Monday, September 21, 2015

The Kitchen Island Is Painted

Sometimes we are our own worst enemies.  Case in point - painting the kitchen island has been on my to do list since the first of the year, but it just kept getting put off. 

 This week I convinced myself it was time to get it done.  It was really dirty and really bothering me. 

 However, the "worst enemy" part comes in here. 

 I have been trying to lose some weight and get back in shape, so I signed up to work with a trainer at the gym and Tuesday was my first day. 

 One full hour for this person to torture me.  We started at 8:30 in the morning and at about 9:35 I crawled walked out.  I made a quick trip to Lowe's for some lightbulbs that had burned out on the microwave and found that walking all over that store was a little hard, some of my muscles were a little tense. 

 When I got home I got a big bottle of ice cold water and checked on you guys on my blog and toured some of your latest posts.  Then all of a sudden, I got up and decided this was the time to just go ahead and paint the island and get it over with.
  More on this tale to come as the day wore on --

As you can see in this before photo, the island was a camel color that the family room use to be painted.  The color worked then, but now that I've painted both the familyroom and breakfast area white, it really didn't look good.

 I added stain to the corbels when I first painted them, but now they just looked really dirty  (that brown spot in the picture is from my camera.  I have cleaned the lense a dozen times, but that spot is still there.)

 There was not only dirt, but some nicks in the sheetrock from a shelf that fell, and as you can see, plenty of dirt on those baseboards too.

                                 Now back to the story of "worst enemy".

 This is after one coat and it was evident that it would take two.  Crawling around on the floor on my hands and knees was like a second workout for the day.

 When I took a breather before the second coat, I was beginning to set up like cement.  My muscles wanted to know what the heck was going on.

 I took an hour break and then forced myself to get down on the floor and put that second coat on.

                                                    Ta-Da  All Done.
 So much better and now it not only is cleaner it matches the paint in the rest of the room, well except for the Chocolate that I have on the main kitchen walls.

 I love it, so bright and clean and looks so much better.  As for me, I was so stiff for the rest of the day I could hardly move.  Thank goodness I didn't have another training session until Thursday.  I don't think my muscles could have taken anything else.

 Finally about 4 in the afternoon I filled the soaking tub with some really hot soapy water, poured myself a glass of wine and enjoyed a nice long soak with my favorite book.  Ahhhhhh - talk about heaven.

I worked with the trainer on Thursday and Friday, not as bad as the first go round, but boy, am I out of shape.  I am hanging in there, I am determined to take some weight off and get this body back down to size.  (However I didn't paint anything else this week. haha.)

So, tell me about your "worst enemy" story.

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  1. Love the change! Paint is a great way to refresh a space! I need to take your lead and get in shape :)

  2. Oh Miss Marty! I could just picture you crawling around on your hands and knees and I couldn't help it I was laughing at the thought. But good for you for working out and the island looks FANTASTIC!

  3. That's great Marty; working with a trainer! Your island looks great. I have a number of projects going on; decluttering and getting a guest room pulled together.
    Have a great day!

  4. Wow, you are absolutely amazing Marty! FroZen muscles and all! I agree with the new color to match the rest of the house too, great job overall despite your mishap! Now, rest, relax and enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

  5. Congrats on starting a fitness plan, Marty! Good for you! And, paint is my best friend - a fresh color makes everything look great! Love the island!

  6. Great job, Marty! Our "olden" selves just don't bounce back as well as they used to!

  7. OUCH! So sorry you are so sore- but I am so proud of you - the hardest part is starting!

    Be sure to ice yourself if you haven't yet - need to within 24 hours. And take ibu to help inflammation!

    I have been wanting to paint my island too - at least the side portions. But I want to paint it black. : - )

    I am glad you are pleased with your new fresh painting - it's a physical challenge for sure!

  8. Looks great, Marty! It's heck getting so stiff like that, but I do it too. Anything out of the ordinary, and I pay for it!!

  9. Wow, Marty--I love your island. The white color is gorgeous.

    1. Off-white, I meant to say. It's beautiful with your flooring.

  10. Marty, the white gives your kitchen island a whole new look. I did that in our previous house a number of years ago and it made our kitchen look new and refreshed. Great job!

  11. It looks lovely. I painted a similar area in my kitchen white too! Looks so fresh and pristine.

  12. You poor thing! I know that whole "new to exercise" feeling all too well. It's torture! Keep at it, and you'll no longer feel so sore. Good for you for taking care of your health and your body. Love the island- those corbels really make it shine. :)

  13. I work out five days per week. Once you get over the initial hurtle, you will love working out, look forward to it and miss it when you don't. The soreness will pass and you will have lot's more energy, will shed pounds and will be stronger and healthier. It's all so worth it! Your island looks great!!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  14. A great transformation and funny that you made up your mind to "just do it" in the week that your muscles were sore and aching...You certainly accomplished a lot this week!....Keep up the good work!

