Saturday, May 30, 2015

Winning The Battle - Losing The War - I'm Not Doing Either

I love a pretty yard and from time to time mine looks pretty good.  Right now, not so much.  Hubby uses the patio as his work space, everything is done there.  Sawing, repotting plants and anything else he chooses to get involved in, so it is usually a pile of stuff that is totally a mess.  

I got everything picked up and cleaned up.  Now I could sit here and have a glass of tea.  Love this.

 Even my bonnet bench by the door was cleaned off and everything he had stashed under it found a home.  This looks so much better.

 That lasted exactly one day and he turned it into this.

 It started with a trip to the nursery to get a few plants for some of the pots.

 Just a few simple little plants - nothing major.

 Now while we were planting those, he moved this pot here because he said we have to dig up the bulbs and save them for next year.  Really?

 A friend gave him this plant, pretty, but why does it have to sit right here?  Oh, I know, it's because he said it needs to be repotted too.

 These two wok bowls did get planted and they look amazing.

 All I want is for it to look like this again.

Ok, in all fairness to him, he is out there working on it at this very moment.
The mess is cleaned up and this plant is repotted.

These are repotted too - -

and these were grouped together nicely -

 Ok, we're back to clean on the patio again.  Now to get the yard mowed, weeded, pruned, trimmed - geeeezzzzzz there's still a lot to do. I better make more tea.

So, how is your garden doing? 

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  1. Our patio gets messy and cluttered pretty quickly too! It is frustrating! I think yours looks great and how nice to have all the pretty flowers and plants around you!

  2. The story of my life! LOL Our back porch is a big mess right now. Still working on the deck when it doesn't rain, which it has been happening about every day lately. Love your pretty flowers. Have a great weekend! Xxx Maria

  3. Your patio looks really good Marty. At least he takes care of the gardening so that's a plus.
    Enjoy the weekend.

  4. It's very pretty, even with all the "life" happening around it!

  5. Looks so inviting. Wish I were there.

  6. I love sitting out in a nice, clean garden. In our previous home, we lived on a quarter-acre, so we had a gardener. Now, our yard is much smaller and a gardener does not fit into the budget. My husband tries, so I appreciate it. It does not, however, look like professionals have been out there. Also, it tends to get messy quickly. Due to a health condition, I can't do much out in the yard, so I just try to appreciate the garden for what it is.
    Michelle from

  7. I think everyone's patio is used the same way. I have my potting bench out on ours and it's a constant mess..Patio's are a kick back place..and when we are expecting someone we can ditch the mess and enjoy. Yours looks just fine.. :)

  8. Life is messy, so clean it up is the motto around here too. Nothing stays put for very long and I wonder what in the world people do to keep it consistantly clean. I am only allowed brief moments of clean and put up. lol Enjoy those pretty flowers!

  9. Looks like normal reality to me! That flowering plant he transplanted is beautiful! Those vincas are a nice flower. My girlfriend's husband spends his time watching sports on TV and has no other ambition- be glad your hubby isn't like that! Love potted the plants clustered together- very pretty!

  10. Just remember has to look rough, before it can look great! At least that's what I keep telling myself! Our gardens are looking better...but it's always a constant battle with weeds. My planters have been done for a few weeks now, and are least that's something! Enjoy your weekend! ;)

  11. You and I are blessed with husbands that like to work in the yard. Such a blessing! I enjoyed your post and the progress you made!

  12. I agree, life is messy!! And that's how it is!! Be grateful you have a hubby who likes to take care of the outside and doesn't gripe about you 'changing things up' on the are blessed!!!

  13. Marty,
    First of all, dear friend, your patio area is "picture perfect"!!!
    Hm~m~m. . .how is my Garden doing???
    According to the birds and bunnies. . .wonderfully!!!
    With all the "blessings of showers", it's been deck cushions on/ deck cushions off!!!
    Now that we're forecasted to have a few days break in the weather,
    "Mr. Ed" has written in permanent marker on numerous boards across the deck for replacement!!!
    I haven't thrown in the towel. . .but I do carry a seating cushion with me each time I visit the deck!!!
    Perhaps by Autumn, I'll be able to sit and drink a cup 'o tea there. (wink)
    That's progress. . .so my MoMa used to say!!!
    Thanks for asking!!!

  14. Looking good Marty!! Those flowers look so pretty in your wok planters.

  15. You gotta have some mess to get to that beautiful garden, Marty! That plant he got from a friend to repot is gorgeous! You can see it definitely needed a bigger pot, too. Going with your post title - I think sometimes you need to pick your battles. I'd give him the back patio for the inside and front porch! : )

  16. You will get there, and it will be lovely Marty. We had so much of this to do, clean-up, replant containers and clean, clean, clean. Old man winter sure makes a mess of the back yard and porch.

  17. I don't Marty, I think I would rather have a little messy patio, my dining room table gets the mess. Unfortunately you enter my house from the garage to the dining room and everything gets dumped on the table. I can't complain too much because I'm at fault, a little. ;)

    My patio doesn't get messy, but we have had so many seeds from the trees I could fill buckets with them. I have been sweeping the patio just about every day! I think it's because of the harsh winter we had.

    BTW, your flowers look beautiful and so does your patio even when it is a little messy!

    1. Oops, it should say, " I don't KNOW, Marty, . . . "

  18. Una belleza, yo sería mucho más feliz con este espacio de jardín. Saludos

  19. Your patio looks cozy, inviting and bursting with color with beautiful sunshine! Right now its cloudy and cold down here! So your beautiful patio has me wishing for sunnier days:) love the planters filled with pretty blooms and your bench is my favorite...a pretty spot to sit back with a tall glass of iced tea and enjoy all the hard work. Happy week, Marty! Hugs, Poppy

  20. Our back porch is usually a mess too - mainly from grandchildren swimming. I gave up on making it look pretty and decided we would just use it. Your patio is so pretty, and I know it takes a lot of work to keep it looking beautiful. Well done, Marty and husband.

  21. Your patio looks great Marty! You should see ours. It is so sad. I wish we could purchase new furniture but that will not be happening any time soon. Thanx for joining the party!

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