Friday, July 24, 2015

Hall Bathroom Makeover Update - Chair Rail & Moldings

Sometimes the most simple design seems to get so involved.  I think that is what's happening with this bathroom.  The vanity is totally stained and 2 coats of clear sealer have been applied.  The doors were a little harder to do.  It took 5 coats of the gel stain to finally get a finish that I liked without tons of streaks.  This stuff is harder to work with that I thought, but I am finally happy with the final look.  My cabinets are maple and they have a very subtle grain, so the gel stain was taking it differently.

With the cabinet staining done,  I have begun to think about the other items in the room, especially gold fixtures.  I ordered this sink faucet. I love it and I think it will fit the contemporary look I am going for.

Then I got this fun single arm toilet paper holder. (Hubby installed it today and I love it.)

I am also thinking about this mirror.  It is 30 x 30 with a nice 3 1/2 inch frame - so that would work.  Problem is the finish is called champagne (gold fading to silver).  I want all gold, so I could probably spray paint it gold and even do some gold leaf to make it what I am looking for.  Not sure if this is more detail than I want with the stenciled walls and the pattern shower curtain, especially since I am planning on using my gold framed art too.

Have you guys seen this stuff?  It is a wide baseboard that you just place right over you small baseboard.  Saves tons of work taking the old off.  Since I only have 6 ft. I ordered an 8 ft. piece from Lowe's to see how it works.  I love wide baseboards and this could be a fabulous time saving trick if it works.  I will let you know.

Now I have the question of the chair rail and where to put it.   My inspiration board shows me replacing the baseboard with a new 5 1/4 in style and then adding the chair rail and stenciling above it. 

How high I put the chair rail depends on the opposite wall where the sink and toilet are.  I've looked at a million pictures and it is placed anywhere you can dream up around the sink.  I decided that I did not like it at all placed above the backspash of the sink, so now where is the question.

I had a small piece so I taped it to the wall in a few different places, the first one is having the top of the chair rail even with the top of the backsplash.  This is the view as you enter the bathroom.

This is what it would look like face on.

 Second, I put it down a little from the top of the backsplash.

 This is the view face on.

After seeing these, I have really questioned using any chair rail at all on this side of the room and do I really want to stencil this side or not.  This looks pretty busy without adding anything else to the mix.  I will always have a shower curtain, so that and the chair rail, pictures and mirror all seem really busy and then stenciling a pattern on the wall just seems to me it would overwhelm the whole space.

 When you walk in you see the opposite wall in the mirror, so maybe having the stencil and chair rail on just this one wall would be more than enough to give the bathroom the character that I am thinking.

 When you are face on at the bathroom door, you see this back wall and the area above the tub.  I think if I just stencil this one wall above the chair rail  and above the tub that would be perfect.  More than enough pattern and leave the other two walls white so the mirror, shower curtain and art are the attention getters.

I am going to use this stencil 

and originally my colors were going to be chocolate and white.  I am thinking all the walls painted white and the stencil in chocolate.  Gold accessories as my accents. Problem with the chocolate is I haven't found a chocolate and white fabric that is not chocolate and off white.  I can find a ton of fabulous black and white fabrics, so I wonder how that would be?

Ok, now the question - 
1. stencil the back wall and above the tub

2. stencil the back wall only

Weigh in ladies, I need some input.

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  1. Everything your putting into this space is just fabulous Marty!!!! So very excited to see this all done! I have to check those baseboards what a great idea! Thanks!

  2. My opinion is do chair rail and bottom in white. Do the chair rail even with sink backsplash, looked better than lower or none.

    I am worried about the stencil - it's going to give you a very busy closed-in feeling. Have you considered perhaps wide brown vertical stripes as al alternative? It would heighten the room and give you the desired brown accent w/o overwhelming the eye.

    GREAT product those wider baseboards. May have to look into them, def updates a home,. what a great idea. Are they fake wood? Thanks for yet again, another great product coming from you, Marty. ♥

  3. Oh that baseboard is great! Can't wait to hear your review. I would start the stencil on the opposite wall of the sink and above the tub first. Live with it for a bit. It's easier to add stencil/chair rail to the sink wall verses removing it. If you do add the chair rail I like it level with the backsplash. You are working so fast on this!

    1. Ditto Laura's comment. That's the beauty of stencil.

      What about waiting to find the fabric you've been looking for? I am remembering Miss Mustard Seed, sharing about a room she redid in her home and never could find the fabrics in the colors she needed.

      As a woman whose black is brown (yes-- gasp! I NEVER wear black!), I can attest to the fact that brown and brownS are difficult to discover. When I find them, I typically buy two!

      Aren't bathrooms such fun to redo? And likely one of the least expensive rooms in the house!

      Hugs and happy highways,

  4. Just the wall with the towel bar. Not the sink area. It will be too busy. Go with your gut. You said it first. I love all your ideas and they have been right on so far. Thanks for wanting our opinions. Teri

  5. I think you should use dark brown and white with gold Marty! It`s a winner! Plus, I think just one wall with stencil, or stripes as a featured wall, and the rest just white to open the space. Then, you can use dark brown and gold picture frames on the white walls to make it pop. You can also add a few dark brown shelves with glossy finish to display decorative objects in gold and white, white towels, wooden bowls for cosmetic products, etc. I will use solid dark brown shower curtain with white trim, that`s elegant combination, and it`s not to busy, but also not boring. Can`t wait to see it all done! Hugs!

