Thursday, June 25, 2015

Summer Makeup - Cleaning The Makeup Drawer

If you have noticed or seen me in person, I don't wear a lot of makeup.  I think the older you get and the more texture aged skin takes on, the better off you are with a really clean surface and enhanced with a little blush and a tiny bit of concealer or tinted moisturizer under the eye.  I try to pay more attention to my eyes with a little bit of eye shadow, eye liner and mascara and give my cheeks a little blush and call it good.   Now that doesn't keep me from having a stock pile of makeup that I have tried and some were ok for special occassions and some were total fails.  Anyway, if your makeup drawers are like mine, they need a good cleaning and purging.  Everytime I take a look at my closet and try to update things a little bit, then I take a look at my hair and my makeup.  Seems they both need some updates.  First things first, get the makeup under control.

After tons of purging, clean and down to what I really use most of the time.

As I've shown you before, we have three small drawers in the center of our vanity and then each of us have a double door section under the sink.  This is my side and I finally have it functioning perfectly for me.

I showed you this brushed chrome shelving unit I found at Ross a while back, it is perfect to hold tall hair products and tall bottles on the top shelf.  The bottom holds creams, nail polish removers. deodorant and every day necessary things, plus there is room in the back for my travel makeup case.

 This side is totally devoted to "girly" stuff. Makeup and hair  The top shelf holds my gloves and things I need for coloring my hair.  The drawers are for all the other "girl' stuff.  Every once in a while they need to be totally emptied and washed.  I love it when they are all organized and clean and summer is a great time since I wear even less makeup during the hot days of summer.

 Top Drawer - tooth past, toothbrush - a few travel size toiletries and nail clippers and files.

The next drawer has my combs and and mirror.

 Third down holds my facial cleaning system -  I love how this cleans and buffs my skin.

 Next is the drawer that holds the makeup that I actually use the most.  Be sure to check the dates on your things, they go bad after about 6 months if you haven't used them.  I use mainly drug store brands and they work for me.

The next drawer is overflow makeup and stuff.  Now this is what it looked like when I cleaned out the first makeup drawer.  Half of this is outdated and just plain things I don't like. It amazes me that these drawers can get out of control so fast and of course I need to quit buying stuff I don't like or need.

 Here it is all cleaned and purged, much better.  Now I can find an extra pencil or lipstick if I want one and I can also see some additional tinted moisturizer.

 The bottom drawer holds makeup removal pads, makeup sponges, purse Kleenex and some misc. things.

Just look at all that junk that I threw out.  What a mess.  

Now they are both clean and ready for summer.

No more makeup hoarding.  Have you cleaned yours out lately?

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  1. Love how you have this so organized. Love the drawers and baskets. I have a small cabinet under my sink and have thought about shelves but something like this just might work for me too! Thanks for sharing. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  2. It is always nice to get organized for each season! This looks great.

  3. I just cleaned out my makeup drawer recently. It makes it so much nicer to keep what you really use and toss the rest. I used to buy so many things that I never liked, but hung on to. I recently purged once again and it feels so good!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  4. I did clean out my makeup drawer recently but you have reminded me that under the sink could use a summer refresher. Thanks for the tip!

  5. I clean out my makeup drawer, etc. and it's amazing how quick it becomes cluttered and unorganized again! I love your organization drawers...maybe that would help me keep things more in order? I've got closets and other areas to declutter and my girlie stuff again too!

  6. Well, shoot, Marty! You're just reminding me how much I need to do this. Even only being here since last August, I've got a mess and need to purge. You make up drawers look wonderful.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  7. I did this a few weeks back, and my drawers are so much easier to navigate! Now if only I could control all my impulse purchases... ;-)

  8. You are so organized! I don't buy a zillion make up products but I still benefit from seeing how you keep things neat and tidy. :)

  9. Looks great Marty!
    I just cleaned mine out today (long overdue). :0)
    I don't wear a lot of makeup either but those drawers sure can get out of control in a hurry.
    I need to find a pull out drawer like you have.. so neat! Have a great week.

  10. Your drawer is neat and organized Marty!
    I don't use so much so i don't have a drawer full of makeup items. I carry my makeup along with me in my bag unless i do not need it at all
    Maybe when i make a dresser in my master room then, i can hoard a lot of them

  11. You've done a great job of using your space to its full potential, Marty! I really like the wire-tiered drawers. I'm kind of the opposite on what I use on this aging skin of mine. I always use a foundation with sunscreen, just a bit of eye shadow, blush, and I have to do my eyebrows. I only do eyeliner and mascara for date night or a special occasion. Oh, and I always put on lipstick. Have you ever tried the Neutrogena lipstick pencils? They are very moisturizing for here in the desert.

  12. It is the greatest feeling to clean out and purge, isn't it? Loved the post.

  13. Just purged all my manicure things - old polish, why oh why do I keep all this crap?

    You are such an inspiration! Thank you!

  14. Cleaning the make up drawer is a brilliant idea! I have never did it, but when I was younger I didn't use so much make up as now... I have tons of make up and many of the products are expired! Thank you for sharing! I feel inspired to take care of my make up drawer! :)