Thursday, January 21, 2016

Bar Keepers Friend Is A Friend To Brass

Are they opening another Goodwill on every other corner in your area?  They are in mine.  We use to have the best Goodwill in the world, then they opened a Resale Goodwill store and sent everything good to it, and raised the prices to regular retail.  No bargains there at all.   My old store is really, really bad now.  Nothing but things that should have gone to the trash.  It is sad, I use to love to browse there and found some fabulous thrifty buys for my home.

They have opened two new Goodwills about 2 miles apart near me and neither one of those are filled with anything good either.  Mostly clothes and even the clothes don't look decent.  

I went into one of the newest ones the other day and found this brass tray.  It was so tarnished that it was almost black, but it was the only decent thing in the whole store and I knew that I could clean it up.  So for $5 it came home with me.

Here it is all shined up with the help of Bar Keepers Friend.  This stuff is magic for brass and doesn't scratch it.

I didn't take a picture before I started cleaning it, I know bad girl.  It was so dark in the weave on the sides that I wasn't sure if that part would clean up or not.  An old toothbrush and some scrubbing with a paste made out of Bar Keepers Friend and water and it looks like new almost.

It's the perfect size to use on my brakfast table.  It adds a ton of interest to the centerpiece.

I love it.  Gives my table some character.  Now maybe I have to say something nicer about Goodwill.  

How is your Goodwill?  

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  1. We have a few in our neighborhood. I have not found anything worth purchasing in quite a while. However, I did make a drive to one on the east side a while back, just right before Christmas and found the loveliest things. The prices were fair too.

  2. Well spotted, I always seem to miss treasures like that. I normally go straight to the furniture section for small pieces to do-up. I need to keep a better eye out next time I go.

  3. I love bar keepers friend..and use it all of the time. Sheila

  4. Your tray looks beautiful. Bar Keepers Friend is great.
    I feel the same about Goodwill. I used to find some great things there, but now it's mostly overpriced and poor quality stuff. I've heard that the quality of thrift stores depends on where they are located. I haven't tested that idea yet.

  5. I have BarKeepers' and Brasso in my closet---between the two and silver cream, you can clean anything...great find. It looks smashing on your table. Thanks for sharing. Oh, and a quick rub of mineral oil after cleaning will keep it shiney a long, long, time.

  6. It seems like they are building more and more Good Wills and raising the prices at all of them. I do not donate to Good Will but I do donate to Salvation Army and Savers. After I read what the CEO of Good Will makes each year, I stopped donating. Also I am so tired of them asking if they can round out what you owe to donate to their Career Center. They have to make thousands of dollars on that alone. I am not happy with them and seldom even go there anymore. BTW I am in Connecticut.

  7. I'm in love with the brass tray and for $5 I will 'slave' buffing it, lol..
    Gorgeous arrangement, I knew you would do it! I have my round pewter tray from last year's sale and I just put it away, as I did fix it for the coffee table and later for the holidays.
    I'm pinning this gorgeous vignette.
    Thanks for liking and commenting on my January vignettes. You are so sweet and you, the queen of vignettes made my day! See you Monday.

  8. Oh, since you came, I removed the vignette that has the doggies because it contained flowers and instead of the flowers I painted some dried twigs from the condo's garden in white too. So that's what's in the post at present.

  9. Good job cleaning that tray, Marty. It is such a gorgeous piece! I was in Goodwill today for the first time in months. I left there empty-handed.

  10. I have always been amazed at the treasures you find at Goodwill Marty, so sorry your fav store has changed! The tray is amazing, I love Barkkeeper's friend!

  11. We don't have any decent thrift stores that I know of. That's why I go to my favorite antique mall. The try is gorgeous!

  12. Goodwills here are mostly high priced junk. Rarely is there anything good/decently priced. And since it is all donated, that just chaps me. Can't wait for yard sale season to start back up. Odds for a bargain are better.

    1. BTW, love the tray. I'll have to try Barkeepers Friend!

  13. I agree, so many Goodwill stores! I can still find the occasional bargain but the prices have all gone up. Your tray is lovely. I need to try some Barkeepers Friend on my old brass candlesticks.

  14. I have also noticed that many of the Goodwill's have raised their prices and lowered the standards for the merchandise in the stores. This is disappointing to me because I love to thrift shop. I also read an article recently about the man who is over Goodwill and what his salary is compared to say, Salvation Army. This guy is a multi millionaire. Kinda makes me not want to shop with Goodwill anymore.

  15. The tray is gorgeous! Barkeeper's Friend works a treat...I have the liquid (Soft Scrub type) as well. I usually don't go in Goodwill after I found out how much money the CEO makes. There is a huge Amvets thrift store not far away and I shop there. The prices on articles vary and I have found some great buys.

  16. Marty, the tray is beautiful and that was a great buy! My local Goodwill gets lots of stuff from Target that is still in the box and there are still lots of treasures to be found there! Sure hope it doesn't change! Pam @ Everyday Livi g

  17. Marty,
    I've used Bar Keeper's Friend for etchings on my dinnerware from the dishwasher, but not on brass!!! "Mr. Ed" said, "He'd give it a try."
    Our Good will is the pits!!!
    I never find anything within my taste!!!
    I continue to hope. . .

  18. Marty, that tray looks good as new! I had no idea you could use Barkeeper's Friend on brass--thanks for sharing that tip! And thanks for joining Grace at Home. I'm featuring you this week!

  19. Marty, you are a magician. Love it.