just redid a small bathroom, painted the walls a dreamy grey and put up a white valance. I like the slight contrast but I am not totally ahppy with the white at the window. I thought of getting a trim or ribbon as a small color detail. I am still working on it!

  33. I kinda agree Marty - the white looks too 'plain'... I say go with your gut feel and see what you really like, after all, you'll be the one looking at them day in and day out right? So much with trends, they work for some people, but not for all. And with your great taste, I'm sure you'll find the perfect one soon!

  34. Marty, thanks for linking up! Hope to see you next week!