Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Master Bedroom Inspiration & A Question

I redid our Master Bedroom a few years ago, you can see those changes here.  I am still very happy with all my thrify finds and DIY projects, but it's time to refresh this space.  Again not really changing furniture and the basics, but this room needs a facelift.  I feel like I am living in a sea of beige and tired.

Since redoing our closet for the ORC, I am looking at the adjoining spaces and they need a facelift for sure.  I think I will tackle the master bathroom for the October ORC, but the bedroom needs some help now.

So far my thoughts are running in the direction of this kind of look.  

Here is my room as of today.  Nothing wrong with it, just a sea of beige and some really tired 10 year old bedding.  I love my headboard and the dresser and nightstand that I found and redid.  These three projects can be found here.  I just think this room needs a little updating.

As you can see I have soft beige walls and drapes that are the same shade.  The loveseat is a soft brown color that goes with anything.  The only other fabric in the room is the headboard.  The pattern there is beige and black, so it goes with anything too.

Here are my thoughts so far.

1. White Duvet
2. Colorful Pillows
3. Mirror for Dresser
4. New Lamps
5. White Throw for Loveseat
6. Maybe change Drapes to White ones - Still thinking on that one.

By adding white to the bedding and the loveseat, this should break up the sea of beige without costing a fortune.  Then updating the accessories and pillows should bring this room up to date.

Now the big question?

I have been looking for a duvet set and the reviews are all pretty bad as far as quality and wrinkling.  Now I am a little bit of a neat freak, so a wrinkled bed that looks like it got wadded up would drive me totally crazy.  Where in the world do I find a duvet that is going to have a smooth look.  Now I don't mind pressing it when it comes out of the package, but I can't even dream of pressing it everyday.  So ladies, give me the low down.  Where will I find this fabulous gem that I am looking for?  All of your beds look totally amazing, so I know this duvet exists.

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  1. Your inspiration picture is beautiful. You are always busy doing such pretty projects, Marty. My experience with duvets is that it's hard to keep them perfect. If perfect is your thing you might want to consider a comforter. I found a beautiful comforter set at Stein Mart a few weeks ago and couldn't be happier. We fold the comforter at the bottom of the bed with a white bedspread on the bed. Can't wait to see what you do. :)

    1. Thanks, I will have to start looking at comforters. I don't need perfect, but I can't live with deep set wrinkles.

  2. I use Pottery Barn duvets over a coverlet. I fold the duvet down at the foot of the bed, but I roll it back up as we use it at night...I have never had a wrinkling problem...I love your ideas Marty....I am in the process of actually doing one of them in my room. Your bedroom is beautiful and I know you always seem to make it even more beautiful each time you make a change...

  3. Your bedroom is already beautiful, but I know whatever changes you make, they will be gorgeous. I have never had a duvet for my bed, always comforters, but we did purchase one for my daughter's bedroom last year at Pottery Barn. I was also worried about her bed looking bad every day, but to my surprise, no wrinkles whatsoever. Their linens are really good quality. Hope this helps. xxx Maria

  4. I started adding some white to my living room to bring it up to date and like the results. I have found some nice "coverlets" that seem to work very nicely and keep a neat appearance for the bed rather than a duvet or comforter. The fabric can make the difference too- since some tend to wrinkle more easily than others.

  5. Achieving a wrinkle free look on a duvet really comes down to the fabric in the duvet. Of course, going with the pricier manufacturers will give you better results. For the pure cotton look my favorite is Peacock Alley. They are super pricey but I have found their bedding at Tuesday Morning pretty consistently for a better price. For the wrinkle free look I would go for a heavier weight fabric such as a matelasse or quilted version. Pottery Barn has a matelassé duvet cover in white right now that looks really promising. Bed, Bath, And Beyond also has a Real Simple Retreat White Duvet Cover that is quilted.
    I'm sure the changes you make are going to be beautiful. I am going to do my Master Bedroom for the October ORC challenge and I have sort of the same color scheme going right now that you have. I want to make it fresher too so I can't wait to see what you do. This year has been the year of the bedroom in my house. Four bedrooms, four new looks by 2016 is the goal!

