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Show Off & Inspire - Southern State of Mind

I love this series, it is so much fun to be able to Show Off & Brag about some of my favorite bloggers.  One of those is Heather from Southern State of Mind.  Now the minute you see her you know she is one adorable, chic lady, so her home will be too.  Grab something to drink and enjoy, you are in for a real treat.

 Hi, everyone! I am so happy to be hanging out with Marty today. Isn't she THE nicest blogger around?  Seriously, she is just so warm and genuine and I am positive that we could chat for hours if ever given the opportunity! 

My name is Heather and I am the author of Southern State of Mind. I am so happy to "welcome" you to my home. Let's get the tour started in the family room...

Our family room is the heart of our home - and things are busy in the SSOM home these days! I work full time in the corporate world, interior-designer-wanna-be and am officially a "boy-mom"! Mom of one sweet toddler (Mr. Big Stuff) and expecting boy #2, (Little Mister) in less than two weeks! (WHOA!)

I live in Atlanta with my husband of 10 years who makes me one happy lady. By now, he understands that I am a pillow hoarder, will squeeze in a craft project given 5 spare minutes, and am never afraid to try something new around the house. 

He does his best to get excited about these things, really he does, but that is where Southern State of Mind came along. 

This is my creative outlet. A place where I can talk about tablescapes, 18 ways to use oyster shells, and the benefits of popping into the Goodwill once a week. Through this blog, I have found so many others that *get* me! Southern State of Mind is a place where I embrace the thought that your home is a state of mind, not just a to-do list. 

I am a lover of all things navy blue...



and finding a good score on the hunt. 
My philosophy on home decor is simple: 

No design decision is permanent.
Just try it, if you don't like, try again. 

I know so many who become paralyzed with design decisions. 
It does make it harder to pull the trigger with expensive purchases, 
which is why I like to find old pieces and repurpose them. It makes it so much easier to remain fluid in my style and able to try new things.

Ahem, I am pretty sure this console has had 14 different looks in the past 4 years. 

And those curtains?
Made with $15 shower curtains.

I love to mix patterns and keep an open mind.

Our home is an older ranch style in Atlanta. 
I adore our home. 

But, as with any ranch, there is not a lot of extra space to go around. I have embraced this and my approach to decorating is that it must be multi-purpose and absolutely functional. 

For example, when we moved in, we had a formal dining room and living room. 

(previous dining room)

I LOVED these spaces. But it didn't take long to realize that I would love actually USING this space even more. 

(multi-functional buffet console)

So we thought out of the box and made the space work for our needs.  We converted the formal dining room to a home office, the living room became the family room and the family room became an eat-in kitchen.

(previous family room)

Life. Changing.

We have lived in our home for about four years and have enjoyed the process of making it ours. I truly enjoy the process of rethinking spaces to make them work best for us.

Recent projects to prepare for baby was to give the nursery an update:

and creating a big boy room for Mr. Big Stuff.

I know we will be using our outdoor spaces a lot this summer as we transition to a family of four. So the back porch will be our oasis at home, when we need to get away...

and I can always sneak away for a spell in our courtyard.

Thanks again, Marty for having me today and allowing me to share my home. The door is always open at Southern State of Mind and I would love for you to stop in anytime! And for even more pattern mixing and pillow blabbering, be sure to check out my project gallery 
Happy Summer! 
Didn't I tell you her home was fabulous.  She amazes me with all she does and while expecting a baby in two weeks.  I constantly study her pillows and how she mixes patterns and colors, she is so good at creating just the right look.  I also admire how she changed the purpose of all of the rooms in her home to make them work for her and her family.  She is always creating something new, so if you don't already follow her, then you definitley need to rush over, click on that follow button.  You really don't want to miss a thing.

Thanks so much Heather for letting me Show You Off and Bragg a little about you, it has been a real treat.
                                                                     Southern State Of Mind

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  1. Such a beautiful home and I love all of her fabrics and colors! Great feature!

  2. A most beautiful home filled with the most creative her style!

  3. Love all the color in her house. Inspiring for us "color phobic" people. Will be hopping over to her blog to have a good look around. thanks for sharing these fabulous blogs and introducing us to new ones.

  4. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous home with us Heather! Love the mix of pattern and unexpected pops of color! And yes, Marty is one the nicest people around !

  5. What a lovely home! I also love the coastal style and you do it so well. Thanks for sharing with us.

  6. You have a very pretty home Heather! I especially love the shower curtains!

  7. What a great home Heather. I did the same thing with my ranch. It had no dining room but a living room and family so with my hubby and I empty nesters I did not need two living rooms so we converted the family room into a dining area off the kitchen too. I entertain a lot and it is nice to have a big dining room to seat everyone together. Your ranch is adorable. So nice to meet you. Great choice Marty.

  8. Heather has a beautiful home! It may be small but it is certainly big on style. : ) I love that she made the rooms in her home into rooms they will actually use. Her outdoor spaces are wonderful, too. Such a nice way to expand your living area when the weather is good and you can move outside. Good luck and best wishes with your new little one, Heather! Thanks for sharing Heather's home with us, Marty.

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  15. Hi Marty, Love this beautiful home, thank you for sharing it. And thank you Marty, for stopping by my blog and leaving your sweet message to me. I always look forward to your visits. You are one of the most gracious blogger there is. I started following you when I started blogging, and I seldom miss a post of yours. Love your style of decorating and wish I could copy cat your style. I can't. . you are way ahead of me. You continue to inspire me always. Hugs, Karie

  16. Beautiful home! Thanks for the tour. Have a great day.

  17. Marty- THANKS so much for the feature! I loved reading everyone's comments and really appreciate it! Have a GREAT week!