Saturday, August 15, 2015

Cleaning & Organizing The Pantry

If you've followed me for a while you probably know that I am a little bit of a clean freak, especially in my kitchen.  Now I can't handle clutter very well at all, but I can tolerate it if I don't get things dusted all the time, just so long as things are picked up.  My kitchen however is a different story.  I have to have the counters, and appliances wiped down after every meal and all the dishes put away or in the dishwasher.  I LOVE a clean kitchen, and I love an organized pantry.

Now let me tell you what started this latest cleaning and organizing frenzy.  I came home from grocery shopping and started to put all the food away.  Now I always rotate everything so the oldest is up front and nothing is ever out of date.  As I started moving things around I saw a couple of ants.  I don't like ants, they totally freak me out and I don't want them in my food.  So I immediately started pulling everything out of the pantry.  All the food came out and I checked every single thing for any ants.

My husband came in and asked me what in the world I was doing, I told him I saw some ants.  He looked in the pantry and found about 6 or so.  He asked me why didn't I just kill those few and wipe down that one area.  I told him if I saw one I was sure they had about a million family members and I didn't want them to call for a convention in my pantry.  I got out the raid and I sprayed down every single shelf, the floor and behind the door casings.  I left everything out over night to make sure they were all dead.  Next morning I made some hot soapy bleach water and scrubbed down every single shelf and all the sides of the pantry.  The floor was cleaned thoroughly too, then I started putting things back.  I keep my big roaster on the bottom way in the back, so it went back in first.

Now I could start putting everthing back in.  The top shelf is where I store my cake stands and carrier in the back with all my fun coffee fixins & Protein powder in front.

 The next shelf is baking stuff on the right and cereals on the left.  I threw out the two boxes of cereal and the pancake mix, I didn't see ants, but not wanting to take any chances, out they went.   I'll have to put those on my grocery list for next time.

Canned goods all lined up and a few extra conditments in the left hand back side.

This shelf holds extra dry rice, beans and pasta in the back, chips and crackers up front.

The next shelf has the crock pot and blender in the back with the toaster, coffee and bread up front.  The bottom shelf has my roaster in the back, onions and garlic in the tan bins and potatoes in the blue recycle bin.  (I have a bigger recycle bin outside)

Next I took everything off the door racks and washed them with bleach also, then rearranged a few things as I put them back.

Top two shelves are for baking things.

 Next we have honey, peanut butters, pesto, parmesan and fried onions.  Below are rices and stuffing mix.

 More pasta, salad croutons and breakfast bars.

Taco shells, rice, bread crumbs and chicken and vegetable stock.  The bottom has popcorn, teabags and vitamins.

It's nice to have a totally cleaned and rearranged pantry and I havn't found a single ant. Hurrah!!!!

So how about you, do you go a little nuts when you find ants too?

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  1. HI Marty- I'm with you! And, you had me at the photo of the Lays chips! Love those! have a great weekend! laura

  2. Your pantry looks wonderful, Marty! I did have the ant problem last Summer. Like you, all it took was for me to see two ants on the pantry floor. I wonder how in the world do they get in the house. Yesterday, I saw one ant inside my kitchen sink and I spent the whole afternoon removing everything from the counters, cleaning the whole area and putting everything back.Didn't find anymore, but better safe than sorry. I do NOT like ants. :) Enjoy your weekend! xxx Maria

  3. Marty it all looks fantastic! During my recent "in between classes" cleaning frenzy I did the panty and the fridge. Two days later it looked like a pack of hyena's had gone through everything. Kids. Love em.

  4. Hi Marty! I am so impressed with your organizational skills and love how well-stocked your pantry is. Prepared for anything!! As for bugs...I currently live in South Texas where bugs run rampant and it makes my skin crawl. However, I'm planning a move about 2500 miles north in a few months so, hopefully, I'll be seeing a lot fewer creepy crawly things. Although...maybe a few more bears and buck rummaging through my garden and garbage cans, that's all -- lol.

  5. Marty, come help me! :) I think I need to install the shelves on the door after seeing this. Thanks!

  6. Ugh those things can get in the tiniest areas! I'd go one more step and put some ant traps on the floor. We had a problem one summer and we found out they were coming in the tiniest crack under the screen door. We got some ant traps and bait to knock them back and it seemed to work great. When they eat the bait they take it back to the nest and the others get sick from it and eventually kills them off. Your pantry looks great! I love those lightly salted Lay's chips- especially the ones with the ridges!

  7. I had ants (and MICE) in my old house but here, so far so good!!! Knock on wood!!!! Your pantry looks beautiful. I still use turntables in my pantry. They make it so easy to see what you have and get to it! I have had some of the turntables for 30 years, they are "harvest gold", LOL!!!!!!!

  8. Wholeheartedly agree ... all bugs should remain OUTSIDE! We have lots of flying insects in our area and have to open and close doors quickly, or they feel welcome inside. Love your pantry, Marty! It's a nice reminder that I need to declutter ours. Have a great day!

  9. It looks great Marty. I'm a cleaner too. I just dumped old plastic food containers and bought new ones to replace them. Although it's looking good I need to work more to be blog worthy. My pantry is big, but I declatter it a lot so far.
    Thank you for the inspiration and have a lovely weekend sweet friend.

  10. Oh my - I just wish I could be half as organized as you are! That pantry looks wonderful. I'm just starting to reorganize all of my kitchen cabinets. Hopefully they will look better than they do. We had ants but in the bathroom - none in the kitchen. Don't know where they came from. But, I got rid of them pretty quick. The thought of ants crawling in the house anywhere just gives me the creeps.

    Nice job!


  11. Marty, I love my items organized throughout our house. In our former house, I had floor to ceiling and wall to wall pullout/swing pantries. I was never hurting for space. We downsized two years ago to a condo that had NO pantry. We loved so much about this place, so we bought it and I've had to improvised for storage and getting everything organized. As a former home economist, it sometimes drives me a bit crazy.

  12. Living in the tropics of the Pacific Ocean, ants are a constant. I read recently to kill them and leave them there. The rest of the ants go where the dead ants went, receive a "communication" by the dead ants ("Um, let's get outta here!") and no more ants return. It works. No harmful sprays.

    Sprays don't prevent them from returning anyway, I was told by a pest guy. The nest must be dealt with.

    Cabinets and pantries are the funnest things to clean and organize, in my opinion. Your pantry is a dreamboat. I organize my very narrow pantry in the Philippines in much the same way except the door is not capable like yours. In the top shelf are two plastic handle square plastic "baskets" picked up at the Japanese dollar store. They hold potatoes, garlic bulbs and onions. The next shelf holds jars; then canned goods; then office supplies in front of paper goods; then boxes; and the bottom shelf holds all the milk we must buy in boxes because can't buy fresh milk there. When it's organized, it functions at its best, doesn't it?

    Hugs from New Brunswick, Canada,

  13. Marty you are so organized. Come over and do my pantry please!!!!!!! It all looks so good.

  14. Your pantry looks wonderful, Marty! I think your pantry is almost identical to mine. I also have the storage on the door which adds to the usable space so much. I used 2X4s to create tiers for my canned goods so I can see everything I have. It's so amazing how one little thing, like an ant, can create such a snowballing! I absolutely detest bugs, but especially ants. Whatever chemical they emit to attract their relatives, causes me to itch and my lips get puffy....go figure!

  15. Funny how these pesky ants started this all ! I need to do my pantry again soon, glad you did yours so nicely Marty!