Saturday, November 14, 2015

Let The Baking Begin

Time to let the baking begin.  I make the same things every year, it seems to be what my family loves most and to them it says the "Holidays Are Here."

I pulled out my family's favorites to share.  These are tried and true recipes as you will notice by all the smudges on my recipe cards, but they are ones that are worth a try for your family and they might become your favorites too.

These are Chocolate Crackles and definitely my youngest son's favorite of all.

I love a good Pecan Pie, and this one is the best ever.

Everyone loves Pumpkin Bread, and this recipe makes 3 big loaves or you can make a ton of small ones as gifts.

The one thing that really means Christmas to my family are the old fashioned Sugar Cookies.  As you can tell from the rolling pin and cutters, I have been making these forever.  My grown children and grands expect them or it just isn't going to be Christmas.

Those old cutters sometimes leave the edges a  little rough, but they still work.

Topped with a sprinkle of sugar, they are perfect.  Let cool, shake off the excess and yummmmmmm.

Some ready for Thanksgiving and some already started for Christmas.

My extra fridge in the laundry room seems to always get a workout.  Good treats and a casserole for that impromptu dinner party.  Now off to make some candy, how about divinity and fudge?

If you would like to copy any of these recipes, I have a Print Friendly button at the bottom.

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  1. Boy are you on the ball! I cant even begin to think about the baking! butI will get to it... probably the weekend before christmas! lol
    happy day

  2. My hats off to you Marty for being so ahead of the game! I'm curious...what kind of make ahead freezer casserole do you have? Thanks! ;)

    1. It is my Hamburger Noodle Casserole - Feed A Crowd For Undre $5 - this recipe has been pinned and copied over 722,000 times. It really is good. - - -

  3. Great recipes - thanks so much. My family loves my pumpkin cake and Buttermilk pies. They always ask did you make these? Even when I go to their house I bring my recipes.
    Have a great weekend Marty.

  4. I would love to make some of these but when I click on the print friendly it just comes up the same way and they are hand written and not printed. Having a hard time reading some of the writing.

    1. I am sorry, no they are not printed, the printer will only copy what I have on the blog and the written recipes. Sorry.

  5. It's okay Marty. I'll try and copy down what you wrote and if I have a question, I will get back to you. Thanks for replying.

  6. I am impressed! I bought all my ingredients but I haven't started baking! Love those old hand written recipes and tin cookie cutters. Lots of memories! Have a good Sunday!

  7. That's what I call being organized, Marty! We're in the middle of doing board and batten and I'll think about baking, Thanksgiving and Christmas, hopefully within another week. I'm going to check out your casserole recipe right now!

  8. You are really on top of things, Marty! I have a small fridge and not a big freezer above it. So I can't put much in there. I so admire how organized you are!

  9. Chocolate Crackles have been a favorite of mine since I was little. They are fun to make.

  10. I have a lot of the same cookie cutters and use them often for sugar cookies this time of year! Rolling out, baking, and decorating sugar cookies is a lot of work, but they are oh, so good!

  11. Way to go getting your baking started Marty! My husband enjoys doing some baking. I hope he makes me some gluten free pumpkin bread this year. I have those same cookie cutters and love them!

  12. Yummo Marty. I am getting ready to do my cut out sugar cookies to freeze too. All your recipes sound so yummy thanks for sharing.

  13. YES to divinity and fudge! ha. I am looking for a recipe for peanut butter fudge that my mother in law used to make. It was not in her recipe box and so far online recipes are not matching hers. You are so right to get started on your baking. And I have a garage fridge...and it is so helpful! Sheila

  14. Marty,
    Oh, dear friend. . .what a wonderful Tradition!!!
    I l o v e seeing the recipes in your beautiful handwriting!!!
    Last year for Christmas, I made our son a Family Recipe Cook Book!!!
    I included some of both of his Grandmothers handwritten recipes.
    He got a bit teary~eyed as he saw their handwriting.
    I'm busily decorating our home for Christmas, but baking cookies has been on my mind!!!
    Thank you for the inspiration!!!

  15. Hi Miss Marty I wanted to check out the original post you linked today and I love the recipes featured here. Thank you so much!