Monday, July 21, 2014

Inside All Those Cupboards - Let's Organize

The other day I rented the carpet cleaner and cleaned the living room and family room carpets.   Since I couldn't walk on the floors while they dried, and I was in a cleaning mood - I tackled some of my cabinets that are a disaster.

My laundry room is one of my favorite rooms.  I know that sounds strange to some people, but it holds all my favorite treasures, my craft cabinet and it's where I spend a lot of time.

Those two cabinets above my washer and dryer are real workhorses.  The one on the left holds all my cleaning and laundry supplies.  The one on the right holds lightbulbs, cleaning rags and some craft spray paint and assorted "stuff".

It's amazing to me at how fast all those half used and "tried didn't like" cleaning supplies clutter up a cabinet.   If it is clean it looks like this.  Love it.

 I forgot to take a picture before I pulled everything off of the top shelf, but needless to say, it was crammed full of half used and dried up cleaning supplies.

 This is what I pulled out of there.  Can you believe all this junk.  I don't use even half of it and a lot is dried up and couldn't be used.

 Now this is stuff I actually use and need.  See I told you, not even half of what was in there.

 Some new shelf paper for both shelves was in order.  Now it looks clean and fresh.

 Put back together.  Top shelf has cleaning items on left, then polishing, then window cleaner and finally extra dish soap cleaner and scrubber's.  Bottom shelf is organized with all my laundry supplies.  Nice and neat.

After this I was on a roll, so I tackled under the kitchen sink. Sorry about the bad photo, but as you can see, with the garbage disposal and other plumbing, there really isn't much room for anything under here.  The switch is for the garbage disposal, not sure why the builder didn't put it on the side of the cabinet, but oh well.

 This is all the stuff that I absolutely need to use on a daily basis, so I need it organized.

 I had an extra clear shoe box container, so I put everything in there.  Lesser used items in the back row - -

 and most used items right up front.  This works perfectly.  I can get to everything without knocking something else over.

 Now these items I only need once in a while, every month or so.  Raid in case of ants, polish for the granite and the refill bottle of hand soap for my built-in sink dispenser and Lysol.

 Another plastic container holds them so they don't fall over.

The dish washing stuff fits perfectly in front of the garbage disposal with just an inch or two to spare.  The other container goes behind the pipe in the back.  When I need it I can just pull the whole container out and use anything I need.

My trash can is a really snug fit in front of those pipes, but it does fit.   So now when you open the doors, look how nice and fresh and clean everything is, plus I can reach anything I need.

A couple years ago I put some organizers in the bathrooms, but it was time to wash and clean them out too.

We have three little drawers, but that cupboard space behind the doors really needed to work hard.

 Hubby uses the left side and cabinets, so I found some drawers at Big Lots that work great to hold his shaver, combs, brushes and other necessities.  The larger drawers hold his travel case, vitamins and misc.

 I use the right side sink and cabinet.  Now it takes a tone of spackle and putty for me, so I needed a lot of drawer storage for all my makeup and stuff.  The top three hold my tooth brushes, toothpaste and floss, next is my comb, brush and hand mirror, the third is my facial cleaning supplies.  The bottom three are all makeup.  Now I really need to throw out half of that, I just haven't done it.  The tall bin holds all the hair stuff and some extra lotion.

 When I redid the hall bathroom, I eliminated the medicine cabinet, so storage was needed for a few things under the sink area there too..

 Walmart had these units that were exactly the right size to fit behind each door.  Plenty of drawer space for first aid supplies, extra shampoo, soaps, toothbrushes, toothpastes and all those items every bathroom needs to store.  I would have loved these in clear, but all they had was blue, so that's what we have.  They still work beautifully, I couldn't do without them.

Now that all of that is done, I really need to tackle my closet.  That is going to be a huge job, so I need to plan some extra time for that one.

Are you scrubbing and cleaning too?

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  1. We just sold our condo and moved into a small temporary apartment until we close on our first home... but boy! Moving out of a place we called home for 7 + years definitely gave me an urge to de-clutter and organize well... we had so much junk and stuff I never used (cleaning supplies included!). I love all those clear bins you use. I definitely want to do this in my new home. :)

  2. You are a brave and organized woman! I love your storage ideas. I try to keep my laundry room cabinets organized but I am only 5'2" and am constantly reaching for something on the top shelf. So a friend made me a little black step stool that I keep nearby. I would love to have one of those high end shelves that slides down to be easily reached. Thank you for sharing your organizational skills with us!

