Saturday, February 21, 2015

Wardrobe Updates-Is It Vacation Time?

I am planning a little getaway the middle of next month, so I have been thinking about my wardrobe.  I get in such a rut and wear the same things all the time.  I havn't shopped much because I am trying to lose a few pounds, but sometimes you just need a few "refresher" pieces.  I don't want to buy any investment pieces since this is a size I do not want to embrace, however Ross and Marshalls came through with a few budget friendly items..

I found a beautiful silk blouse that will be fabulous for a nice dinner out.

 Soft cream with mauvy pink and brown.  Dark brown slacks and brown pearls finish off the outfit.  I found the blouse at Marshalls ($29.99) and the pants at Ross. ($19.99)

 Ross also came thru with a really cute tee shirt.($6.99)

 I can dress this up a little for a day of shopping with black slacks, or dress it down with jeans.

 I love the style of this black and white Ralph Lauren silk shirt, I also found this at Ross. ($29.99).  This can be dressy or casual, depends on the accessories and again either slacks or jeans.  (Super cute with white pants too, and maybe left open with a tank underneath.)

I spent less than $100 and think I have some really cute pieces to add to my wardrobe.  Great pieces to mix in with things I already have.

I will be gone two weeks.  This is going to be a casual destination, no need for anything dressy,  so here is what I am planning to pack: ( The weather is usually in the 50's to 60's with some rain, however there is always the possibility of snow)

White Jeans
Dark Jeans
Black Slacks
Black Knit Pants (add a black tank and I have pj's.)
Black/White Blouse
3 White Knit Tops - (l with sequins)
3 Black Knit Tops - (1 with sequins)
 Long Sleeve Turtleneck Knit Top
2 tank tops 
 Denim long sleeve shirt
Black Cardigan Sweater
Cream Cardigan Sweater
(Both cardigans can be worn alone with a scarf for another outfit)
Trench Coat
Black Flats
Black/Leopard Flats
Tennis Shoes
assorted scarfs and jewelry
Everything will be easy to mix and match since I am basically using black and white,  plus depending on the weather I can layer if it is cold.  To change things up and give my outfits some variety and "punch", I will use a variety of scarves and jewelry.   I've already tested and it all goes in 1 carry on bag.

(Packing Tip - If you select knit or silky items, they take up very little space, plus no wrinkles if rolled & packed carefully)

I am joining the following parties:

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  1. Great finds, Marty! I like the packing tips too. :)

  2. Darling outfits! I love your style--both in your wardrobe and home of course!

  3. Marty,
    I love your style and you are going to look so marvelous for your trip.

  4. Your clothes are so pretty, Marty! I would love to go away for a little R&R right now. Anywhere without snow would be fabulous! ;)

  5. Have a great time, Marty! I like your style and to be able to park for two weeks in one carry-on is amazing. I've never done that. Enjoy your vacation!

  6. Very pretty, Marty. You are always very stylish! I love that all of your vacation wardrobe is mix and match. I have a spring getaway coming up and I am sticking with navy & coral. Great post! Jane

  7. Super choices Marty. You are going to be one dapper looking lady on your getaway!!! And you can get all that in one carry on? I am impressed!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend!!
    XO Barbara

  8. Great choices Marty! My mother in law would pack based on a couple of colors that she could mix and match! And she always looked stylish! I need to learn to pack less, and this lesson from you is a great lesson.
    Sheila E

  9. Pretty outfits Marty....I usually try to pack things that coordinate to avoid packing too many clothes...I packed a carry-on suitcase and filled it with 7 days worth of clothes including my cosmetics when I traveled to France...I used those eBags and they were amazing!...

  10. Love your outfits! Did you get the pearls at Ross or Marshall's? They are gorgeous!
    Have fun and keep on posting your fashion choices, I love reading them as well.

  11. You definitely have a wonderful sense of style! I love to shop "thrifty"....never buy anything not on sale. I do tend to be too much of an impulse buyer though....trying to learn to do better:) I now try very hard not to buy a piece unless I know I already have something to wear with it! Hope you have a wonderful time on your vacation!

  12. Great finds! - and perfect for traveling- Love the way you chose things that could be dressed up or down!
    Packing for travel is such an art- I'm terrible at it and always bring far too many clothes and end up wearing the same items.

  13. Great finds Marty - like them all. Have a wonderful time on your trip and enjoy yourself. I like to use the space bags as they really shrink up. If they are a little wrinkled I just hang them in the bathroom and when I shower the steam takes the wrinkles out.

  14. I love all your fashion finds. I'll look forward to pictures after your trip. I have such a hard time finding any fashionable pieces. I need more posts like this from you.

  15. Great choices, Marty, and I know you will have a great time! I always use those extra-large ziplock bags when packing. So easy to rummage around and find what you're looking for without messing up everything else.

  16. Great new pieces, Marty! I agree with you that having a few new pieces can add a lot of new life to things we already have. Hope you have a great time!

  17. Love the first top the most Marty! I also never realized that about silk when it comes to packing, I'll keep it in mind so I can bring more outfits next time I go! Thanks !