Saturday, July 11, 2015

Using Color And Pattern-My Style Has Changed

As I view some of my favorite blogs, I see that we have two camps, those that love all white and neutrals and those that love color and pattern.  I think both can be really fabulous, but more and more I am drawn to the bold color and pattern camp.  For a long time, I kept everything pretty monochromatic, then I added an accent color and more texture, now I am really loving a pop of color, something bright and mixing a lot of patterns.

Some say black isn't a color, but this is definitely bold and wow, so striking.  This definitely grabs your attention.  I love the black walls and the gold, this is so rich and elegant pair with the stark white.  (I do think I sould have painted the window frame white too.)

This is something that I would have called bold in the past.  Mixing two different fabrics, now I look at it and it is pretty neutral.

This starts to become a little more bold  ---

this even more so - -

and this mix of color against all the white is very eye-catching - -

now this is what my eye says is bold.

Bright Orange and Brown - Love this and that closet too.

I love having just one pop of color against white.

I am kind of all over the board, I love bright and neutral.  Some of my looks from the past - - -
I love orange, so I have used it several times - -

Then on the neutral side, I do love black and white - -

and I also like glitter and animal - I think animal is neutral.

and if you've been following along, then you know I went a little  bold in my living room for summer. - -

Yes, I am definitely more into color, pattern and bold now.

So, how much color do you like?  Can you live with brights, or do you want neutrals?  Check back tomorrow for a tutorial on how to build a color scheme.

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  1. I am a bold color girl, myself, Marty. I just drool over those all white houses and I have tried to go that way on more than one occasion, but I alway miss my pops of red.

  2. I have always had color in my decor but now, I'm finding myself going more neutral. I don't think I'll ever give up all color but I think I'm liking just a pop of it against neutral. I can appreciate different styles though!

  3. Marty, I have always been a bold color girl! Color just sings! I certainly appreciate whites and neutrals and was using it for clients before I retired! I agree animal prints are a neutral and I always have to have a little animal and love a little glitz! My motto has always been, I have one life and I want to live it in color!
    Pam (

  4. Love all the images! I do love how you, specially add color to pop into your furniture. I would probably get tired if it was something like the hot pink dining room chairs, lol!
    I love color for accent pieces against neutral bigger pieces; such as pillows, which my fav are animal prints. I do have yellow couches in the den and a delicate yellow floral silk brocade in the living room, but that'd be all.
    Enjoy your weekend lovely lady.

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  6. Me, I love bold and neutrals. Just looking at your inspiration pictures, it seems as if most of the rooms have neutral backdrops (and I am one of those who believes that black or charcoal walls are neutral, depending on what's added to the space), but with colorful accessories. The only exception is the room with green lacquered walls (always wanted to do that!), and that space has neutral furniture and colorful additions, including that gorgeous rug). I had a charcoal breakfast room in my circa 1900s Four Square, and I loved it (I may have been the only one because the new owners painted it rusty mauve in 2006, but I digress). Just looking at your inspiration photos, I am seeing that we, as homeowners, can have the best of both worlds, color and neutrals, and you have achieved this beautifully in your own space. (Sorry about deleting the above comment, but I goofed! Need more coffee. Argh.)

  7. I'm totally a color and texture gal and love seeing how far I can push the envelope without creating chaos!

  8. I am a color girl!!! But have always loved a neutral background to showcase the colors. And all the artwork shows up well on a neutral. My style is mostly traditional and still love primitives. Am currently adding red to my kitchen, hope to blog it decor has everything I want and don't intend to change it to accommodate new ideas that are popular with others. Like you, I change things around with accessories I already have and of course, pillows!!

  9. Marty,
    Oh, dear friend, I absolutely adored when your brought orange into your color scheme!!!
    I L O V E color!!!
    However, recently, I went with more of a monochromatic color scheme to the upper level living areas!!!
    "Mr. Ed" and I are renewing the color palette and decor after 13 years of living with yellow!!!
    I still have an abundance of color in the lower level Family Room!!!
    Your lovely home is filled with many gorgeous treasures!!!
    I enjoy seeing how you change out the pillows and fabrics to bring in accents!!!
    Inspiration abounds at A Stroll Thru Life!!!

  10. I am so thrilled that color is the new white Marty! I am so tired of all the white on white neutral boring decor! Bring on the color, and the patterns! Love all your photos!

  11. I know the old woods, neutrals and whites are very popular, and can be beautiful when done well. But I couldn't live without color! Pattern and textures can only take neutrals so far before I need some pizzazz.

  12. It is so hard, because I too, like them both. I do have to have color in my home though. I did my son's room in bright bold colors including a kelly green dresser and I love his room. However, for the main living spaces I am loving more subdued colors. Right now I'm loving a mix of mossy green, coral, cream, white, and bits of grey. They are all soft versions of the color that almost seem dreamy. It feels neutral to me. I love the fact that right now in design there really are no rules. Different is good!


  13. I'm more into neutrals now, Marty, but I think that is because I had a lot of color in our old house. I do bring color in with some accessories. Like you, I like to use pillows to do that, but also throws in the fall/winter and sometimes, like in my bedroom, through the drapery. I find I like the neutral background for that reason - that you can bring in whatever color hits your fancy at the moment without worrying about if it will work or not.

  14. You said it girl and I'm with you on this one for sure! Although, I'm into the BLUEs phase at the moment, but then again, pinks are in my world a lot lately too!

  15. I am for color and drama. I use lots of black in my house...and have four years , I believe that black is the total of all color while white Is the absence of color. Trying to remember art class. Ha! Sheila

  16. That bathroom is stunning! I love the deep color in a small space.

  17. Beautiful Marty!! I love the examples you have shown! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!