  3. Great ideas Marty. Under my kitchen sink looked like yours and really needs to be de-cluttered. Now that I am olden it's hard to get down so those shelves would be great. Many thanks for all the great ideas.
    Have a great week.

  4. Miss Marty~ This is something that I definitely need to do for our upcoming move. There is no since moving what we don't like or need. Thank you for the inspiration dear friend. I am thinking a Thurs/riday lunch date. :)

  5. Hi Marty! I love these kinds of posts and all of the organizing tips. I've had to learn how to get very organinzed since moving into our tiny little condo. It's amazing how we gather all othe things we really don't need! Once I started throwing things out that I didn't need, it kept getting easier! Love how neat you made everything look. I can't imagine your cabinets being messy! :)
    Hope you're having a good weekend.
    Be a sweetie,
    Sheila ;)

  6. You totally inspired me, Marty! Why do we not take the time & spend the money necessary to keep ourselves organized?! I think I'm adding this to my summer 'to-do' list asap. I also like that you used things that you can run down to the Dollar General or Target to pick up. Hugs & Blessings to you.

  7. Marty, I love the organizers, I'm going to have to make a trip to Walmart and buy some of those stacking units for our bathroom. Great idea, thanks for sharing!

    Kim (WI)

  8. You are much more organized than I am. You will be at my house when? LOL
    Working on the situation here, but admit it is slow going.
    Have a great week.

  9. I love cleaning bathroom and kitchen cabinets. There's always something to throw away and make me feel good. One thing I've done is line those cabinets with colorful placemats from Dollar Tree. They make me smile when I open the doors.

  10. You've been busy, Marty. I love cleaning & organizing cabinets like this! It makes such a difference when everything is in order.

  11. When we moved I couldn't believe how much cleaning supplies I had, it was ridiculous! I have cut WAY back on the chemicals I use in the house as I started using the Norwex cleaning clothes. It takes me half of the time to clean the house and I only use chemicals in the toilet. Checkout their website, you might be interested in them too!

  12. Your cabinets look wonderful! I have been doing some organizing around here also. It is crazy how fast closets and cabinets get messy. Have a wonderful week! Maria

  13. I need to do some serious organizing in my laundry room and you are inspiring me to get moving on it Marty! :-)

  14. Marty you are on a roll!! My oldest daughter just cleaned and organized her closet...armoire...and I should get her started on mine lol!! I love it when drawers and cabinets are organized!

  15. I want you to go find your vitamins, whatever you are taking, and send them to me! I need about half of your energy, seriously. My house has gotten a little deep, since I had my knee surgery. I tried to get a lot done beforehand, but things seem to be getting a title messy again. You are such an inspiration with all your organizing. I think you could actually go into business!

  16. My Laundry cabinets looks far scarier than yours! I should get to mine soon! Love organizing things Marty and I love how you did your cleaning stuff!

  17. Oh how I need you at my house - so much to get organized…isn't everything better when you know that you're organized?!

  18. Great ideas Marty! I need to organize my bathroom under sink cabinet. Need to go to Big Lots! Got the cleaning bug and going strong too! Thanks for the great tips!

  19. Thanks for all those organizing tips. I like the way you put so much stuff in boxes and drawers and not have it all out loose under the cabinets. I so need to do this (and throw away lots of stuff) soon. Thanks for the inspiration.

  20. Oh Marty, I soooo need to do this. You've inspired me. I'm definitely going to try to get rid of some of that cleaning stuff I don't ever use. How tidy all of your storage looks. Thank you for the inspiration and the push to get it done. laurie

  21. I am Marty,I've been cleaning and organizing for ages now. When I get to the end I start again. I love organizing. Your cupboards are really organized now. Doesn't it make life so much more pleasant to be able to put your hand on what's needed quickly?
    I must say though,I don't have that much cleaning stuff as I use only vinegar,salt and water for most cleaning jobs. :)

  22. It feels so good after a big clean-out! Great job, Marty :)
    Now I feel inspired to tackle my mess eg. the whole house lol
    Winter hugs from Australia♥ ~Pernilla

  23. Great idea using those plastic storage bins and drawer caddies. I have never thought of that. I see some work
    on my horizon. I just love your house and blog.

  24. Hi Marty,

    love the way you keep everything so organized. I used to have some of those great pull out shelves under my kitchen sink but after putting in granite counter tops hubby had to pull them out to accommodate the cabinet beefing up we had to do...small price to pay I Now after seeing this i am going to take some measurements and get back to organization land!

  25. PINNING this post! I so need to redo under my kitchen sink too! I am also going to measure under our bathroom cabs and see if the drawer thibgs will fit! Thanks, Marty!!!