Monday, January 18, 2016

Black-Silver & Gold In The Master

Wow, it seems like the house was twice as dusty and dirty after Christmas as it usually is.  I have been cleaning and it still doesn't feel clean.  We are doing a ton of work in the backyard.  Grass and dirt is being tracked in everyday, but it will so be worth it when it is done.

In the meantime, I think I have the bedroom clean, so time to fluff things a little bit.

After Christmas I am craving calm and quiet.  It seems like the world was in a color burst and noise everywhere.  

Now don't get me wrong, I love all the fabulous colors of Christmas and the music playing all over the place just warms my heart.  However, I am ready for rest, quiet and calm.

I started to redo the master bedroom and found that I really liked the simple black and white that I had going on, so I just added to it a little.  

We've had rain and dark cloudy skies for a week, so seeing the sun shine in this morning just warms my heart.  I am totally a sunshine girl.

 Adding these two silver pillows and one fabulous gold one was all I needed to make the bed special.  Simple and uncluttered and quiet.

                      Aren't the jewels on this pillow stunning.
           I love the detail and taht gorgeous ombre velvet is amazing.

                 Add a fabulous mink throw and this is pure luxury to me. 

 This throw is the most yummy-soft-cuddly throw ever.  I love, love, love it.  My daughter gave this to me a few years ago and it is definitely one of my favorite accessories.

 How can you not smile when you see all the sparkle and shine on the dresser.                             The sun shining in the window is so magical.

                             You know I love me some gold, sparkle and shine.

A really super simple redo after Christmas.  I don't think you have to totally reinvent the wheel all the time.  Simple changes work wonders.

                     Even basic black and white can be full of character.

Tell me, are you still into color are do you want some quiet too?
I'll probably want color next week but this is perfect for now,  you know how that goes. haha

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  1. I agree, small changes can be great! And as for sunshine...I need it too! Our Ky winters tend to be dark and cold, so those sunny days are really special! I think I get more work done on sunny days! Ha! Sheila

  2. Oh Marty, love your sunny room and your beautiful pillows and throw! So relaxing and beautiful!
    Vesna - Home Chic Club

  3. Marty I love these pics, the sun coming through the windows is soooo your colors!!! MUAHH

  4. Very elegant and classy! Love it!


  5. Your bedroom is so the sun shining in the windows and the patterns it creates...

  6. Naturally you carry your talent for elegance all the way to the bedroom! Love that gold mirror.

  7. Wow! That is just stunning! Great job Marty...sometimes less is more.

  8. Marty, love the touches in the bedroom! The jeweled pillow is amazing and I have always been a girl that likes gold! Perfecto! Pam @ Everyday Living

  9. Beautiful, Marty! So elegant and cozy. The metallic touches make it super chic ... And the ombre velvet pillow is gorgeous. Love it all!

  10. Marty- your house never fails to make me smile- its gorgeous. Your room always gives me great inspiration.

  11. The bedroom is lovely, Marty. Love the throw and that jeweled pillow is the perfect accent!

  12. I love small changes, big difference. You have such great accessories in your lovely bedroom Marty. I love your beaded pillow. Your throw is gorgeous too!
    See you tomorrow.

  13. How pretty and peaceful. I am so inspired I might even clean my bedroom.

  14. I like this bed! Wonderful accessories on it!

  15. Your bedroom looks so divine Marty! The touches of the black and gold and that marvelous bejeweled pillow is simply glamorous!

  16. Looks so stylish! I love it.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  17. Those pillows are lovely and your mink throw looks positively scrumptious and luxurious! Nice job! Thanks for sharing with us.


  18. OMGoodness, that jeweled pillow takes my breath away! It is GORGEOUS! Where did you find it? Your room looks just gorgeous. I still have my "winter birds" bedding in our master, loving it for winter. However, since seeing this I am SO tempted to go all glitz and glam:):) You do such a fabulous job, no matter which room!!!

    1. That gorgeous jewel pillow was a gift from my daughter. I have no idea where she finds these jewels, but she comes up with the most amazing pillows all the time.

  19. Just beautiful Marty! And yes I am with you, so ready for calm and quiet after Christmas. I think it is the whole cold outside wanting to nest inside thing for me. Love your mink throw and jeweled pillow. You certainly are the queen of sophisticated glamour!
    See you at your party tonight and have a great week!
    XO Barbara

  20. Your bedroom looks beautiful, Marty, and I am coveting that gorgeous mink throw.

  21. Needless to say... your room is totally brighter and gorgeous with natural sunlight...

  22. This room is BEAUTIFUL! I love everything about it- especially that gold mirror!

  23. I'm very happy with the after-Christmas quiet. It's nice to see the gleam of the wood on all the table tops after all the frou-frou of the holidays.

  24. Lovely!
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!