Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Photo Tips - Better Pics For Your Blog

Boy is there a lot to learn.  We all look at all those fabulous magazine pictures and wonder - -

how do they get them so perfect?

Now all of us don't have a fabulous camera.  Some of us just have a 


Mine is a Kodak Easyshare V 1073 10 MP digital Camera with 3x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom

I bought this camera several years ago and I love it. 

 Super easy to use, no frills and it really takes a pretty good picture.

Since a lot of you have a point and shoot camera too, I thought I would share a few tips I am learning on how to take better pictures -

                   even some that look good enough for a magazine.

1. Lighting is Majorly Important.  GOOD DAYLIGHT AND NO FLASH

Look at this picture with just the outside light shining in - no chandy light.  This is how this area really looks in person.

 Same picture with the chandy light on - - look at the difference in the table - it looks orange and there is no depth to the picture.
                                        Everything looks "up front".

Early morning with the lights on in the room - -

                     afternoon with just natural light from the windows.
 The glare is greatly diminished and you can see the items and the colors.

Every room has light coming in at the most perfect time to light up the room and show it off to it's best advantage. 

 Take your pictures during that time of day.

2. STYLING YOUR SHOTS can make all the difference. 

 Show off your things or space to their best advantage.

I wanted to show how I changed this room with the different pillows and throw in this picture.  

 Pretty, but boring - -

                       think outside the box and try some creative shots.  

This still shows the pillows and throw.
                                    and it is so much more interesting.

3. CROP YOUR PICTURES -  There are pieces of a picture that are so much more interesting than the whole picture.

              Try cropping a shot to showcase a small section of the picture.

This is one small part of the picture above - -

Same thing with this picture. 

 This doesn't show off the desk accessories and looks like a lot of glare.

Crop the bottom of the picture- -

and now you can see the accessories so much better.

4. EDITING - There are some free programs out there that are fabulous for editing your pictures.
                                Pic Monkey and Ribbet are just two.

I do have PhotoShop.  Now I barely know how to use it, but I can make a picture brighter and add more contrast.  I know there is a ton you can do with it, but I havn't learned yet.

The free programs are really easy and will make a huge difference in your pictures, so find one you like and learn how to use it.

                          This is how this picture looks unedited - -

 here it is when I brightened it up a little.  Nothing else was changed, just the brightness.

                                                      Huge Difference.  

5. PICTURE SIZE - If you look at the "magazine" shots on your favorite blogs, you will notice that the pictures are large and you can see all the detail really well.

In the editing programs you can resize your pictures, so make sure they are BIG.

This is hard to see any detail at all ---

now you can see everything on the tray so much easier.

                  and even better with it brightened up a little -

 I know you can take some really dramatic shots with some of the fancier cameras, but if you try a few different things, you can take a respectable picture with your Point & Shoot.

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  1. Good info Marty! I upgraded my camera and lens which helps...but I think your suggestion of using natural light is the most important one for me. I do take some pics with lamplight on occasion but only some of them are good shots. Ha! I use Picasa photo editing...mainly because I know how it works. It also works well with Blogger. Sheila

  2. Thanks for the tips Marty! I don't have a fancy camera either, just a Canon Power Shot...I do use PicMonkey - so I will definitely be trying some of these out..thanks for sharing!

    Cheryl @ The Creative Me and My McG

  3. Thanks for all the helpful tips.

  4. These are great tips, Marty. I love PicMonkey!

  5. Great tips Marty! The right light, the right angle and cropping can make all the difference.

  6. Great Tips from an expert! I have a Sony Point and Shot but i want to upgrade to a fancier camera like Nikon or Canon. I will definitely be using these tips

  7. These are such great tips, Marty. The best day for me was when someone left a comment and told me about PicMonkey. Our house has windows all on one side which makes for very lopsided light. PicMonkey sure helps.

  8. Great tips! Thanks for sharing!


  9. Ribbit is no longer free. Was a great easy program to use.

    1. The regular editing is still free, if you upgrade to premium then there is a fee.

  10. I always love your photographing and styling tips Marty, your pictures says it all on how an expert you have become! Thanks!

  11. Lots of good tips - Thanks for sharing.
    I had much better luck taking pics with the Kodak easy share, point and shoot that I used to have. When it was stolen, I upgraded to what I thought would be a better camera - not so. Tried to replace the kodak model I used to have and turns out it is no longer made. :-( Just have not taken the time to research and find something comparable.

  12. Good info, Marty! All of us want that magazine shot! Thanks so much! Pam

  13. Marty,
    Great photo tips, dear friend!!!
    I, too, use a point and shoot camera!!!
    I've looked into upgrading,
    but I have a vision challenge that makes it nearly impossible with the other lens.
    I, also, use Photo Shop!!!
    Thanks for sharing and always inspiring!!!

  14. These are great tips, Marty, and you really do take beautiful snaps.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  15. Marty,
    This is an excellent post with the contrasting photos to illustrate the differences. I use a point and shoot also, an Olympus stylus with a 5x zoom. The best feature is the super close option. I am seriously considering buying a 'better' camera to take full-room photos. I edit photos using the built-in editing software that comes on a Mac computer in the iPhoto software. Thanks for showing how to make a picture much better.


  16. Great tips Marty! I have been blogging for 2 1/2 years, and I learn something new everyday about taking good photos. Thanks for sharing these.

  17. Great tips, Marty! I'm still trying to figure out what time of day to shoot in each room in our new house. The lighting here is extremely challenging. Some rooms get a ton of natural light, while others look dim all day long. You are right, there is so much to learn! Thank you for sharing. Have a lovely day. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  18. Super tips Marty!!! It is so funny because I finally realized, not that long ago, that I need to figure out the best time of day to shoot pics of each room in my home. And it makes a huge difference!!! Thank you so much for sharing such precious tidbits of information.
    XO Barbara

  19. Marty, thanks so much for sharing this info! I really needed it. I have a point and shoot too and I use Pic Monkey. You've helped me to try and do better!


  20. Marty, these are all really great tips. I too have a point and shoot and it is a challenge to get the proper lighting. Thanks so much for all the ideas.

  21. Yes, Great tips dear Marty! I've been discovering natural light lately and now with your suggestion lovely photography I am very happy. Thanks for sharing and your living room is stunning, the best I've ever seen it!
    Great photography too.

  22. Awesome tips, Marty. It just goes to show that sometimes it's about technique and not technology. I'll tell you that I have a little point and shoot Canon, which is must easier to sneak into concert venues with than my Canon Rebel DSLR. And the photos always turn out amazingly well!

    Jackie @ Let's Go Thrifting

  23. Marty, I appreciate your excellent tips. We just upgraded our camera and there's so much to learn, and so much practice involved. I like how you show dramatic differences by using natural light and simple editing techniques with a basic camera. I saw your link at the Simple and Sweet Fridays party. Ann Marie @ Iris Abbey

  24. You have such a great eye for design, and I just love these photo tips! Thank you for joining us at The Creative Circle Link Party, and see you next week :)

  25. This looks great Marty!! I love that gold. Thanks for joining Home Sweet Home!