Friday, June 26, 2015

Refreshing The Bed From The Mattress Up

While I was looking for new bedding to finish our Master Bedroom Makeover, I was also intrigued by all the new plush bedding available.

I finally found a quilted coverlet at Penny's Discount Home Store that was perfect for my room.  A beautiful polished cotton quilted spread that was ample size, beautifully done and only $109 for King size.  If you followed along you know that I looked all over town and even ordered 3 different  Duvet/Comforter/Coverlets and returned them all.  

 This one is really pretty and the stitching is well done.

Since we were giving the room a makeover, time to flip the mattress and to look at all of the bedding I wanted to use and make sure everything was given a fresh cleaning.  Here are a few simple steps to a totally clean and fluffed bed.

1.  Take all the bedding off and vacuum the mattress thoroughly.  
2. Take the mattress off and vacuum the box springs. 
3. Flip the mattress over and turn from end to end so what was previously the head of the bed is now the foot.
4.  Vacuum this side of the mattress too.
 5.  Wash the mattress pad, and if necessary replace.
I did wash mine, but since it had been washed several times, it did have a couple of frayed places, so time to replace.

Fresh new bedding always makes the bed feel luxurious don't you think?  I shook it several times before putting it on the bed to fluff the fiber fill.  This one is really evenly filled and I think it will be very comfortable.  I found it at Ross and it is from the Hotel Collection.

I opted for a mattress pad with the highest thread count I could find at a reasonable price.  This one is 600 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton and only cost $35.99 for King size.  That is so reasonable it can be replaced whenever needed.

I have white sheets that I love using, so they have been freshly washed and dried also.
First the fitted sheet is placed on the mattress carefully making sure the corners are all in the right place.  Then the top sheet is placed on.  I don't iron my sheets but I do like a semi hospital corner (square corner) on my sheets.

 With air conditioning in the summer, we do like a light blanket, so I chose a white one that we had.  It is freshly washed and light and fluffy.

 I fold the top sheet back over the top of the blanket at the head of the bed.

Next it is time to add your duvet/comforter/coverlet.   This one is ample size, so it covers the sides of the mattress and the foot really well, and it came with two king size quilted pillow shams.

Then a few decorative pillows and a lightweight throw and I am calling it done.

Now the bed is as fresh as the rest of the room.  How about you, isn't a nice fresh bed the best thing ever to sink into?

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  1. Marty,
    Your bedding looks so comfy and pretty. I bet you love sinking into bed each night.

  2. Looks fresh and inviting. I love white bed linens too. Then I add color with pillows or coverlet at the foot of the bed. I know you. Must be at peace, having finally found just the right bedspread. Sheila

  3. That looks very pretty and romantic! Great choices :-)

  4. I went to an Estate Sale last week and found a Ralph Lauren Queen size Matelasse night spread that sold for $200.00 and I paid $20.00 for it. It looks beautiful on our bed and even our dogs love it. I thought it was a great buy. Since it is white, I can use whatever color shams I have.

  5. Everything came together so well, it looks great!

  6. Marty,
    Do you make "house calls", dear friend???
    I need to do the same thing here!!!
    My reluctance is in finding a "new" bedspread!!!
    After purchasing one two years ago, I didn't like the feel. . .it ended up in the "Guest Room".
    Perhaps, it's time to go shopping, once again.
    Thank you for sharing your lovely Master Bedroom!!!
    Inspiration abounds at A Stroll Thru Life!!!

  7. Great find Marty! I love the crisp white sheets and new coverlet! I always swear I'll buy white next time but I always end up getting patterned ones! I need white for sure for the summer and your kook perfect!

  8. I have the hardest time finding bedding that I like at a price I'm willing to pay. You did good Marty, it's so pretty! And yes, I do love sinking into a freshly washed and made bed...
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!

  9. Beautiful look Marty! Thanks for joining Home Sweet Home!