Saturday, September 6, 2014

A New Butcher Block

I had been wanting a big butcher block cutting board, so DH gave me one for my birthday.  I think he did a little over-kill, but I am really enjoying it. You know how it goes, something new means rearranging everything.

 Of course every time you do a really deep clean you have to create all new vignettes.  I love this bunny, so I put him on the island.  He got to keep his carrots too.

Some faux fruit and bread in the cake saver always looks pretty.

and TA-DA - there's my new maple butcher block cutting board.  Love the size.

 It works really well to have it next to the range, I can chop all my veggies and then just put them right into the pot or skillet.  Super handy.

 I love to season with infused oils too, so it's nice that they all fit right behind the cutting board.

 Knives, whisks, spoons and salt and pepper are super handy next to the board in the corner.

 Something pretty.  I am so happy they make faux pastry otherwise I would eat it and I really am trying to lose a little weight.  Isn't that pie and cake just the cutest.  Those were birthday presents too.

 My favorite sampler that I stitched sometime around the 70's always reminds me to be thankful.

 All scrubbed clean and ready to cook up something good.  Now I just have to figure out what I want to cook for dinner - -  maybe Chicken Piccata.

Do you like to cook or do you prefer take-out?

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  1. I adore your kitchen! Although I admire your new cutting board, I'm completely drooling over your cake server and other wonderful things! I can see you cooking that chicken now!

    Enjoy your weekend~~
    Robin @ Redo It Yourself Inspirations

  2. Marty, your kitchen always looks great. That cutting board is huge and not only will it do you service by the stove, but it is beautiful as well! Oh, and I love the sampler you stitched back when. It is gorgeous and it is still perfect for your kitchen today! You are so talented!

  3. Marti, I like the addition of the butcher block cutting board. Functional and it looks great!

  4. Your kitchen is so gorgeous! and that butcher block is the perfect touch!!

  5. I enjoy cooking and my home cooked meals are always my favorite. Unfortunately, I have an illness that sometimes flares up in the evening, so a home cooked meal isn't always in the cards. I love your new butcher block and I LOVE the little painting in the frame behind it. I love art in the kitchen.

  6. That's a beautiful cutting board, Marty, and I love how you arranged the kitchen -- looks great! :)

  7. Marty , I always watch for you to make changes. I love your vignettes, they are always so inspiring. That cutting board is awesome. I need a new cutting board.

  8. WoW... really a preppy kitchen. Wish to have a kitchen like yours, Marty.

    I am still out travelling due to work reason but I am coming back with the blogging soon.

    Njoy your weekend.


  9. I love your cutting board -what a great size and you have it placed so conveniently. I love all your new vignettes - especially the carrots for your little rabbit. What a gorgeous kitchen Marty thanks for sharing at Share It One More Time. Cathy

  10. Love the beautiful cutting board. You are so right about creating a new vignette wiht every deep clean. From Autumn Abound Party. Linda @

  11. Your cutting board is great and what a great size. I love all the vignettes on your counters - they really look good.
    Have a great weekend MArty.

  12. I love that huge board - I have a few little ones and they're annoying, would much rather have that big sized one!

    It makes a good backdrop too if you don't always want it laying down flat.

    Your DH is a sweetie pie.

  13. I LOVE a huge cutting board like that! And all your beautiful vignettes make for such a welcoming kitchen!
    Kelly @ View Along the Way

  14. What a great cutting board Marty...your vignettes always look beautiful! That last photo looking into your kitchen is so pretty!

  15. I love love love your home and your kitchen is lovely, simply lovely. Thanks for sharing

  16. That is a very nice butcher block. Happy birthday and I hope you enjoy your gift from the hubs! :)

  17. What a great size cutting board, Marty! Such a nice gift. I have two - one is too big and one is too small. I need to find that perfect size one. I keep mine stored away though until I actually need them. They are fairly slim and easy to store though.

  18. I have my eye on a butcher block, I've worn my plastic one out! Love your kitchen Marty, and yes...I like to cook but always enjoy a night out!
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY...

  19. I have a cutting board but not as thick..and I need to buy one soon. I keep mine on my island. I love yours. You see, I sat a VERY hot pan on mine and burned BIG circles in it...I turned it over..of course...but I really do need a new one. I love your kitchen, Marty. SO pretty.

  20. What a pretty cutting board, Marty. It is the perfect size for your beautiful kitchen too! Your kitchen vignettes are always terrific, and I do love those faux pastries!

  21. Love your new cutting handy to have it next to the stove too. You have such a beautiful kitchen!!!! I always love seeing your beautiful vignettes :o)