Monday, August 18, 2014

New Shades

I love a great pair of shades and my new ones are perfect.  I got an email from Firmoo.

I have ordered glasses from them before and they wanted to offer me a free pair to review.  I couldn't have been more thrilled.  I love, love, love their glasses and I needed a pair of prescription sunglasses, so this was perfect.  

I looked through the many, many styles they have and decided on this gorgeous tortoise pair.

Deciding on the right pair is super easy, you just upload a picture of you face, then you can click on any frame you like and you can see how they look on you.  How fun is that.  I went for something super classic and chic.   They need a straight on shot and I can't seem to keep my head straight, so this won't work

  I am almost straight, this is going to work

When they arrived I was thrilled with how substantial and detailed the frames were. 

They even have beautiful silver tips on the ends of the frames.  Definitely attention to detail above and beyond the norm.  If you are ordering sunglasses you can also choose the tint on the lenses.  I chose light brown because I just like to difuse the sun a little, I really don't like dark glasses.  ( The tint is really darker than it looks in these pictures.)

Can you take a selfie without laughing?  (I guess I wear this blouse a lot)

They wanted a picture of me wearing the glasses, finally one where I'm not cracking up or looking cross eyed.

 The glasses were shipped in a really nice glass case and they even included a little eyeglass screwdriver.

These glasses would have cost $56 and I think that is a bargain and something I would have gladly paid.  

If you are looking for some new glasses, be sure to check them out, I am sure you will find the pair that is perfect for you.  I definitely found mine.

Thanks Firmoo - I love them.

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  1. These look really nice. I am going to take a look :-) at the site. Sounds interesting.

  2. Looks great Marty! Firmoo has really affordable glasses. I got my last pair of prescriptions from them and will be using them again.

  3. Ha ha Marty it is hard to take selfie's. The glasses look super cute on you. Have a great Sunday.

  4. Oh, you're so cute, Marty! The new glasses are wonderful and look fabulous on you. I use an online source, too, called Zenni. Sounds very similar to your fave.

  5. The are really cute on you. I recently went to Lesco out on Scottsdale road and got some much needed reading glasses and a pair of sun glasses as well. I got three pair of glasses for $88. I figured I can't beat that.

  6. Marty, I loved the review. Great pair of glasses, you look fabulous in them. I will definitely take a look at their site and see what I can find that looks good on me. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Fun! How nice to get a new pair!! You look great in them!

  8. Really stylish glasses. I like them!

  9. Wow Marty,
    LIke your glasses, they look great on you. That is neat they have you take a pic so you can see all the glasses on your pic.
    About as easy as it gets........Guess you have to get a script first, then send it in..............
    Do you like your other glasses too.
    Enjoy those chic looking sunglasses.
    Blessings, Nellie
    You are one hep 75 yr. old, I'd say!!

  10. very nice; I need to order some and this gives me another online retailer to consider; I've ordered online before and was happy with my purchases

  11. Mine have to be perscription..I hate picking out glasses..and pretty much stick to the same kind of frames each time. They look just great on you though! :) You look GOOD in anything! Amazing!!

    1. Mine are prescription too. I really like how easy it is to just add your prescription. They detail everything for you.

  12. You look so chic so elegant! Have a nice week :)

  13. Love love your choice. I should try an inexpensive pair of prescription sunglasses :-)

  14. Very cool looking. Mine are prescription too. Looks like a great deal. Thanks for sharing your review

  15. Beautiful frames Marty. I need new presciptions too and I will go for frames like this, they're my kind. You look lovely with those pretty eyes, now you're very chick!
    Have a great week.

  16. Love the style you chose, you look cute Marty! Have to check this one out since I wear glasses all the time

  17. LOL at first I thought this was going to be about window shades / blinds :)

  18. They look great on you, Marty! Good choice. laurie

  19. You're very photogenic Marty and those glasses look great on you. The Mr and I are both due for new glasses and I'll check them out. I take the worse pictures ever. And me taking a selfie?