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Pulling It All Together-Peaceful Home Decor

Today I am so thrilled to have a newer blogger share her gorgeous home and family with us.  Kelly from Peaceful Home Decor is a total delight and stunningly beautiful too.  I think you are going to love her style and how she pulls it all together.  

Thank you Marty for inviting me to feature a room from our home. I chose to feature our master bedroom, and I am happy to share how I "pulled it all together"! Being a new blogger this is my first guest feature and I am honored and excited to be here! 

I am happily married to my husband of six years, John. I am a stay at home mom to two beautiful children - a three-year old boy named Jack and an eight-month old daughter named Grace.
I decided to leave my job as an MSW (child and family outpatient therapist) after Grace was born last December. Since then, I started writing more consistently on my blog Peaceful Home Decor. The blog has become a much needed creative outlet for me in between some of the non-glamorous aspects of mommy-hood such as diapers, dishes and laundry! 

I love to use peaceful and monochromatic color schemes in our home (hence the name Peaceful Home Decor).  I would love to have you stop by and see the other rooms in our home ! 

I designed our master bedroom two years ago. At that time, we lived in our home for five years and I decorated every other room first. Our bedroom was literally bare! We had just a mattress, white sheets and a white duvet cover. I like to take every single detail into account, so having a blank slate to work with made it much easier for me to design.  

My first goal was for the room was for it to look and feel peaceful (shocking I know)!  A relaxing and comfortable room for my husband and I after a long stressful day. 

My second goal was for the room to be solely about my husband and I. At the time I designed the master bedroom, it still felt like every square inch of the house had pictures of our first child Jack, or at least items of his in every room (high-chair in the kitchen, toys in the family room etc).  I made a rule of no baby pictures or toys in this room!  I wanted the room to feel romantic.

Finally my third goal was for the room to be budget friendly. We did not want to spend a fortune! 

To get the relaxing feel I wanted, I kept the color palette soft and simple - beige, white, and flax linen. I love monochromatic color schemes because your eye can easily move throughout the room without getting stuck or distracted by a jarring color. It creates an instant peaceful feel. A neutral color scheme is particularly calming for a bedroom. 

I started by purchasing white Ikea furniture for the dresser, two glass cabinets, and two side tables. I chose all white because the room is fairly small and I wanted it to feel more open and light. 

The two white glass cabinets are actually sold as dining room cabinets. I choose these for the bedroom to help add height and visual interest to the room. They supply storage for clothes on the bottom and I was able to display photos and other items on the glass top shelves, serving both function and added visual interest. 

I then added the bench in the center to add additional seating and the tall mirror helps to add height and the illusion of more space. Because the room is small I wanted every square inch to be functional. 

The bedding was the most expensive item in the room, but well worth it in my opinion. The bed will always be the focal point in any bedroom, so spending money on the main focal point seemed a smarter choice than buying expensive furniture pieces. (All bedding separates bought from Serena and Lily with the exception of the bed sheet which was purchased from Target).

One great tip I learned about making a bed is to put the flat sheet on upside down so when you fold it over the duvet the printed side will show. 

When choosing the duvet, sheet, and pillows I decided to use only a beige and white color scheme but making sure to create visual interest by mixing patterns, scales, and textures. 

The duvet has a large scale beige print; the sheet has a small scale print. The pillows mix from flax linen fabric, to cotton prints and large linen floral prints. The room may be all beige and white which is claiming and peaceful, but it's not boring. The mix of pattern and scale is the key!

In addition I purchased a pair glass lamps for the bedside tables. The side tables needed to be small due to the scale of the room, and the narrow glass lamps help free space both physically and visually. Your eye goes right through the lamp as if they are not even there. 

To keep with the romantic theme I displayed my coveted wedding shoes, wedding champagne glasses, invitation, and cake cutting set in the display cabinets. They seemed so fitting to be displayed in our room as a constant reminder of the perfect day when our life began together! 

I kept the baby pictures out of the room and displayed only pictures of us mixing the sizes of the pictures. One large photo was blown up on a canvas (I let my husband pick his favorite wedding picture and surprised him).

I frame a caricature picture of us drawn at my best friend's wedding. It softens the room which felt a little formal, and shows we don't always take ourselves so seriously.  

The picture was framed in a beautiful bone inlay frame. Multiple sizes of these bone inlay frames can be found throughout the room and a beautiful bone in lay memory box coordinates (I keep all our old cards and notes from each other in it). 

Also keeping with the romantic wedding theme I found these beautiful glass jewelry display cases from Pottery Barn . I may not wear my wedding pearls everyday but now I can look at them everyday! I'm so glad they are displayed beautifully and not tucked away and hidden. 

I also have a smaller version on my bedside table to put my wedding rings in while I sleep. Beauty and function in one! 

Finally, I bought many of the decorative items from budget friendly stores like Target and Home Goods  The headboard and white rug are both from Target . The rug is so soft and cozy on your feet when you wake up in the morning! And the best part is that it is machine washable. It comes out of the wash clean as new and extra fluffy!  

The two large mirrors in the room along with some assorted accessories are from Home Goods! Buying big items like mirrors, the headboard, rug, and furniture from stores like Target, Home Goods and Ikea helped to keep the room within our budget! 

Two Years Later

Two years and a second baby later and we are still in love with our room! I think we accomplished our three goals of the room being peaceful, romantic and budget friendly! We may not have pictures of our children in our room, but that doesn't stop them from spending time with us there! 

Every morning they both come into bed with us and we all fall back asleep! On a typical morning I wake up with my daughter on one side of me and my son and husband on the other and I think, "How did I get so lucky?" Despite the romantic decor it is more of a family bedroom but I wouldn't have it any other way!!! 



Thank you for reading! I am so happy to share our bedroom with you today, and to share my steps of "pulling it all together"! I hope you stop by my blog and say hello!  

See what I mean, isn't this a fabulous bedroom and what a precious family.  I love her style and getting to know her better.  Now if you don't follow her already, then by all means, rush over and click that follow button.  The rest of her home is stunning too.  

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