Friday, June 5, 2015

Master Bedroom Makeover Progress- Finally A Winner

The "going to take forever bedroom makeover" has a few new additions.  I think a little pop of color is going to be a big bonus for this room.  I was hoping with it being a neutral background (beige/black/white) that I could use tons of different colors and I think I can.  

 I tried out a touch of fuchsia and I like it.  That is one of my new favorite colors.

I've also been busy sewing adding a little more black and white stripes too.  Stay tuned for more step by step tutorials.

You all asked for an update on the "Third Time Is Charm" comforter.  Well, it went back too.  There were several problems, first - too small to cover the sides of the mattress - second it just looked like any ordinary quilt, so for $150 I can buy a big enough quilt to cover the bed.  (I am currently cheating using a queen size matlesse blanket I've had for years)  Now I am on to #4.  I saw a coverlet that I really liked at Penny's Discount Store, so I have ordered it in king, it should be here in a few days.  Hopefully this one is a keeper.  At any rate for just $100 I think this one will stay. #hopefully

P.S.  I just came back from Penny's and the coverlet is absolutely perfect.  It is a quilted polished cotton.  Just enough sheen to look pretty, but not enough to grab your attention.  Yay!!!!!!  We have a winner and can you believe it was the cheapest thing I tried.  $109 for king with 2 shams.

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  1. The pop of pink is perfect! I am keeping my fingers crossed that the next comforter is a keeper.

  2. Penney's has great info on their site, bedding sizes are always provided. My oversized king mattress requires 120 inches, so I have learned to order a Queen sized BEDSPREAD which becomes a perfect fit as a king size COMFORTER. It always fits and I don't have the tiresome searching and returning process. Maybe this will help!

  3. So sad that the last comforter was a bust too...but love the added not know if you are interested in a black and white toile fabric for a comfortorer, if so, Sherry from No Minimalist Here is selling a beautiful black and white toile set...

  4. Your bedroom is really coming along nicely. Like the fuchsia - it does add the pop of color. So sorry that #3 didn't work out. My friend bought a beautiful white comforter at Costco. You might look there if Penny's doesn't work out. Good luck. It's maddening when you have something in mind and it just doesn't work out.
    Have a great weekend.

  5. I think it is good that you are going for what you really want & like. Many people would get tired and give up. Bad idea. You should love what is on your bed, because a bedroom is supposed to be a retreat. You WILL find what you want!
    Good luck,
    Michelle from

  6. Marty your bedroom looks wonderful! Love the new bed linens and the black and white curtain panels looks so tailored and polished. Beautiful!

  7. I love your bedroom. It's very elegant and relaxing too. What is your wall color?

    1. Thanks. The color is Fioli Antique Lace by Valspar. It is a soft beige with a camel undertone. Really goes well with anything.

  8. Sorry the comforter didn't work out. I need to find a new one too, but haven't begun looking. I love the touch of fuchsia.
    Your master looks lovely, Marty.

  9. Everything is coming together Marty! Sometimes things that I think will be perfect end up not being so. It drives me crazy but then we always end up creating something even better than our original plan.