Friday, April 17, 2015

ORC-Master Bedroom Closet Makeover Week 3

Wow, seems like there is so much to do, but I did make a little progress this last week on my Master Bedroom Closet Makeover for the
  Since I started a week late, I had to do double duty to catch up. I can't fall too far behind if I want to finish on time.  You can see where I started and my plan for the closet makeover here.  

Since this is a cosmetic makeover not a gut job, I am trying to make what we have as functional as possible, and I want to add a little glam at the same time too.  I'm working with builder basic - no fancy custom organizers.

 I emptied out the closet and did some fun painting for an accent wall.  I also plan to redo those wire shelves, I just have to decide which fabric to use.

Remember this shelf I showed you with my overflow quilts and blankets that don't fit in my tiny (20" wide) linen closet.

We added a shelf to this space and after purging and refolding (I put all the quilts in pillowcases to keep them clean), everything fits nice and neat.  I have plans for a fabric shade to cover these up.  I love the spotted fabric on the bottom of the shelf,  it's where I got the wall inspiration.  I'm leaning towards the floral fabric in the above pic for the shade and then use the spots on the basket liners. I am still trying to decide on that.   I have some surprise bling for the back of the bottom shelf.

 I got all of mine and hubby's clothes purged.  I was amazed at what all I had stuffed in this closet.  When you have a small house and limited storage like I do, it seems I crammed half the world in this poor space.  I took a full car load to Goodwill and filled 2 huge lawn trash bags.  Then it took 2 days to change out the hangers and rearrange things, but it really does look so much better.  Slim-line velvet hangers are the new must have and Ross has tons of them at the best prices I could find-25 for $9.99.  They didn't have enough that I needed in one color, so I used all black hangers on my side and beige ones for hubby.   I bought some really nice wood hangers for our jackets, suits and my skirts.  They were $5.99 for 5.

   After purging, I think I need to shop for more color.  I have a lot of color in my blazers and jackets - yellow-red-navy-camel-hot pink, but my blouses and tees are a little lacking.  Too much black.

My storage bins and shoe cabinets are supposed to be here on the 18th.  I am anxious to get those and get everything organized.

Things left to do:

Finish painting
Makeover Wire Shelves
Make Fabric Shade
Revamp bookcases into Shoe Racks
Change lighting
Add Storage Boxes
Find Mirror, Knobs and Hooks
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  1. LOVE how it's coming along Marty! Looking very organized and tidy!!!

  2. It's looking fabulous Marty!!!!! What did you use to line your shelves with? It's pretty!

    1. It's fabric. These are two pieces of fabric that I already had, so I thought they would be perfect for the closet makeover.

  3. Everything is looking good, Marty! I always use the ROYGBEV method for organizing my certainly lets you know very quickly where your concentration of clothing colors you lean toward. Isn't it funny how one of our most ignored little rooms in our home can have such an impact when we give it some love?

  4. Loving all of your "spots"! Great idea for the quilts inside the pillowcases :)

  5. Hey Marty it is really starting to come together! I agree great idea on the pillow cases. I store our sheets that way when not in use (I turn the pillow case inside out) and I stick a fabric softener dryer sheet in with them so they smell fresh when I do want to use them. It would make your closet smell great!
    It's a tough call on the fabric for the wire shelves. I kind of like the floral on the wire shelves to add some contrast to the spots and the spotted on the curtain to cover up the blankets because it would blend in with the wall. Apples-Oranges. Either way it is going to look fantastic! So jealous. :-)

  6. It is looking great! I have small closets in my tiny beach cottage. Switching over to the slim, velvet hangers was the best thing I did to improve storage in all the closets in our home. Keep up the good work...
    Michelle from

  7. Marty I love your choices and I can't wait to see it done. The black and white toile is the same fabric I chose for my office curtains ....great minds think alike hahaha

  8. Can't wait to see your closet Marty...I have a large house but a small closet..always looking for ideas and I know I can get some inspiration from you!....Love those Chanel boxes!!

  9. Its great seeing how the closet has become a great place to 'hang out'. Love the black and white. Looking forward to seeing what you are going to do next.

  10. Looking good, Marty! I am enjoying seeing the progress and cannot wait for more.

  11. Marty, it's just looking wonderful! I wish I had your energy, sweet lady! Love coming around to see you, it's always great to see what you are being so clever with!


  12. Your closet transformation is really coming along beautifully, Marty. Love the fabric and wall choices, a sophisticated touch. Enjoy checking in on your progress. Jane

  13. Great job so far, Marty! Love those fabric choices. The shelf with the extra linens looks so organized this way. Great idea to put the quilts in pillowcases. I've been trying to purge some clothes as I go along looking for what to wear each day. I'm making piles and will make another trip to Goodwill when I have a good bags worth of clothes to take. It can be hard to let go of certain pieces, but if I haven't worn it in two years, I'm being strong and getting rid of it!

  14. It's looking great, Marty! Love the fabric! Can't wait to see what you do this week... Can't believe we on,y have 3 left! Have a great weekend,, sweet lady!
    Kendra @

  15. LOVE that accent wall Marty!! Your closet is looking real good!!

  16. Isn't it amazing how much a little organization can change the feel of things! The closet is coming along so nicely!

  17. Looking good, Marty! I love how it's coming along and can't wait to see what's next! Thanks for sharing with us at the Pretty Preppy Party! xx, b @