Monday, February 23, 2015

Patterned Chandy Shades - Like,Love,Hate

While doing a makeover on the breakfast area, one thing that really stuck out is how much my chandy shades needed to be changed.  They just weren't going to work with my new design.  So I went on the hunt.  I found tons of different shapes and sizes, but most of all I discovered that pattern is a huge trend at the moment.

I found patterns of all kinds on dozens of shades.  Some I loved, some not so much.  One thing I did notice is the shape of the shades has changed, no longer is everything the standard curved style we have seen for years.
  The barrel style is much more modern and definitely on trend at the moment. 

I am on a quest to update, so why not, I ordered 6 of these beauties and now to decide if I want to use them plain or dress them up with pattern.

These are the shades that came with my chandy.  They actually show more pattern in this picture than they do in person.  I am not into country or shabby chic style at the moment, so these needed to change.

The Yellow Cape Cod gave her chandy a whole new look with some paint and pretty patterned shades. 

In My Own Style covered her shades with scrapbook paper and added some beads.

 She didn't stop there, she made these too so she could change them out for the seasons.  She gives a great tutorial on how to make all of these.

I adore these from Sassy Shades, but the price has me a little intimidated.  These are $30 each x 6 =$180.   I'm not sure I paid that much for the whole chandy.

Ballard Design has some really pretty linen trimmed shades.

Dixie Delights did an amazing knock-off of some pretty spendy ones from Ballards.

Dimples and Tangles loved this idea, so she followed the tutorial that Dixie Delights gave and made some that are totally perfect for her chandy.  Now they say to copy or imitate someone is the greatest form of flattery and I would so do this in a heartbeat, however I don't think the black and white is right for my chandy.  (I wonder how mustardy/beige spots would look?)

I totally love anything with Greek Key trim, and the shades that I did for the living room lamps are one of my favorites.  I could do something like this on the shades.

So how do you feel, got any favorites?

Be sure to get all of your projects lined up for Inspire Me Tuesday.  Party goes live Monday afternoon at 3 PM CMT.  Can't wait to see you there.

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  1. Thanks so much for these i am thinking of transforming a shade or two.
    I am thinking animal print for you, and maybe me too. I also like your greek key trim. But I am still leaning heavily in the leopard camp.
    Sheila E

  2. Hi Marty,
    I think you need to lean towards the leopard print. That is more you and I know you will love it. I also love that greek key pattern. A little more subtle. Which ever you go with I know it will look fabulous.
    Happy Week End.

  3. You have given me an idea for my dining room - love the ones from Ballard :-)

  4. Marty, why don't you do try with a shade what yo did with your Christmas ornaments, making those leopard spots in gold and black, or some variation? I thought those looked amazing. I also like the thin ribbon trim, as with the Ballard's.

  5. tough decision!! I covered some with contact paper and that worked well, but I really like the idea of the ones you showed made with scrapbook paper - then they could be changed for the seasons or holidays!! Good luck - can't wait to see what you do

  6. I am so boring. I don't care for the patterned shades. I think it's clever as heck how they all did it though, and for their/your world I admire and respect your gumption! : - )

  7. Marty I love your new chandy and the shades that came with them...but I get they're not the look you want. I say maybe a leopard print or the linen ones from Ballard with the colored trim.

  8. My favorite is the ones done by Dimples and Tangles. I can see that pattern in your home, maybe done in gold. Of course, the Greek key trim is classic. Looking forward to your decision.

  9. Love the pattern. I say go for the mustard leopard . At least u can do one to see if u like before doing the rest of them.

  10. I love, love the idea of changing things up a bit with just a change of the shades. I guess I just figured out that I am more of a traditional type than "on the band wagon" with trendy. Just really believe I would tire very quickly of printed shades. I am all about the linen edge trim or the Greek key - how stunningly beautiful and elegant they are and you can definitely do those on the plain shades you bought. Good luck and can't wait to see what you selected. You have such good taste. Judy C in NC.

  11. Since you wanted the updated look with no pattern why not do a trim at the top and bottom like those ones from Ballard designs. It would still keep them clean and simple yet offer a little bit of Something to draw the eye.

  12. Those are all great-looking shades! Thanks for sharing the sources for them. I like some of the little lamp shades at Hobby Lobby and often they are half off or you can use a coupon that makes them very inexpensive.

  13. I love some of the cute patterns on the shades. What a fun idea. Thank you for gathering and sharing at Snickerdoodle. Hope to see you again next week!

  14. Ok Marty, you know you want those pricey gold ones! I love the concept of being able to change out the patterns seasonally, that would be super awesome!

  15. I like the prints but unless they were animal print I, personally, would get tired of them. I NEVER tire of leopard:) I can't wait to see which you choose! See you tomorrow at Inspire Me!!!

  16. This is a tough decision Marty! I love prints and patterns, but I also love simplicity and never get boring of it. So, If it`s my decision I`ll be doing something simple, like the nice trim in neutral color and great pattern, or if you still want more color and pattern, I think you should chose something elegant like Sassy Shades (but DIY version with stencil and spray paint or acrilic paint, of course).

  17. I like switching out shades for a new look too. I love the idea of prints and patterns right now, and if you get tired you can switch em out. I think you should go for it~!

  18. I love all of those pretty lamp shades. I think it's fun to change out shades to give a light a different look sometimes. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with for your new chandy.

  19. I am the queen of prints, so you know my personal preference! But back to you....I think the leopard would be fabulous, but if you can only choose one set, I vote for the Ballard with the banded trim - more versatile. I know what ever choice you make, it will be lovely! Jane

  20. Love that one from sassy, but yes, too steep, but I think that can be DIY-ed! Hmmmm, your giving me a great idea!