  6. I'm sorry I can't help you with the duvet choices, I got mine at TJ Maxx from Tahari home, it is great, doesn't wrinkle a lot but most of what I have are comforters.

    As for redecorating, may I suggest too on something above the headboard or changing up to beautiful mirrors on both side of the bed? Just a thought since you wanted some change, the bedroom looks great and beautiful the way it is, but I just thought of those changes since you are contemplating on bedding changes now. :-)

  7. Marty, with the way you are always whipping out pillows on your trusty sewing machine I think you should consider sewing a duvet cover to get just exactly what you want. If you think about it, a duvet cover is just a pillow cover only on a larger scale. There are tutorials out there on Youtube as well. By the way I love your color choices for your redo. My office is done in pinks and spring green and I love being in there. It just lifts my spirits. So fresh.

  8. I would try Soft Surroundings' white duvet. Their products are such high quality that it might be just what you are looking for. Here is the link:
    I don't have this duvet, but I have been considering getting it for a while. Good luck!

  9. Marty, I have a duvet & comforter on my bed. I have three striped duvets in white that I wash and interchange. I bought them on sale for like $30.00 My husband bought the white down comforter at a manufacturing company years ago. I couldn't find a pretty duvet cover that was washable (doggies) so, I went to Macy's one day sale and bought a complete comforter set for under $100.00! I fold down the comforter set at night and we can keep cozy or cool with the duvet comforter. Makes our bed look luxurious when it is made up! Just an idea! Nothing wrinkles!

  10. I hate to go against the grain and I know EVERYONE loves duvet covers....except me. I use comforters. I have seen on other blogs that the Pottery Barn ones always look nice. You said you are going to go with white bedding. However I see some green in your board and I am looking for GREEN bedding. It looks like a green and white comforter in your picture, can you tell me where you found that picture? It is just what I am looking for. I know your room will turn out beautifully, whatever you do is always gorgeous. XO

  11. Your plans sound good to me, Marty! I'm sure whatever you decide will look great.

    I have gotten a duvet from Pottery Barn that does not look wrinkled at all. I love it.

  12. Easy to understand and dead useful! Completely redefines Home Plans! Thanks for sharing.. ^_^

  13. Love your ideas Marty. I have duvets and love them. If you do not put them in a hot dryer and I use the wrinkle free setting I do not get wrinkles in my duvets. I wash them a lot with a basset hound that likes to sleep on our bed. I can't wait to see what you do in your bedroom.

  14. your ideas. White is always fresh looking. I do not have a duvet cover. I use a white matlessé bedspread size, with a Pottery Barn comforter at the foot of the bed. I love matlessé and have it for all of the beds in my house. So easy to wash for allergy I like to wash and dry for that clean feeling. Matlessé comes in coverlet and bedspread sizes. In white and a few other colors. And...they last for years. Just an idea for you. Sheila

  15. I love your style board, Marty. What great colors! I like crisp, so I either go for coverlets or comforters. That being said, my kids are fickle and we are short on storage in this cottage. So when they want a change, I do the duvet thing...some are better than others. I agree that Pottery Barn really does make some of the best, thicker material, they don't seem to shrink and they do hold their (mostly wrinkle free) shape. I only buy them when there are on super sale, though. They can be pricey! Can't wait to see the redo!!

  16. I also am not fond of duvets and covers, too complicated!! I use a white 'Martha Washington' bedspread with a quilt, comforter or throw at the end of the bed. In the summer I love light weight coverlets in florals. Matlesse is also one of my favorites, have one in a soft green that I use pink accents with. And its true......they last for years!!

  17. oh marty- loving your changes and the pops of colors that you are going to introduce and white duvet is perfect for someone who has fun with changes like you.

  18. A heavier woven cotton or blend will help keep wrinkles at bay! Matelasse patterned white duvets are great for less wrinkles.

  19. Your inspiration picture is so beautiful. I can't wait to see what you will do. I have a duvet and sheet set that have a "no iron" sign. I think you should look for this sign when you buy one.


  20. Loving the inspiration for your bedroom refresh. Where do you get your energy for all these projects!?