Saturday, January 23, 2016

A Few Changes In The Kitchen

I didn't change a whole lot when I packed up Christmas, so this week when I was cleaning the kitchen, I had the urge to change things up a little bit more.

This corner is my focal point in the kitchen, so it's the one that I love to play with the most. 

If you like Italian, you will love this cookbook.  One of my dear friends Jan D'Atri is the author, and there are so many fabulous recipes to try.

Light and bright and a nod to spring.  I am ready for warm weather and playing outside.  (Can't wait to show you what all is going on in my backyard)

 I love having these few things near the stove, so easy to just grab what I need and it is always on hand.  I had several bottles of flavored oils on the butter tray, but since I didn't use them fast enough, they spoiled.  I am just keeping my Canola oil here for now.  I use it just about every single day.  I love having the salt and pepper grinders too.

I placed my favorite cloche on the island.  I think that little french chef baked up a storm and then drank way too much wine. haha  (Love my new Pfister Faucet)

I'm still working around hubby's plants that have to stay inside for a while.  I was trying to take pictures without getting them in the shot, but you will see a stray leaf in a few shots.  I still need to hone my photography skills.  haha

I love a clean kitchen and it's fun to have something new to look at. 

How about you, are you in the mood to change up everything?

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  1. Marty, I love all the changes in your kitchen. Your vignettes are beautiful. The Italian cookbook sounds wonderful. My favorite is the cloche next to the chef. Adorable! Have a great weekend! Maria

  2. Hi Marty! Oh yes, I do love to change things up and have new arrangements to look at. Sometimes, my rearranging has more to do with practicality than esthetics, though. Love the arrangements you've done here! Quick question: are the goodies under the cloche real? If they're not, someone did a great job making them look real! Have a wonderful day, Marty, and thanks for all the great posts. Love stopping by here!

    1. No, these are all faux's that I've had forever. Yes, they really do
      look real.

  3. You are the undisputed Queen of Vignettes! Does the French chef need to go to rehab? ha! I wish I had some counter space to put a few pretties out. When I worked at the design studio/furniture store, we used faux food in vignettes. They came from a company called Bard and they had fun things.

  4. Its always good to change things up after Christmas! I love a clean kitchen with new decor Yours looks great as always! Blessings!

  5. You have a lovely kitchen. I also enjoy clean kitchens... I just hate having to clean it all the time! ;) I really like that cake stand with glass cover - good way to keep the salt and pepper shakers from getting dusty. Thanks for sharing your new kitchen decor!

  6. Kitchen vignettes are the most fun, aren't they? I guess it's because we spend so much time in there. :)

  7. kitchen looks great Marty. I think it always good to change up things every now and then. Makes things more interesting.

    Have a great weekend.

  8. I love the funny little French chef in that cute vignette. You're right. He looks like he had a little too much wine!

  9. Hi Marty,
    I always love seeing your pretty vignettes in your sweet kitchen. Change is good and it keeps things fresh.
    Very pretty.

  10. I put away all my winter goodies today, and put out some spring and french country crafts I just finished! Nice and cheery!

  11. Marty, Your kitchen looks so nice, neat, clean, and pretty. I love your French chef. That faucet is a work of art!