Saturday, November 21, 2015

Re-Doing The China Cabinet

I love having all of my fabulous silver, but I forget to shine it as often as I should and right now it was really looking "BAD".

I walked past the china cabinet the other day and gasped, man this stuff was almost brown.

But not any more.

 See what a mess, not silver, but brown.  Poor things, they need a little TLC.

          So much better don't you think?  It's hard to see with such a reflection. 

 The back of the cabinet is mirrors, so it doubles everything.  In a picture it looks like a huge pile of "stuff" and hard not to get me in the picture too.

                 In real life all the silver and crystal looks really pretty.

                 Ok, now we are all set for entertaining again.

How about you, do you keep your silver in tip top shape?  Now don't make me the only slacker, ok.

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  1. Beautiful silver collection. I just polished mine the other day--they were awful! I inherited some silver goblets and glasses and keep them in there. The rest is china and crystal. Do you have a favorite silver polish? Also, do you use the paper strips that retard tarnish--think they are made by Haggerty? I use them in the silverware box, and they seem to help.

  2. What a gorgeous collection! I don't have any silver with the exception of a set of silverware, which I keep in a special box to help it not tarnish as quickly. It is in need of some tlc at the moment - thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Do I keep my silver in tip top shape?

    Um. Sure.

  4. WOW- what a collection...and what a labor to get it to look so shiny.

    I have a few lovely pieces, and no they're fairly tarnished. : - )

    Your cabinet is pure loveliness, Marty!

  5. You are not alone! I enlisted my son's help and polished all of my silver Thursday evening. I do the items in my cabinet once a year but I have 2 tea sets that I leave out and they should (but aren't) done quarterly. Where are the footmen when you need them? Your cabinet looks lovely!

  6. I need sunglasses to look at that!
    It's a really beautiful collection.
    Just added silver polish to my shopping list.
    Pretty sure mine is completely dried up.

  7. Lots of pretties, glad you have to polish it not me. What a gorgeous china/silver cabinet, beautiful wood.Have you been collecting all that silver for many years Marty? My favorites are the silver trays you show.
    If I Have any silver it's silver plated from thrift stores. I did that thing last Spring where you put some combo in big tub and get tarnish off any silver. Now wish could find that recipe so I can do it again Like to put my faux pretty silver plate on shelves in living room at holidays. Dresses up room some what.
    You sure have lots of pretty pieces. Have wonderful Thanksgiving Marty

  8. Oh, how bright and pretty everything looks. What a great feeling that must be. The only silver I have is my silver plate forks, knives, spoons and some serving utensils. We use them on holidays or for dinners with company. I give them a good cleaning about once every two years.

    Thanks for your nice comment today. I know you've met Cindy many times...isn't she so nice? We've become such good friends. We email and text all the time. Her hubby is also very nice and he and my guy are now good friends, too. I love meeting bloggers but this is simply the best friendship!

    Happy Thanksgiving, Marty!

    Jane x

  9. Just beautiful! You take such good care of your home and it just sparkles.

  10. OMG, I'm so jealous of your fabulous Silver collection Marty!! I only have a few pieces, just wondering what is your favorite product for cleaning them? Thank you!