Thursday, September 25, 2014

These Don't Look Like Leftovers

I had a dinner party Saturday night for my DH's Birthday.  I love having a really nice dinner, but I don't like leftovers.  We had Chicken with Mushrooms in a Garlic Butter Sauce,  Yukon Potatoes with fresh Italian Parsley and drizzled with Garlic Butter plus Baby carrots and Fresh Green Beans.

We had 5 chicken breasts and some potatoes left over, so Monday morning I decided to reinvent them..  I got out a box of bow tie pasta and chopped up a red onion.

I needed a potluck dish for a luncheon on Tuesday, so I thought I would make a Chicken Pasta Salad.  I put some eggs in water so I could have some hard boiled eggs for the salad and when they came to a boil I added the Bow Tie Pasta.

 While that was cooking, I took three of the chicken breasts and placed them in a baking dish.

 I added some Marinara Sauce and fresh chopped Italian Parsley. ( A quick easy marinara sauce is just a small can of tomato sauce and a tablespoon of dried Italian seasoning.)

 Then I covered each piece with a slice of Mozzarella  cheese.  I will cover this with foil and bake at about 350 for 20 minutes  or so until the chicken and sauce is hot and the cheese melted.  Perfect with a salad for dinner tonight and it won't look like leftovers.

Next I took those leftover potatoes, added a chopped hard boiled egg, a few red onions, some relish, parsley, mayonnaise and a little mustard and I have a great potato salad that will be fabulous with our sandwiches for lunch today.

Once the pasta was done and cool, I got busy creating my potluck salad.

 I added two of the large chicken breasts diced up, some chopped red onion, parsley, and a few mushrooms I had left over in the fridge.

 Then I chopped up a few tomatoes and three hard boiled eggs.

 I wanted a really light creamy dressing, so I took some Ranch and added a little milk to thin it down.

 I poured a generous amount over the pasta and tossed it all together.

 I put the rest of the dressing in a bottle so I could add more if needed tomorrow before I go to the luncheon.

 My fridge in the laundry room comes in super handy when I make meals ahead.

 In the back I have some strawberries I cut up and some whipped cream topping so we can have Strawberry shortcake tonight with our chicken.  My Chicken Marinara is covered with foil and all ready to just pop in the oven.

 My potato salad is ready for our lunch and the pasta salad is ready to go for my potluck lunch tomorrow.

I love having meals organized ahead and using up leftovers in new creative ways is always the best. 

So tell me, how do you reinvent your leftovers?

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  1. Wow Marty I want to come to your house for dinner, sounds delish!

  2. You sure got a lot of mileage out of your leftovers! Great ideas...thanks! ;)

  3. Please come to my house and cook for me. I have become so disenchanted with cooking!!:(

  4. Marty, the meals you made with your leftovers look Delicious! When I have leftover chicken breasts I make chicken enchiladas. I usually use a recipe from Allrecipes for it. I love how organized and creative you are.


  5. You are the WOMAN Marty! Wow I wish I could pull it together like that! I do from time to time have a "clear out the freezer week" where I decide not to do any food shopping and simply work with what I already have, but even at that it is only one meal at a time! Your are set now for a few days...awesome! I am inspired to get more out of my leftovers and my freezer food.
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend!
    XO Barbara

  6. I don't mind leftovers myself, but my husband--ever since we've gotten married--has an aversion to them, and I've always been so frustrated with his refusal to eat certain things next day. Not only is it wasteful, but creates more work on my part! So this is inspiring--will have to keep these ideas on hand. :)

  7. I love leftovers, my fav food, lol! Your idea looks great, Marty, thanks for sharing it with us!

  8. Wow, Marty, I am so impressed with how you used up all your leftovers and got three different meals out of them! I never would have thought to do that. I am going to be looking at our leftovers in a new way from now on!

  9. Thank you so much for the inspiration, Marty! I love leftovers, but my family doesn't like them. . . you've inspired me to look at the leftovers differently and do something completely different with them! :)

  10. Dear Marty, I love chicken and dumplings!! Blessings, Catherine

  11. You completely reinvented your leftovers! Everything looks delicious, too!

  12. Everything looks so good, Marty! Do you cater? ;O} Blessings, Bess