Monday, July 28, 2014

5 Minute Cleaning Tips-When You Don't Have Any Time

Ok, sometimes I am just too busy and have too much on my plate to clean my house, but I can't stand it being dirty, so what to do. I don't always have an hour or even a half hour, but several times a day I have 5 minutes.  Utilize those 5 minutes to do a few things.  Now I admit that since there is just two of us now, it is so much easier, however when I was a full time working mother of 3, doing these 5 minute jobs is how I kept my sanity.


1.  Wipe down the bathroom sinks and counter.

2. Pick up all that stuff that is laying around - 
put dirty clothes in hamper & shoes in the closet and toys in the toybox

3. Put dishes in dishwasher

4. Put mail & papers in files or trash

5. Clean off and wipe down kitchen counters

6. Dust one area or room

7.Clean up small messes - My Dust Buster Is My Best Friend

8. Make up your bed

9. Straighten up pillows on sofa and table tops

10. Relax with a cool refreshing drink-you've earned it!!

It's amazing what we can accomplish in 5 minutes if we just do it.  I try to keep everything picked up and put up every day and my Dust Buster is always within easy reach.  It takes care of all those little spills and dust bunnies that fly around.  Next time you are feeling stressed, look around, there is something you can accomplish in 5 minutes and your home will always be cleaner and more organized.

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  1. My mom was a great one for cleaning. Being a single mom and working full-time she didn't have much time for cleaning, but she would always tell me as she was doing things little hints to keeping the house manageable when you can't give it a good cleaning. Things such as, if you don't have time to vacuum just pick up any big lints or pieces of anything you see on the carpet and it will look 10 times cleaner, dust where you can really see the dust so it looks like you dusted everything. Those things have been ingrained in my head til this day and that mop with the wet pads is a heaven sent! Thanks for the added tips, Marty!

  2. All great tips! I get out my Swiffer duster and use the Gain scented pads to make the house smell like I really cleaned it! LOL

  3. Great Tips Marty. Even though it is just Terry and I sometimes it is amazing how the two of us can make a mess LOL!
    Have a great start to the new week.

  4. great tips marty and so true....

    I have a swiffer- I get it and sit it up against my desk and show it a gazillion pics on pinterest of how the floors look after they've been cleaned with a swiffer. mine must be defective cause it just sits there and doesnt do a dang thing .. maybe I need to get a refund:)

  5. With seven children and working full time, I learned these tips very early on. My children were taught very early to clean up after themselves. By age two they were putting their toys back in the toy box when they were finish..with Mommy's help but they did it. I even remember putting a toy into their hands and walking them to the toy box and dropping it in and praising them to high heaven! They are all neat, to this day! Shoot, they could have grown up and rebelled. Thank heaven's they didn't.
    Great tips, Marty.

  6. Thanks for reminding me in just a few minutes you can accomplish something. Somedays it just seems overwhelming. Have a great Sunday!

  7. Thanks, Marty. This is such a needed reminder to make use of just five minutes and what a difference it makes. I love the humor you included. Now how do you get the rest of the family to cooperate!! LOL!

  8. Cute pictures to go with your tips, Marty! Good tips, too. I'm sure every little bit helps. I remember when my kids were younger and at home, I'd try to do little things like this to make it easier later. Like putting things on the bottom steps that would have to go upstairs. Now I pretty much just wait until I have more time to do things. I'm finding that I have been more prone to cleaning happily (because cleaning is not at the top of my list of things to do) when I tackle one thing per evening. This way I have my afternoons after work free, as well as my weekends, and things still get cleaned.

  9. Great tips, I do these too sometimes when I am pressed for time. I do like to have my house picked up and straightened up all the time!

  10. These are great tips, but everything in 5 min. is impossible for me :( Instead of that i regularly order Carpet cleaners Chelsea to help me with housekeeping

  11. Great tips Marty! Thanks so much for sharing at Amaze Me Monday...

  12. I have discovered that as neat as I think I am, I can make a major mess in 5 minutes! These are all great tips Marty, and yes, as much as I hate to empty the dishwasher but have learned I can do it in 5 minutes!

  13. Since I haven't been well, I have a lady helping me. She does a fabulous job. I still do little things and your idea for 5 minute time blocks is great! Thanks for sharing!!

  14. Marty, I must say my friend that you are in better shape than me and much faster if you do all that in 5 minutes! LOL! I tell you that the older I get the slower I become. What used to take me a few hours to do takes me all day now. But then I am also one of those that cannot stay focused and I get side tracked easy! LOL! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  15. I do my best cleaning in short bursts of time!

  16. Thanks for those great ideas for using spare five-minute blocks of time! A neat (in many ways) friend of mine likes to set a timer to five minutes and see how much she can get accomplished in that time lolly gagging while the time is on...I need to follow your and her examples.

  17. Those are good tips, Marty. Cleaning house always seems overwhelming to me, but 5 minute increments make it very manageable! ~Ann
    Tarnished Royalty

  18. Hi, Marty..thanks for hosting...and all the features are wonderful.

  19. Great tips, Marty! I'm usually pretty good at keeping up with the cleaning in our house, but this summer has been so busy that keeping these quick and easy tips in mind, will really come in handy! Thanks for sharing!

  20. I loathe cleaning and put it off until the weekend, but I'll give these tips a try because I think they'll save me time in the long run!

  21. Excellent tips, Marty, and great pictures! I try to do this, too. Even doing this to just get started, I find that one small area cleaned leads to another and another, just like your examples. No children at home here, but the kitties can be messy! Blessings, Bess