Saturday, August 22, 2015

Six Favorite Design Blogs

It’s no secret that we love interior design, and we’re not shy to admit it. While we try to create picture perfect spaces in our own homes, there’s always that certain je ne sais quoi that we envy from the top interior design bloggers. Their exceptionally well-curated vignettes set the bar high, leaving the rest of us scrambling to keep up.  

Check out six of our favorite interior design blogs below for your new source of inspiration!

Habitually Chic
Taking cues from different eras and different locations, Habitually Chic is a great place to find new design ideas from a range of sources, compiling posts like floral arrangements from Carolyne Roehm, country estates in Normandy, and Aerin Lauder’s Southampton home. The blog’s tagline is “Glamorous Lives and Stylish Places”, a moniker we couldn’t be happier aspiring to. 

Apartment Therapy
Apartment Therapy tends to give advice for those of us living in slightly smaller quarters, but they also feature larger homes and other lifestyle content. If you’re in need of some urban design tips from an expert design blogger, this is going to be your new favorite site. The mega-blog has a focus on images, with tons of slideshows of hipster homes that are jealousy-inducing perfection.  You can also see my story of downsizing here.

Bodie and Fou by Karin Candice Kong
For some European inspiration, Bodie and Fou is Karine Candice Köng’s creative lifestyle, fashion and interior design blog. The London-based expat has the eye for design we all know and love from her native France. Posts on Bodie and Fou show off her bohemian luxury aesthetic, with a certain rustic charm. She has an effortless approach, with vintage treasures and high-end designer pieces in the mix. 

The Light Stuff
One of the best options on the list is the Lumens blog, The Light Stuff. The interior design company features cutting edge lighting solutions for your home, as well as ultra-chic contemporary furniture. The Light Stuff blog focuses on new products from top designers, tips for revamping your interior design, and general lighting advice.

Katy Elliott
Running her eponymous blog, Katy Elliott is one of the rising stars of the interior design blogosphere. The interior journalist has detailed her adventure restoring an almost three century year old home in New England, inspiring the rest of us to get a little handy and start renovating our own spaces, which, if we’re being completely honest, and likely to be nowhere close to that old. It’s a great source if you’re looking for some shabby chic ideas and rustic inspiration. Katy also features art and food themed posts for when you need a little break from the decorating overload. 

The Selby
One of the best-curated blogs on our list is The Selby. Run by photographer, author, illustrator, and director, Toddy Selby, the blog tracks interior design and other artistic endeavors from creatives spanning the globe. Whether he’s investigating the warm and inviting loft of a Japanese sketch artist, or touring the home of a coffee aficionado in Nashville, he finds something admirable in every space he visits. If you need something eclectic to spice things up in your design scheme, this is the site to find it on. 

These six bloggers are inspiring the rest of us to get started on the journey to a more lovely home. Follow them for regular updates that get you revved up and ready to transform your space with some fun new design ideas!

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  1. WOW Marty, great designers. I will be checking out their sites. Thanks so much for this information.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Thanks for the links! They look interesting.

  3. Thanks, Marty! It's so great to get some advice and inspiration in the short form unlike books and without the expense.

    Jane x