  15. P.S.....I have the same spot on my camera Marty....I need to take it into the camera shop to see what it is....

  16. Way to go Marty working with a trainer...I need to start my walking again! Your island looks great!

  17. Love the Island and you did a great job. It's hard when you get olden. But I am doing better since I lost 40 lbs. I walk in the stores a lot and push a cart. The cart gives me support and pushing helps my arms and shoulders, so tasks are much easier.
    I'm proud of you - you go girl.

  18. Marty, your island looks beautiful. I'm so impressed with your exercise schedule. Congratulations! I can't even imagine how my body would feel if I really exercised. I'm so out of shape. Good luck!

  19. Awesome!!! Very nice, very luxurious, and very clean.

  20. Marty I love this story and I applaud you on going back to the gym. (Something I need to do desperately!) Your island looks gorgeous, so worth the work and all that crawling around. My favorite part of your story is the glass of wine and a soaking tub....a well deserved the reward!
    XO Barbara

  21. Marty this looks so fresh and clean! Love it! Painting is a workout in itself but good for you, getting a double workout day! We painted our kitchen island black and added beadboard. I love it!

  22. Marty the change with just a little bit of paint is phenomenal. It shows real discipline to keep painting even with some serious muscle aches. Great job on starting the work out routine!

  23. Marty it looks fabulous!

    Hang in their with the trainer, change takes time!

  24. It looks great! We sure can put things off a long time. Don't you feel so much better now? Good luck with your workouts...and getting into shape. I really should do that, but then I surely would get nothing else done! Ha! Blessings~
    Kim @ Curtain Queen Creates

  25. Marty it looks great. So smart to get your body going with a new trainer and work out. You will feel so great. Have a great new week ahead.

  26. Marty,
    The Kitchen island looks amazing, dear friend!!!
    Oh, dear. . .I can only imagine the pain of crawling around under the island painting after a trainer induced workout!!!
    I think my "worst enemy" was a Senior Zumba Gold Class I began last Fall.
    I love to dance and even had several Dance Classes in mYouth,
    but this Zumba Gold was NOT a modified class as the flyer stated.
    After a few weeks, I began to have swelling in and around both knees.
    That pretty much finished that class for me.
    Thank you for sharing and inspiring!!!
    Wishing you a wonderful first week of Autumn!!!

  27. Marty, I am proud of you for going to the gym. My husband is a trainer and specializes in clients over 50. Many trainers do the same routine for all ages and all sizes and it can cause major injuries. Listen to your body and don't do exercises that you are not comfortable with. Your island looks great!

  28. Looks great, Marty! Three weeks ago I was on a step ladder cleaning the ceiling fans. Somehow I started falling and the step ladder folded up with (yes) my already injured ankle in it. I couldn't even move for a bit. Chastising myself because I was just starting to walk well without the steel boot. Oh, the things we do to ourselves! Back in the steel boot. Please be careful.

  29. Oh Marty, I'm feeling your paint! Its always the same after that first work out, just stick to it and soon you're gonna be feel much better! The island looks great, what a difference paint makes!

  30. Love the new fresh and clean!!!!! Good luck with your new trainer....I'm sure you will be lookin fabulous in no time?!?!?!

  31. I am also hobbling around after starting workouts again this week... Surprised you managed to crawl on the floor to paint! Oh, the things we will do for fine looks, fashion, and decorating! The new paint job looks really nice!

  32. It looks fresh and beautiful, as does the rest of your kitchen! Thanks for sharing it at the Vintage Inspiration Party!

  33. Your Island turned out so pretty! I love the corbels on it! Paint does amazing things! I really enjoyed browsing your blog! I would love it if you shared this project and any others you have done at my Making Broken Beautiful party. The party has started already but it goes each week from Thursday to saturday evenings! I hope you will join! You do lovely work!

  34. I like it very much, the house looks very nice

  35. The Island looks great. Everything seems to be new. I can easy imagine a happy family around the table.

  36. It looks great! We sure can put things off a long time.
    Very nice, very luxurious, and very clean

  37. Such a clean, elegant place! Very nice colors, beautiful kitchen.

  38. The kitchen looks so awesome, I love the color of it, so vintage.

  39. it look perfect. I am interesting when cook it,
    The design is creative.!!!

  40. Nice decoration..I always wanteed to have a kitchen like it.Thanks

  41. Hi Marty, loved your kitchen. If you don't mind I'll take a couple of ideas from your post for my own kitchen at home :) Thanks for sharing!

  42. I like the concept of your kitchen island. It is so elegant and peaceful. This post really inspires me of changing my kitchen. Thanks a lot.

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  44. It's really great. I am so inspired by your decoration. Your Island is really look amazing. Your kitchen gave me a good idea, now i shall change mine too.