Saturday, October 10, 2015

No Spend-Clean-Purge October Linky Party

Welcome I am so glad you are joining me for a No Spend-Clean-Purge October.
We are going to clean things up, organize and save a ton of money for the upcoming Holiday.  I can't wait to see what all you did this past week.  Show me how you used up what you had, purged, sold, donated and cleaned.  So link up below, I need all your tips and tricks. 

My first no spend, clean, purge, use project was to check out the fridge, freezer and pantry to make sure I didn't have anything that needed to be used right away.  The first thing I saw was some mushrooms that I needed to use up.  Next was 1/2 lb of bow tie pasta left over from another dish I made and 1/2 lb of hamberger that I needed to cook.  Great, this will make my famous "How To Feed A Crowd For $5" casserole even better than usual.

I cooked a lb of elbow macaroni with the bow tie pasta, this looks good. 

 With the pasta in a strainer, I added 1lb and the 1/2 lb hamberger that I needed to cook to the same pot to brown with a little garlic salt and pepper.

 I got out some chopped onions and the mushrooms from the fridge and 1 lg &  l sm can of tomato sauce.

 When the hamburger was mostly browned, I added a big handful of onions to let them cook until translucent and soft.

 Next I added the mushrooms, they don't take long, but will be so good and since they have a meaty taste they will stretch the meat mixture.

 When they were soft I added the tomato sauce - - -

 and then all the pasta and mixed.

 This was enough for two casseroles.  One for dinner and one to freeze.

Cover generously with shredded cheese.

 don't forget to spray your foil with non-stick spray so it doesn't stick to the cheese on top of your casserole.

Cover and put one in the fridge to cook later for dinner and one in the freezer to have for another time.

So what did I do, I saved some mushrooms, 1/2 lb hamburger, 1/2 lb bow tie pasta and saved myself from cooking for a future dinner.  Plus this purged the fridge, freezer and pantry of things that I needed to use up NOW. 

2. Cleaned and purged the table linens and placemats in the buffet.  Donated a huge bag of linens to goodwill.

3. Cleaned out and organized my hubby's drawers.  I won't bore you with tee shirts and shorts, but the socks look better.

 4. Cleaned, organized and inventoried my gift wrap drawer.  I keep a few gifts on hand and always try to have a good assortment of bags, paper and ribbon.  Sometimes you need that unexpected gift.  Now I am ready to wrap all those presents that I can buy with my savings from this month.

5. Spent 0$ at the grocery store.  I used up all the fresh veggies, milk and breads we had on hand, so nothing spoiled, and cooked from the freezer and pantry.
Savings $100 -( this is our average weekly grocery bill.)

Ok, your turn, show me what you got.

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  1. Hi Marty! This is a great idea for a party! I need to clean out every closet in my house, and boy do I need a push, AND a dumpster :) Thanks for the inspirations~

  2. Morning Marti, thought this was a great idea for a link up. I have gotte three great ideas so far. Hope more link up as the day goes, I'll visit again this evening.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Sorry my previous comment got deleted.
    Thanks for hosting a great blog party.
    Your Macaroni and beef casserole looks delicious. One of my favourite comfort dishess.
    Have a great weekend. xo

  5. Thanks for hosting! Great casserole by the way :-)

  6. Now that I know about this party I will have to start taking pics as I purge and clean out! I took 5 bags of clothes, linens etc. to a local church on Wed. for needy families in the area, rather than taking them to GW. I still have MORE to do! I will write down this party so I can start to link up next week!

  7. I purged my refrigerator and pantry last week. This week I really need to clean out my closet and turn to Pinterest to come up with new outfit ideas.

  8. PS, I forgot to mention, whenever I cook ground beef, I put a pie plate down in the sink and a colander in that and drain my ground beef. I then freeze the grease so it doen't make a mess in the trash.

  9. I am still working on my post with pictures about cleaning and organizing. I hope I have one ready for you. This is great. It has motivated me to do a few things, that have needed to be done for a long time. Thanks so much Marty, for giving the incentive I have needed to clean out my closet!. Yes, my closet!. I am on an organizing, and purging spree right now. I have followed you forever, and I must say you are one of my favorites. Thanks you so much for your tips and your ideas you share. I so enjoy your blog. I will be back with my post. Hugs to my blogging friend. Karie

  10. thank you for hosting today Marty! You know this party is right up my alley! Great job on organizing and purging. and doing a C.O.R.N. (Cleaning Out the Refrigerator Night) by making the casserole!

  11. For a clean-out-the-fridge dish, that looks really tasty! You are inspiring me to start doing some cleaning and organizing of my own :)

  12. This is inspiring, Marty. I need to purge and purge some more.

  13. I am hoping there is something in the fridge and pantry that I can purge for tonight's dinner as it's such a blustery day I'm not going to the store.

  14. Practical and delicious too, Marty!

  15. What a wonderful idea for a party! Thanks for all the great inspiration and for hosting!

  16. all beat me. I had great intentions to have some progress to show. I began folding my t-shirts...but cannot show the rest of my closet. It's a mess. ha!

  17. I don't blog or even know how to share pictures but I am in on this October event with you. I made a list of projects that I started and want/need to get finished. This week I finished stripping the old finish off of 2 items(I had started the process just over 3 years ago) and got them stained, hope to varnish this weekend! Oh I also got a hook put in the laundry closet that I have been meaning to do for about 4 years!

  18. Love the theme of this party! So timely prior to the upcoming holidays! Thanks for the motivation, Marty. Have a great day!