Monday, March 3, 2014

I Went A Little Crazy With Pillows

Give a girl a few dollars, then throw in a great sale and watch her go a little crazy.  Yep, that was me.  I started out looking for fabric to recover my ottoman, didn't find anything I liked, but of course while I was out I had to run into Hobby Lobby and Home Goods.  I hit the jackpot.

Hobby Lobby is now carrying a line of pillow covers that are fabulous and at prices you won't even believe.  I found several that will totally see me through all kinds of changes for spring and summer.

 I love these pillows with the jute braid trim and they have some really pretty ones.  This cocoa color is gorgeous and so pretty with my new check drapes in the family room.  The pretty floral print is a pretty cocoa color background too.  Now price wise, these are on sale for 50% off.  The jute border was originally $9.99 and the floral was $5.99.  Ladies, that turns out to be $5 and $3 for pillow covers and they even have a zipper.  I can hardly buy a zipper for that price much less the fabric.

 With tons to choose from, I just had to pick up several more.  I got a white with the jute trim and then a really pretty beige linen with an embroidery design in cocoa.  The white was again $5 and the embroidery was originally $6.99 - so $3.50

 They had another embroidery one that matched the first one I got, only this one is a rectangular one, love the circle embroidery and a great size. It was originally $6.99 - so $3.50.  I bought a second floral one since I like to use pairs on a sofa most of the time.

 Home Goods has tons of pillows out now too.  I loved this bright cheerful print and thought it would be fun for this spring and summer.  The two were $24.99.  That's a great buy.

All of the pillows from Hobby Lobby are 18 x 18 except for the rectangular one, it is 12 x 20.  I have tons of inserts, so it is fabulous to be able to just zipper one cover off and add a new one and so much easier to store just the covers and not a tone of pillow forms.  If you are looking for fabulous feather pillow forms, be sure to check out goodwill, I find them there all the time for $3 to $4.  Ikea also has some really reasonably priced ones.  I love the feather ones, they just make a pillow look so much nicer and they are much more comfortable.  I will replace the ones from Home Goods with feather inserts.  All you have to do is open the sewn side, and add a zipper, or you can even add velcro or simply stitch it back up after you add the insert.  When I opened up a seam, this is how much poly filler I took out.  Wow, that's a ton, no wonder the pillow was so stiff.

Sewing a zipper into the seam was so simple. 

Much easier to store this when not in use  - - -

 rather than this.  I bought zippers today to also change out several more pillows I have.

I think I did really well for about $50. Oh, yeah, I did buy 3 more pillow covers from HL that I will show you later, I already have them on the sofa in the family room. A mix of herringbone, checks and plaid. They look fabulous.

Are you thinking spring and summer?

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I was not compensated in any way by Hobby Lobby or Home Goods.  Just love to pass on a bargain when I see one.

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  1. Marty! You are so clever! I never would have thought to 'unstuff' a pillow and add a zipper. What a great idea!
    And those pillow covers are wonderful! Gotta go - I'm heading to Hobby Lobby! :)
    love and blessings~
    Lynda @ Gates of Crystal

  2. Great idea! Love your new pillows - love that jute trim. I need to head over to Hobby Lobby!
    Patty at Home and Lifestyle Design

  3. Love your new pillow covers! I will have to stop by HL and check out their pillows....I haven't been in there in ages!
    Have a great week!

  4. Hi Marty! Oh, I love those pillow covers and now you're making me want to go and get some - I need two new ones. You really are the smartest one! One time I tried to 'unstuff' a pillow and that's all it was - stuffing! ;)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  5. Great bargains! All for the price of just one pillow at PB!

  6. Holy smokes, Marty! You really snagged some great deal. The pillow covers will be lovely additions to your home. Pointing my car towards the nearest Hobby Lobby! Jane

  7. Such great pillow covers from Hobby Lobby ! I am going to have to go into that aisle the next time I am there !

  8. What a lovely pillow covers Marty! You hit the jackpot!!

  9. OMGoodness, marty, you got some great DEALS!!! All the covers are beautiful. I wish I could sew and put zippers in some of my pillows too. I am running out of places to store them all:):) I'll be back this afternoon!!!!

  10. Hi Marty,
    I just came across the pillow covers at HL, such a great idea. Love the patterns you picked out, adding zippers is genius. Thanks for sharing! xo, Liz

  11. Marty, you are not the first person to mention the pillow covers at Hobby Lobby. Thanks for the reminder. I simply MUST get there this week. I absolutely LOATHE the pillows on my upstairs sofa (they came with it, and, BLEH!), but have done nothing to remedy the situation. Now, I just have to, because what you have shown me here I just love.

  12. Beautiful & fun! I was at Hobby Lobby recently as well and was shocked by all of the choices and the ridiculously reasonable prices. Would love to see how you sew the zippers in (I'm not a sewer but this seems like it wouldnt be that complicated...) if you're so inclined to post a tutorial.


  13. What great pillow covers! We don't have a Hobby Lobby here, sadly.

  14. Wow Marty great bargains. Gotta love Hobby Lobby.

  15. Oh marty...great minds think alike. I bought the grey with jute trim a few months ago for my husbands office. Can 't beat that price and the quality is perfect. congrats on hitting the jackpot.

  16. I had no idea that HobLob had pillow covers. I love them. I love the choices you made from HomeGoods too!


  17. Thanks for the tips on where to buy pillows at a great price! Yours are fabulous!

  18. I go pillow crazy too Marty, you know that! Love your latest find!

  19. I have seen those pillow covers. You sure got them at a great price! We are monogramming those solid pillows covers with the jute lining like crazy at work. Everyone wants those to put their initials one. I love all of your choices, so pretty!

  20. Oh gosh, Marty! I was just at Hobby Lobby today.....guess I'm heading back tomorrow! Great score!!!~~Angela

  21. Love what you did by adding the zippers, and I'm here to tell you that I, too, discovered the HL covers and am just about over the moon. With the weekly coupon, I have plans to be changing and pillowing up around here in a big way this year. Really good quality too!

  22. Wow! I need to get to H.B. You got some really pretty pillow covers, Marty. How clever to sew zippers into those pillows.

  23. Thank you for the great tips. I could use pillow covers to change out. Yes, storing pillows takes up a lot of space. I think I am not on the Inspire Me Tuesday post but thanks for hosting. I just linked up.

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  27. Those are all so pretty, Marty! I've never paid much attention to HL's pillow covers, since I almost always make my own, but those are some very good prices. As for IKEA's feather inserts -- they are fantastic! I discovered those several months ago and have been slowly replacing all other pillow forms around our home. The feather forms are so much more comfy!