  6. Marty, you sure are going to town on making your home look so beautiful. I enjoy seeing all of your wonderful updates!

  7. Hi, Marty! I think you should trust your instinct - everything you've done has been so gorgeous - never overdone. I'm not a good judge of patterns and their locations, but you'll get great opinions from those who are far more knowledgeable. Love the input and feedback that's always so helpful. Wonder why the gel stain streaked for you? I've used it without that happening, but perhaps the polyurethane on the original is the culprit? The dark stain looks so pretty. Cannot wait to see your project progress! :)

  8. Hi Marty! I am so glad for your post, because I just redid my bathroom in an aqua and white, more on the contemporary side, and my home is very traditional. It worried me because I know that you are supposed to keep a cohesive look throughout your home, but this seems to fit right in. I see you are bringing in contemporary pieces into a traditional decor and it looks beautiful!
    Now, for my opinion, such as it is; I like the chair rail being level with the edge of the sink back splash. I'm a bit ocd, so this makes my eyes happy. As far as that beautiful stencil, I agree with you, I believe it would be too much to do both walls since you see another wall in the mirror. But I'm not too sure that the creme and brown would not be ok with the white and brown. I'm thinking as you walk into the room, this would not be noticeable because of your eye going to the mirror and other eye catching items. But I do think that that mirror should be more contemporary with a smooth line such as the faucet, instead of all the detail that one has. Just beautiful, Marty. PS even though I don't have my blog any longer, I still follow you each and every post. Just wanted you to know. Love your style!! Hugs, Judy from Ahwatukee

  9. This is going to be amazing, Marty and I can hardly wait to see it all come to life! The stencil is so pretty and I cannot get over the baseboard…that is brilliant!! Hope you're having a great week.

  10. Marty, that baseboard is a great idea. Let us know how it looks, cost, and where to get it when the room is finished.

  11. Just a thought- with the contemporary nature of the stencil design I question the chair rail addition altogether. My mind sees the stencil on the large wall as being plenty for the room. It's going to be sharp!

  12. No chair rail. No stencil. Already plenty busy. It's beautiful just as it is. I wouldn't change a thing.

  13. Marty, I love the baseboard. You said you will let us know if it works. Please do... because I have a house with mini baseboard in some places and NO baseboard at all in others. UGH. BTW, I like the toilet paper roll holder. I use the same type in my bathrooms.
    Michelle from

  14. I don't think you need the chair rail above the toilet. If you do add, I vote so that it is not even with the back splash. I like the idea of the one accent wall with the stencil. I love the wood finish. Your hard work has really paid off with a quality finial look. The base board is so neat!

  15. I agree with others that the chair rail might not add to the contemporary vibe you're going for. Have you considered stenciling your shower curtain? I've seen regular curtains stenciled so I'm sure it would work. Really crushing on that baseboard — that's going to add so much character. Enjoy your new bathroom.

  16. Marty you are really busy this summer in your home. Good for you. Everything looks amazing. Jo

  17. Hi Marty! I love the look you are going for. Stick with the Chocolate and White color scheme - it will look so fabulous with the gold accents. That stencil is amazing but it would overwhelm the space to do all the walls. Definitely do the back wall and maybe the one side wall. I kind of agree with the consensus of no chair rail but if you do add it, I'd put it even with the backsplash. The cabinets look great. I know what you mean about things throwing unexpected curves our way. We just finished a major overhaul of our bathroom and had our fair share of surprises. (All's well that ends well!) yours is going to be stunning! Can't wait to see it all finished.

  18. Holy Moly! It's going to be amazing!
    I'll defer to everyone else and see what you decide. Sorry. :P

  19. Marty,
    Your cabinets turned out absolutely stunning, dear friend!!!
    When "Mr. Ed" and I remodel the "dream home" Master Bath
    on the other side of the Prairie, we placed the chair rail up high!
    We had a "pony wall" between the tub and the toilet. . .
    so we placed the chair rail to the same height!!!
    I adore the stencil. . .and while many are stating it is too busy. . .
    I think it would "make" the room!!!
    Follow your heart!!!
    I'll be watching for future progress reports!!!
    P.S. LOVE the new base boards!!!

  20. Hi! New to your blog, but I love what you are doing! I'm more of a minimalist, so I probably wouldn't go for the stenciling, but that's just a personal style issue. We just had an emergency reno of our entire downstairs Jan-April this year, so I understand what you are going through. It can be super fun and maddening at the same time. ;) We went with very wide baseboards too. Love the look! And those are very creative! Enjoy the process as much as you can!

  21. I vote no chair rail, unless it's a narrow one and you paint a shade darker below it. I also wouldn't stencil the walls as it would make bathroom look smaller, but that's just me. We all have different taste, so go with your guts and what appeals to you! Thanks for linking up with us at Thursday Favorite Things!

  22. Oh my sweet friend how exciting and you are so sweet to ask us our opinions. I am very curious about the baseboard. We already have 5 inch trim baseboard, but I know my daughter would love some a bit taller. I like the idea of going with your gut, it is sure to be the best.You certain,y have made your home lovely Plus it easier to add stencil than to remove it ( wink). Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop. xo

  23. I have no input on the stencilling but I love the cupboards. The way the grain shows through the stain is stunning. Also, I bought a mirror similar to the one you're looking at and spray painted it. You can check it out here.

  24. Your bath is wonderful Marty! I love the shelf on the back of the toilet! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!