Thursday, October 29, 2015

All Those Pillows - Where Do I Keep Them

I am asked all the time how many hundred pillows I have and where do I store all of them.  

I don't have nearly as many as you might think.

and they are mainly pillow covers.

A long time ago I swapped out all the polyester pillow inserts I had with down feather inserts.  I always look for pillows with a zipper, so I can just swap out the covers.  If I find a pillow I really, really want and it doesn't have a zipper, I've given several tutorials on how to add one.

 Trying to store inserts is a real pain and I have a small house.  So I only have a few that I use all the time and just change out the covers.

A small house also requires that furniture has to do as much double duty as possible.  We have had this armoire for years, it has fabulous storage and a reasonably small footprint, so perfect for the wall opposite our bed.

 Shelf and drawer storage is this piece's greatest asset.  TV on the top shelf and the drawers hold our seasonal sweaters and cool weather clothing.  (remember, we live in the desert, so we don't need a lot of cool weather clothes.)

 These two shelves hold my pillow covers and decorative throws.  Perfect.

 Pillow covers are on the top shelf along with a couple of sequined pillows.

 Left stack is browns and grays - middle stack is black/white, leopard -

 right stack is all of my prints.  I stick mostly to oranges, pinks, greens and gold.

 The bottom shelf holds fabric and throws.

 I always have a stack of fabric that is waiting to be used for something, so I keep it folded here so I can see it and get to it easily.

 The left side of the shelf holds my throws that are not currently in use.

You can see there are also a couple of fur throws on the quilt rack.  Decorative and easy to grab.

That's it - you don't have to have hundreds of pillows to always have something fresh.  By mixing and matching you can come up with dozens of combinations that always looks fresh.

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  1. Hi Marty, it's the throws that always throw me! They consume a lot of space, and I'm beginning to feel the need to purge. Being a dealer of vintage textiles doesn't help my ability to resist nice quilts either (hazard to the hobby). I love the neatness and visibility of your approach!

  2. You are so well organized, I have a lot of bedspreads/comforters and they take a lot of space. I had to buy cabinets to store them. Great blog!!

  3. We recently bought fabric "closets" that have fabric shelves and zip closed. They are in the basement and that is where I store my pillows and throws...and Joe's out of season clothes. They have been a Godsend! I am using your suggestion to only buy pillows with zippers. Wish I could SEW!!!

  4. Your pillows are inspiring. That could spell trouble for me! Love the armoire, too.

  5. Yep Marty! I always wondered where you kept your vast amount of lovely pillows and this armoire is fabulous and perfect for it. You are so perfectly organized and keep it all at arm's reach, which help to make our lives much easier.

  6. I'm so glad you are getting the changeable pillow cover message out there. Great post.

  7. Ha, you must be reading my mind. I was in a big box store on Monday, with a huge selection of pillow covers, and I thought of you and your pillow posts. And made a note in my mind to measure my pillows and go back and purchase some covers!...seriously this was on Monday. Must be serendipity. Thanks, Sandi

  8. Oh so glad to see I am not alone in my pillow addition. I have a cabinet packed with covers I've made :) love it, thanks Marty!

  9. Hi Marty..I love the new picture of you with your cuppa..CUTE! I have a similar cabinet but with an oval mirror in front and a hanging bar inside. It's a favorite piece of furniture of mine. I'm on the lookout for another for the bedroom to house the TV. You have made great use of your space in that beautiful cabinet. (You should see the post I've saved of yours over the years..especially how to hand drapes..etc. :) Definitely a mentor for a lot of us out here.

  10. that's a great way to store pillows. I have a closet in our guestroom that is full of them. I also have a drawer full of pillow covers. Not all of my pillows have removable covers but most of them do. I prefer the covers for washing too. I am a pillow addict! I really need a 12 step program to get reformed!

  11. Well you're sure organized! Have you seen that TV commercial that shows a woman with lots of pillows and she puts them in one of those plastic bags and sucks the extra air out of it so it's almost flat?

  12. Makes perfect sense Marty. Why would anyone want to keep so many pillows around when you can store 5 times the pillowcases in place of one pillow.

  13. Your pillow covers reminds me of my "runner" stash! I have so many, but I love them. So easy for changing the look and feel of a room.

  14. I need to have you come organize my pillows and pillow covers. Mine are scattered all over the house!

  15. Yes, pillow covers are the way to go and they can be easily switched out -- biggest bonus is they don't take up much room. I keep some of my seasonal pillows in plastic bags (from Walmart) and use a vacuum to remove air and seal them. They lay flat on top of my closet shelf.
    Joanne @ Sea Glass Cottage

  16. Organized and neat is the way to go Marty so thank you for sharing how you store your covers. You know how mine are stored, Hung in my decor room/closet using pant hangers.

  17. Marty,
    Great storage solution for your pillow covers, dear friend!!!
    I think you've "hit the nail on the head", so to speak, as to why I don't have many pillows.
    I "hate" to sew, don't do zippers and also, have little storage space.
    I keep my purchased pillows for several Seasons, then donate to the Thrift Shop or Goodwill.
    I do look for zippered pillows and now have found some covers for $ale at Hobby Lobby.
    I'll take heed to your storage solution for the future!!!

  18. Great storage unit! Thanks for linking with Home Sweet Home!