Sunday, January 3, 2016

Cleaning & Organizing Tips & Ideas

With the Christmas decor down and basic clean up done, it is time to do a little purging, cleaning and organizing some of the storage areas.  These are repeats of previous posts, but so worth taking another look at.

Laundry Room

I think I am blessed to have cupboards above the washer and dryer, but boy can I mess them up.  The two doors above the washer hold all my laundry supplies and that is what seems to get out of control really fast.

This is just part of what I had stuffed in them.  Amazing that you can accumulate so much stuff.  You know how you buy something new to try and then it just takes up space because you really didn't like it.  Time to throw it out.

I narrowed it down to exactly what I use and now I can see it and find it.

We have a small double vanity in our master bathroom with double doors under each sink and three small drawers.  I needed to make that space behind the doors function.  It was just a big empty space, no drawers, shelves or anything.

These simple inexpensive plastic storage bins from Walmart and Target work great for my hubby's side.  He can keep his grooming essentials neatly at hand.

My side got a little more complicated.  Tall bottles of hairspray, lotions, potions and all kinds of hair stuff and makeup is a challenge.

These two stacking drawers are perfect for makeup and facial cleaning products if they are cleaned and organized.

Then I finally found something that worked for all those odd ball tall bottles that you need to be able to get to. This double metal rack I found at Ross solves the mess you saw above.

This is a whole post on it's own, but so worth checking out.  I love to see what all I have, then I can replace what's needed and find anything I want when I am cooking.  Even a small pantry can hold everything you need and be easy to use.

I love a clean and pretty kitchen, so this post is one where I share some of my deep cleaning tips and create a few new vignettes as I am doing it.

Here is my really simple solution.

Hope you found a few helpful tips.  I love clean without a ton of work.

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  1. This is exactly what I plan on ding today. I have cabinets in our laundry room too and I dare open them for fear of death! Happy New year Marty! xo

  2. I did the exact same thing in my laundry room the other day (so I could avoid taking down the Christmas decor)! Great tips Marty. I have to work on my under sink area in the master bedroom. On my very best days, mine looks 100 times worse than your before picture...ugh. Now you have me motivated though!

  3. I just told Joe the other day that I have to purge the drawers under the washer and dryer. There is stuff in there that has been there since we moved in for cryin out loud!!! I am not using it so out it goes. I love January and the organizing mood I get into:) Happy new year, Marty. Now I want to see if you clean your sinks like I do:) You are probably the BEST at cleaning and organizing that I know!!!

  4. I love those bins found at Ross. I'll have to look for them. With a one bedroom apartment, there are lots of storage problems. I work around it the best I can. I don't have a pantry or linen closet, for instance. Love what you've come up with, Marty!

  5. You have done a great job Marty. I've been working on the undersink area for awhile and will try your stainless shelf for the tall things. I've been using dollar tree plastic handled baskets and they work ok, but yours look more easily accessible. The laundry is also a never ending saga. I'm now using a cute basket with bottles in it that I fill from original supplies of detergent, bleach, softener, etc.. It's kind of a pain but I can't reach the cupboards above the washer & dryer. Thanks for the great ideas! Happy New Year!

  6. Nice job! Nothing like being able to find what you need.

  7. I get so frustrated with myself for the accumulation in the laundry room. I'm going to tackle it tomorrow after seeing your photos :)

  8. I have the same washer and dryer. 23 years and going strong with never a repair. I thank God for them all the time.

  9. I wish my pantry was that organized.. Maybe I can follow your example and make that dream come true this year:-) Maybe ...

  10. Don't you feel great when you get an area cleaned up and organized? I did our laundry closet Friday. Since we moved into our much smaller retirement home, I've had to rethink my lifestyle. Kroger is 4 minutes from our house, so I no longer stock up on items. That has helped a lot with neatness!

  11. Organizing cabinets are on my list of to do's. Your tips are very helpful because I have that same problem underneath our bathroom cabinets. Right now, it's a mess!

    You've inspired me.


  12. oh Marty- this post is a huge reminder of what my life will be like this week when the kids go back to school. Clean! I hope you have a fantastic New Year!

  13. With all the work I'm doing around here, there has been a lot of purging, it's a great feeling to free up space. Happy New Year! fondly ~lynne~

  14. With getting ready to move this month I have been organzing and purging as I am packing. Love your pantry that is awesome organization going on there!!!!! Happy Sunday Marty.

  15. What I wouldn't give for a pantry like yours!

  16. I need to do this, as soon as I put my Christmas decor away! LOL!

  17. Marty,
    I agree, dear friend!!!
    Once I put the Christmas away. . .
    it's time to purge and clean!!!

  18. This is so helpful and gave me ideas for my home! Thanks for sharing. :)

  19. I definitely found some good ideas for cleaning around! It's a great job, you've done with all this cleaning tips, rearranging ideas and storage solutions! I just sent my last holiday guests and now it's time for cleaning the whole house again. Being a professional cleaner, gives me a great advantage in organizing this whole process easier and faster, but new cleaning recipes and and ideas are always welcome, and I never stop searching for new information. Your post gave me some lovely hints and I'm starting right tomorrow, thank you for sharing! Greets, Alexandra from

  20. I really love when everything is organized in drawers and cool boxes. I can't stand mess and I am always looking for solutions. Soon I will start preparing my spring cleaning schedules and I will start with reorganizing the whole house. Thanks for sharing these lovely ideas. :)