Saturday, August 2, 2014

How To - DIY Acrylic Tray

I love trays and think they can be used all over the house.  I wanted one for my desk so I would have a place to put some papers and to hold some of my office necessities.  

I wanted acrylic, I thought it would be perfect to hold everything and not look cluttered.

I found this stunning one at Home Goods for $19.99.  Gorgeous, heavy and great price.  Only problem, it is to long for my desk area.

Then I remembered this tutorial I saw at Rain On A Tin Roof.  She used an acrylic frame, so I bought one and set out to copy hers. (She has several trays that she's made, be sure to see all of them.)

Turn the frame over and remove the cardboard - -

Ta-Da -   You have an acrylic tray.  Perfect size and for a little over $5 with my 25% off coupon.

I had some little clear bumpers, so I added them on the bottom for feet and to help hold it in place on the end of the desk.

Now I almost started taping off the bottom and getting out my 24K Gold Spray Paint, but I resisted.  You would be so proud of me.  Instead I had some of the Gold letters on a clear background.

I added a simple M O for my initials.  See how much restraint I had.

Perfect on the end of my desk.  Now it holds the photo, my paper and butterfly clips, plus a couple of my notebooks and magnifying glass and letter opener that I use all the time.

I have to share this really sweet gift from my DH.  I love it when he gets involved with my projects.  I came home the other day and he told me, "I found you a treasure today for your desk".  I looked all over and couldn't find it.   No wonder, it's a fabulous acrylic ruler.  Now not just any ruler either.  (see it standing on the side of the tray)

 See the unusual shape, it has a purpose.

 The rounded part is a magnifying bar.  It allows you to read a whole line at once instead of moving a small magnifying glass around.  How cool is that.  Now wasn't that a sweet surprise.  I think he's a keeper.

   This desk area is really getting glammed up, but I am having so much fun and it definitely makes it nice to sit here and pay bills or look at all of you guys posts on my computer. You can see my Kate Spade copy-cats here and all of my gold leaf makeovers here.

So if you need an acrylic tray, this is definitely the way to go.  I love mine.  Thanks tons Jenna for showing the tutorial for yours.

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  1. Holy cow, that is so clever! What a great re-purpose of a nice picture frame! You had me laughing at how you restrained yourself....I have to do that too. That was almost going to be my blog name...overboard and beyond. LOL

  2. Neat idea! I just love your desk accessories! You have glammed your space up so nice! Love it!

  3. Love the makeover and what a cool ruler he found you. Have not seen one like that before and as I age the bigger the print the better.

  4. Marty, I love how you personalized the items on your desk. Very nice, love the little touches here and there and really love that acrylic ruler! Thanks for sharing.


  5. Cool.. That magnifying glass and letter opener are so gorgeous.

    A look at your acrylic tray made me think of using the Ferrero Rocher box without the lid as a tray :D


  6. I spotted one of those trays at Hobby Lobby a while back and didn't have a coupon with me. Thanks for reminding me and that was very thoughtful of your sweetie!

  7. Goodness, but I could use one of those. For a moment when you mentioned "clutter" I rather panicked, thinking you had somehow seen the top of my desk and that this was a sweet hint! :)'ve seen how cluttered my desk top is..and I haven't had the pride to spruce things up before I take a picture, which is my fault...but one of those would whip things in shape. Of course I would have to PUT thing inside the tray for starters.
    Your desk looks so neat and clean and organized. I bet you can find all your things, can't you Marty?! *sigh*

  8. What fun, Marty ... that is such a cool idea! And, I love how you're glomming up your desk area ... looks fantastic!

  9. What a clever idea, Marty! I'm impressed with how neat and tidy your desk is. You are an inspiration! ;-)

  10. It really is nice to have a special spot to sit and read mail, blog, etc. Yours looks very glam and feminine. I love the frame/tray idea. Thanks for sharing!
    xo Kathleen

  11. Oh! Geeze! Why didn't I think of that?! :P

  12. Wow -- what a simple, but creative solution -- I love it! Thanks for sharing, Marty! :)

  13. I enjoyed this post down to the last drop. Well done. And what a well-decorated desk. XOXO

  14. He is a keeper! And so is that cute tray! The desk looks awesome Marty!

  15. Great post! Thanks for sharing this information. I gained quite a lot of knowledge after reading your blog thank you.

  16. I'm loving your glammed up desk Marty! The DIY acrylic tray is so smart and I love that you kept it simple and chic with your initials. Thanks for linking up to Best of the Nest!

  17. Ohmygosh this is a great idea!! I love it! Lol, way to have self control and just initial!

  18. How clever! I do believe that everything has a double use. We might not see it at first, but things can always be used in ways they weren't intended! Thanks for the idea! Love the desk!!! Super sweet hubby there!

  19. Looks beautiful! Thanks for the reminder re: the acrylic frames. I knew I had seen one but could not remember the specific blog. Your desk is definitely glammed up and so neat and organized too! Would you like to come over and do mine? :)


  20. What a fantastic and resourceful idea for a tray! And I love your new ruler :)

  21. I love your tray, Marty. Such a great deal at only $5. I'll be on the lookout for an acrylic frame. Your desk looks so stylish with your gold accents.

  22. Very nice Marty. You're desk area looks great.

  23. Marty that is such a great idea and I love how the tray corals all your pretty office supplies without taking up a lot of visual space. And the magnifying ruler!!!! He is definitely a keeper!

  24. Talk about pulling it all that tray pulls it all together! Super idea!

  25. Love it all. Where did he get that great ruler?