Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Organizing - The Master Closet

Seems like everyone is busy cleaning, purging and organizing.  I have been cleaning and it seems like it is endless.  I have no idea why everything seems so dirty.  With all the cleaning I have been purging a little too.  Closets are a favorite place to start and usually a place that needs the most purging and organizing.

Last year I did a complete makeover of my Master Closet for the One Room Challenge.  It has been so nice to have a really organized space to use everyday and so easy to keep it that way.

If you're new here you may have missed that post, or if you saw it there are still some great tips and ideas to use if you are working on your closet.  
Here are a few highlights.

No fancy built-in systems, just an average closet with builder grade shelf and hanging rods, but you can make it really functional and pretty with a little bit of creativity and a lot of purging and organizing.

This is what I started with.

 Really bad and so much stuff - - -

 I emptied the whole closet, purged the things we don't wear and gave the walls some fun detail with some paint.  I had a pot of black paint, so I just did some dots and dashes all over the white walls.  It made them look fun and fresh.  I ordered some pretty storage containers from Walmart and bought nice matching hangers.  That was it.  The rest was being creative.

The closet has double rods on two walls and a single rod on the third wall. We have a tiny linen closet, so I had a ton of quilts and blankets stacked to the ceiling on the one shelf above the single rod wall.

 I added a wider wire shelf above the single shelf to maximize storage.  Then I put all the quilts into pillowcases and stood them up.  Major space saver.  With one shelf and 9 ft. ceilings you can imagine that you couldn't get a single thing out of that stack of quilts before I added this second self.

I made a fabric shade so you can't see all the quilts, but things are easy to get to.   Then used the bottom shelf to display some pretty things.  I love my handbags, so it's nice to see them on display so I can enjoy them and reach them.  I added another wire shelf that I spray painted gold on the small section of wall to hold even more handbags.

We had some wire shelves to hold our underwear, and they really didn't look very pretty, but they were super functional and worked beautifully for us.

 With all the purging, there was room to move them under the back shelves and still have hanging storage on the side.  We made white fiberboard fronts for the drawers and added pretty knobs from Hobby Lobby to give them a face lift.  Now they look fabulous.

This made room for a fun primping spot and a bookcase to hold shoes.

You can see the complete idea board before I started here.

You can see the complete makeover and cost breakdown here.

This is one of the best things I ever did for myself.  Every day it gives me a smile to walk in here, and getting dressed is so much easier and a lot more fun.

Months later it's still organized and pretty.  That is what I call a success.

Check out more orgaizational ideas and see the full reveal and cost breakdown here.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this uodate. I am constantly reorganizing my closet. I know I have too many clothes and am slowly purging. I keep meaning to do the "backwards hanger" thing but forget. You are SO organized you put me to shame:)

  2. Marty, that closet makeover is stunningly chic! I have been working on our master closet. We had an avalanche in there--a real disaster. Since my husband's retirement job keeps him busy, I am working on it myself, for several months now. I didn't work on it during the holidays much and it is slow going. Your redo gives me some encouragement to forge ahead!

  3. You have outdone yourself, Marty! But my closets are where all my stashes go!

  4. Marty - you did such a great job paring down and beautifying your closet! That is a lot of work! I did ours a while ago and it was draining. I didn't pretty ours up like yours - but I should have!

  5. What a cute closet! Looks like it works perfectly for you and how fun that you made it stylish! I like how you dressed up the wire drawer storage. I have one of those too but never thought of doing that. My closet is small and I have to keep it organized because there is no room for extras- I thin out my clothing each season since I've usually bought more and need the room. Lots of inspiration here!

  6. I love your closet, all the details that make it fabulous!

  7. What wonderful ideas to upgrade a 'standard' closet! I am fortunate - when I created my master suite I had a lovely walk in closet built. I absolutely love it!

  8. Marty,
    Amazing Transformation, dear friend!!!
    I love how you camouflaged the quilts by placing them inside of pillowcases!!!
    Nice to have your shoes and purses displayed for easy dressing and accessorizing!!!

  9. I started tackling my closet....need to concentrate on it and finish! your so pretty and organized closet....

  10. Great post. Love seeing how you organized your closet especially standing the quilts on end and putting them in pillowcases. Since we recently moved and downsized, I'm so interested in purging and using my space as efficiently as possible.