Monday, November 2, 2015

How To Use Barely There Color For A Dramatic Effect

From time to time I am both into a LOT of color and other times I am into a LITTLE. 
 I think it is a mood thing and season thing for me.  

Some of you are totally neutral - and a few of you are on the 

little side.

Stone Gable always has stunning rooms and most of the time she uses just a touch of color to add that special touch to her rooms. 

 The pillows and throw add just the right amount of color.  Take a look at the black and white zebra rug too.  That's another touch of color.

Cuckoo4Design has definitely mastered the art of barely there color. 
The green from the plants and one leopard pillow add the color interest to this room. 
 Notice how she uses nothing but black and cream for her main upholstery and accessories, then she adds the unexpected with mixing metals. 

 Did you notice the silver lamp with the gold foil lined shade, or the silver and gold on the coffee table.

Thrifty and Chic shows us how to use barely there color in her dining room.

 A few touches of yellow and this room shines.  In an all white room the wood tone of the table and the mirror become part of the color story.

Thistlewood Farm created this stunning dining room.   Burlap drapes and black and white are her colors.  Notice that the wood table is part of her color story too.

                            Simple and elegant and never boring.

Dear Lillie can take a very simple room and create something fabulous and dramatic with neutrals and just a splash of color.

Again, just two orange pillows, an orange throw and a few orange leaves in a vase spice up a totally neutral room.

The Hunted Interior added just one splash of color to her kitchen.  White with one touch of color is so unexpected.

A gorgeous vintage pink rug ties the kitchen in with the rest of her home and makes the kitchen come to life.

Buckets of Burlap uses just the softest splash of barely there color.  Just enough to warm up this space.

A splash of color doesn't have to be loud, it can whisper and still be effective.

My family room is basically cream and beige.

  One orange pillow and a few orange flowers are all I needed to give this room some punch with just a touch of color.

How do you use barely there color?

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  1. Beautiful examples! Love all of these spaces!

  2. I love seeing all these beautiful spaces! I go back and forth between wanting a lot of color and wanting things neutral. I think I need two houses so I can have one whole color scheme for each mood!

  3. I love the barely there color look...I have it in my kitchen, well from one direction anyway. If you turn around it's all red! ;)

  4. Love them all and the whites on whites with splashes of little color is fantastic! My fav splash of color is really the black and white on a white background, as you and Ivonne prefer.

  5. The common denominator is that the rooms feel so peaceful. I just love it Marty!

  6. Marty, I loved this post. The rooms are exquisite, and your commentary was spot on. Have a great week.

  7. Well, I don't think I ever mastered the technique of "barely there!" I think I'm all in or all out unfortunately. I think these rooms are quite gorgeous. I loved the use of the word "whisper" in your post. And I think the Cuckoo 4 Design may be in my magazine that came the other day that I haven't had a chance to look at: BH&G Do It Yourself magazine that comes quarterly. It is the only magazine I take now.

  8. I'm loving all of these photos, Marty. I'm a fan of barely there color. You ladies have all done a beautiful job!

  9. My favorite is a neutral palette with a touch of robin's egg blue in each room - soft and subtle. Love seeing all of these beautiful homes!

  10. I love the bedroom design. Looks nice and relaxing.
    Bethany, Camberwell

  11. I love all these rooms. So easy to change out pillows and accessories adding a new color. That would be fun.

    It almost makes me want to roll up my Persian rug so full of pattern and color but I enjoy having a rug. Years ago when I finally settled on a rug my husband said he was not moving rugs anymore and where would I put it. I know they'll come back in style one day.

  12. Great post and beautiful rooms! I have the same "problem" with a color, sometimes I like a little, sometimes little more, but always only in details. Love the orange in your living room, such a great color for season!
    Have a beautiful day!

  13. I wish I knew how, but I think I have done it a few times with pillow switches I've made. :-)

  14. Marty,
    Gorgeous examples of stunning interior design!!!
    Thanks for sharing!!!