Friday, October 23, 2015

Keeping It Real & Answering Questions

Really Keeping It Real - - 

A couple of you suggested that I need more chairs
 around the table in the breakfast area.

  I do have a set of 6 matching chairs, however when my son got his new house,

 he needed an eating area in the kitchen,

 so I loaned him a small table and 2 of the chairs. 

Now the problem is, I use the buffet as my desk and this is where I blog and surf the net

I can always bring some of the ladderback chairs in from the dining room - - -

but then on a day to day basic, that becomes a lot of chairs.

(I didn't change the table setting,
                              just showing you how it looks with more chairs.)

                              Another reason all those chairs bothers me,

                     is in a small space having chairs that won't slide under the                                                            
                             table because of the legs, takes a ton of space.

                There is no room in the guest room for me to use as an office,

                      and I really like being here in the middle of everything
                                   next to the kitchen and family room.

     This space is perfect for me.

                I can chat with hubby, watch tv, check on what's cooking
                                  and blog all at the same time.

With the desk chair moved, then there is plenty of room to seat company.  In fact
 I can bring in 4 of the ladder back chairs because we can seat two on each end, so I really can seat up to 8 here. 

 On a day to day basis, since hubby and I eat all our meals here, that gets to be a lot of chairs. 

Actually my very favorite arrangement
 is using two of the stools from the coffee table.  

 They are so handy to pull out when you need extra seating - -

                      and I think they add a ton of texture and the unexpected.

Day to day this is what you are most likely to see if you stop by.

  Simple, and easy for just the two of us. and room for me to blog away.

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  1. I too like the arrangement with the stools but totally get why you need just 4 on a day to day basis.

  2. I agree Marty, I think the best arrangement is with the stools. I think that looks great!

  3. I like the stools best too. They don't block the view as much as the chairs do. Anyway you style it Marty, it looks fabulous!

  4. You've got it right without more chairs which would just make the area look cluttered if they were there all the time.

  5. Marty, I really appreciate that you are making the space work for you. That's what it's all about.

  6. I love the table with just the four chairs, because then you can see the gorgeous legs of your table! :)

    You know, I usually blog sitting at my kitchen counter. I need to clean up my area, but I like to be right in the middle of everything.

  7. We all have to do what WE like and what works best for US. We keep our laptop on our kitchen table. I love it there. It's by our bay window, I'm in the kitchen I love, I can see the television and I can talk with my husband. It can't get any better than than with the way our house is.

  8. Sometimes, less is more. I love the arrangement with the four chairs as well as with the cute little stools. fondly ~lynne ~

  9. Wow, Marty, the stools look amazing!! I can't believe what a different look they give you. I use a bench purely for how it looks, and usually bring in chairs if we have someone other than children sitting there.

  10. You have to do what works best for you......the 4 chairs allow plenty of room to move around and look neat not cluttered.

  11. I like 4 chairs. And your computer area is the prettiest I've seen. It all works--form, function, and beauty.

  12. I think your four chair arrangement works perfectly, Marty! Especially when it is just the two of you on a daily basis. I love the look of the two little stools being brought in for extra seating. Something a little different, but I'd be the one who leans back and falls off! : ) My husband and I alternate sitting on the stools at the kitchen counter for some of our simple dinners and forgoing the dining table.

  13. I agree with you. That's a LOT of chairs. Looks too busy, and I know you don't like that. Unless you have company, why is there a need for more, is how I look at it.

  14. Well, first of all I guess I wonder why anyone would say anything about your table and chairs. SMH I think it looks fine and I especially like the stools. My space is too small for the table and chairs I have but I don't have the space to put them elsewhere. :)

    Your home is beautiful and , as long as you and your husband are happy, that's all that matters!

  15. I have to agree with Gypsy Heart. Why would anyone question how many chairs you have? I only have four at my dining room table and use two on each side of the buffet because I like the aesthetics of it that way. I love the look with the four chairs. Besides, decor should be about what works for you and the way you live. I like that the stools are there under the coffee table and I love the look of them pulled up to the table. I think you have done a great job of creating a beautiful and functional space for how you live!

  16. I love the idea of storing stools under you cocktail table. Did you buy that together? I think that is a great idea and doesn't take up extra space to store them.

    1. Yes, I bought the coffee table that way with the stools underneath. I loved that you could have extra seating if you needed it. It is a Thomasville piece that I bought about 20 years ago.

  17. My theory is to do what works best for you all. If you need to do something for a picture...ok, then move it back. ha! As an empty nester I do things differently from when I had kids at home. We want our chairs, etc. a certain way. I have a farmhouse table in the kitchen that usually just has the four chairs around it...but I have two more matching ones in case of kids finding their way back to my table. ha. I have one chair on each side.

  18. So convenient Marty, your setup is great!

  19. I like the sparer look that you prefer. It looks much better in my humble opinion!

  20. Love those stools and the way they tuck away so nicely!

  21. Marty,
    I adore the use of stools when extra seating is needed, dear friend!!!
    I agree, less is more when it comes to chairs in this space!!!
    This area looks amazing . . .as is!!!

  22. I think your arrangement looks great and the best option is the one that works best for you and your dear hubby. A home should be comfy for those who live there and yours is wonderful!

  23. Love the keeping it real Marty!