Saturday, June 27, 2015

A 10 Minute Job That Took All Day

If you follow very many blogs then I know that you have seen "busts" all over the place.  Stautes of animals or busts of men and women, even little children are one of the current trendy accessories.  Time to pull the one I have out of storage.

One thing that I disliked about mine is the color.  When I found it at Ross it was a weird sort of gray color.  So I spray painted it white and then rubbed some stain all over it.  It still turned out gray, just a little lighter.

I had some paint out that I was using to paint some baseboards, so I thought this was the time to give this piece a white-wash.

See, I was just going to give it a little touch up,

When I looked at it after it was drying a little bit I saw that it was streaking and also the paint was peeling up and leaving little chunks that I didn't see before.  Not very pretty at all.  I tried wiping part of it off on the back and boy, what a mess, this stuff was peeling up in gooie chunks.  I decided to just let it dry and then deal with it.

I couldn't believe that this took several hours to dry.  When it finally did, I used some fine steel wool to smooth down the streaks and all the lumps of paint that had peeled up.  Then finally outside to spray paint.

I couldn't believe that this took all day in the hot sun to dry - - -
 however, I love it now.  All white and no lumps, streaks or bumpy surface, just a nice smooth white.

So have you had any fails or saves on your projects lately?

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  1. Aww I love your pretty bust that you painted. It looks so nice with the necklaces too. Have a wonderful weekend Marty!

  2. I love the bust - it looks terrific. so glad that you stuck with it and got it painted. Everything is looking so good Marty. You really have done such a good job on your new decor - looks terrific.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. She looks good all brightened up. I bet you were thinking at some point "what have i done"

  4. She looks lovely, all freshened up for the summer. Those types of projects happen more times than I care to count. lol. I'm sure you questioned yourself through out the day. fondly ~lynne~

  5. Very pretty, Marty! She looks brand new. And yes, I have had many, many fails and saves. :) You did a beautiful job. Have a great weekend! Maria

  6. Looks great Marty. The extra time was worth it.

  7. The bust looks great--it was worth the long wait. I glued shells to the "hair" of his 'n her old busts, and every now and then, a shell will fall and hit the floor. My projects are always hit or miss--a lot of times they hit and miss at the same time. :-) Have a great weekend, Marty!

  8. That turned out so pretty, Marty. I haven't had any project mishaps lately, but I'm sure once I get back to work something will go awry. I don't have a bust yet, but might pick one up if I come across one. Your vignette looks great!

  9. I love how it turned out in the end. Beautiful! I have a mishap sitting in the garage right now. I bought a drum style vanity stool. I sprayed the bottom gold and chalk painted a pale blue over the black vinyl. It was looking great. Then, I decided to stencil a coastal crab on the seat of the stool. Terrible idea. It is waiting for my 2nd attempt right now. Have a great weekend!

  10. She looks beautiful :) I've had one of a little girl that I bought when we lived in Paris 15 years ago...I always find a place for her.

  11. The bust looks great. So worth all the work!!!! Have a good week end.

  12. This is so funny Marty! I don't know how many times I have thought a project would take and hour and something goes awry and it takes all day!! It was worth the time! She looks wonderful now.

  13. Looks awesome, Marty!

    Yes, I have had projects do that too - but usually always worth it in the end. Patience is a virtue, they say - I wouldn't know, I am VERY impatient most days! Hugs!

  14. Marty,
    Your "busts" turned out gorgeous, dear friend!!!
    Sometimes, it's in the determination that we receive the final satisfaction!!!
    Well, done!!!

  15. Your finished project looks great! Yes...I have had some things that took twists and turns before done. I am going to embark on painting doors in my house, and hope all goes smoothly. Ha! Sheila

  16. It looks perfect now...the gray was not pretty at all! Yes, sometimes we think something we start will be a cinch...hell no!
    It turned out gorgeous after a few ours dear Marty, but so worth it! I love busts too, I think it'll be fun to be looking around for one.
    Have a blessed Sunday.

  17. I have painted enough little things here and there that I have contemplated using spray paint, but not til being into the project already. It is definitely the way to go more times than not. This bust came out really nice with the new coat of paint, and looks even neater with the addition of your jewelry. Good idea.

  18. It's worth the effort my friend! Love the news look!

  19. I just bought my first bust this weekend (also at Ross). I think yours turned out beautiful! 😀

  20. Worth all the effort Marty, turned out great!
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!

  21. It turned out really nice. I like the way you styled it.