Monday, July 6, 2015

When You Have The Wrong White Paint Color - Change It

As you all know, I have been repainting every room in my house (I know, really slowly), and I love most of it.  HOWEVER my living room sofa is an off-white and this particular white paint that I chose makes it look dirty.  Now I can camouflage it with lighting and accessories, but every time I look at it, it is just not good.  Time to get the paint out and repaint at least this one wall.  I originally painted it Sherwin Williams Reliable White - this is a really pretty soft white, nothing stark and nothing with pink or blue undertones.   As you can see in the photo below, my sofa has some yellow undertones, and the walls look gray.  The combination really isn't very good.

 This color looks amazing with the off-white sofa in the family room.  In fact it totally amazes me at how different the white looks in the two rooms.  

The family room is mostly windows so it gets a ton of light - - - -

and the living room gets most of it's light from the dining area window since the front is shaded by trees.  See how different the white looks in the two rooms?  Also do you see what I am talking about.  The sofa looks beige and dirty.  Not good.

If you look at the two rooms, the family room walls appear to have a yellow undertone.  I think that is from so much sun and the drapes.  In the living room the walls look like a soft gray.  The light totally changes the look of the paint color.
Ok, off to the paint store to find a color that will make this living room (and my sofa) look right.  It amazes me at how big a mess you create to paint just one wall.  My hubby brought in the shop light so I could see since it is a little cloudy outside.  Really bright isn't it?

 I chose one of my favorite colors, it is Violi Antique Lace from Lowes.  It is a beige with a slight camel undertone.  As you can see where the sun is shining in, you can't really tell one wall is darker than the other.

All done and the room put back together.  Like I said, it isn't obvious that this wall is different, but now my sofa looks white again.

 Here's a close up of the sofa next to the wall.  See, the sofa really is a creamy white.

 It still looks white with the lamps on too.  Ok, now I am a happy camper.  No more beige dirty sofa.

Do you struggle with whites  - off whites and creams?

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  1. Good Morning Marty,
    It is amazing how much natural light effects the color of a room. Love the new color it looks really pretty with the couch.

  2. marty, remember me asking you these very questions? I struggle so much that I still haven't done it. I have been hesitant to even make the jump and we soooooo need a fresh up. The color I have is fine, I'd like a teeny bit lighter in a similar neutral/slightly pink white. I had pickeled oak and stark white woodwork so the color must complement. Ugh. I seldom make paint color mistakes, have a good eye for it, but I know my office is much too cool of a grey and we just painted it. I am not happy with it at all but am and do and shall live with it. But I am in here hours upon hours and just kick myself. I made the mistake of asking a family member who had this color on their walls what the number/name of their paint was - big mistake, they have totally different lighting. I hate it when that happens. Oh well, live and learn, aye?

    Your walls are perfect now. So sorry you had to go through all that, I TOTALLY understand. Hugs.

  3. Marty,
    I adore your accent wall, dear one!!!
    This hue blends beautifully with the stripe in your drapes
    while creating a subtle contrast to your lovely white sofa!!!
    Amazing how such a little change can bring about a h u g e impact!!!
    Inspiration abounds @ A Stroll Thru Life!!!

  4. Huh, I never thought the shade of white would do that to another element in the room. I will have to keep that in mind. Although my sofa is not white, it is cream, I'm sure if I pick the wrong I could have the same problem. Good to know. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I can see what you mean Marty. I think it's ok, but its different for someone living and seeing it everyday! Go with your gut feeling dear! It always ends up giving you a perfect space!

  6. Your living room is just BEAUTIFUL!! The white matches in perfectly, but you are right, I think it's because of the lighting. And I think the beige color was a great choice for that wall :) No need to change up the whole room, it looks great with the contrast. I am a firm believer in the one-two wall contrast. Thanks for sharing with us :)

  7. Hi Marty - I would never have noticed, but when you show the two different colors it's quite stark! The world of whites is a scary place, so gosh darned many choices! You made a good decision! Jane

  8. OMG, what an eye for color and shades you have, Marty! You were an interior decorator in your other life for sure, lol!
    Yes, you are so right that wall color in rooms differ according to the light they get. I can't believe it, your lovely white couch looked dingy in 'dirty beige!'
    Great job as usual.
    Have a great week ahead.

  9. Great advice, Marty. It's amazing how many shades of white are out there! Your walls look fabulous now!

    Best wishes,
    Natasha in Oz.

  10. What a big difference! Nice job!
    Michelle from

  11. It totally makes a difference! Your sofa is new again. I struggle with white paint the most. My fave true white, with no undertones, is SW's snowbound. Great job! 👏🏼

  12. Such a great post, Marty. I've been struggling with paint colors for a month. I had to pull the trigger today or my painters would have moved on to another job. I nixed BM Natural Wicker (too yellow in my space) and went with a color that matched the existing trim, and it _appears_ as if SW Moderate White will work. But there's just no way to predict how it will behave after I add my stuff. Love your color choice!


  13. Wow, that did make a huge difference seeing the couch up against the two different photos.

  14. That is just amazing, Marty! I don't blame you for repainting the wall. Your sofa looks way better against the new color. Love it!

  15. Lighting is definitely the key! I didn't think it looked bad at all before, but if you are the person seeing every day, then it has to be right for you.