Thursday, January 7, 2016

Putting The House Back Together - The Breakfast Room

Once all the decor is down every room looks empty and unfinished.  You know how it is, you dust and vacuum, but all the tables are bare.   There are rooms full of furniture but no character because there are no accessories.  Maybe a bit here and there, but not really anything called a design.

I seem to always struggle when starting from scratch as to what to do next. 

 I have been testing a few different pillows and accessories throughout the house, but nothing has stuck so far.  That is until now - - -

The Breakfast area needed to be put together.

We use this table every day, so having something that works for us is a must.

I keep it set for 4 even thought there are only the two of us most days, however it is always a treat when a friend or family stops by.

I like a low profile centerpiece so we can talk and visit without anything interrupting the view.  These sculpted wheat bundles are some of my favorite accessories and that candle is fabulous.

Something a little on the rustic, casual side is perfect for our lifestyle.

Now to work on the rest of the house.  Isn't it funny how you get inspired once even one small thing is done.  I am on a roll, so watch out. haha

   Is yours put back together yet?

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  1. Marty, your breakfast area looks wonderful! I am going through the same thing. The house feels empty and I can not make up my mind on what to do next. I am "fighting" with the mantle now. I figured I start there since I always have such a hard time with it. :) Can't wait to see your home decorated for the new year. Lots of hugs, Maria

  2. I took my tree down the day after new years and am slowly putting things back together. Right after Christmas I can't wait to put the decorations away because I always feel the house is too cluttered. Love your table setting. Looks great! Happy New Year!

  3. I'm still working on mine too. It takes me a lot longer to pull it all back together than it used to. I love your table runner. So pretty!

  4. This looks great Marty! I like those sculpted wheat bundles. I just got one area put together by the kitchen. I guess since we use it so much it gets priority!

  5. Marty your room is lovely and that painting just makes me want to sit & look at it for hours. You could style my home any time!

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  7. I am still taking Christmas down in between appointments and other obligations. I seem to be in SLLOOOW motiong. But it will get done. I usually do new vignettes as I go along. I am working on the mantle right now:)

  8. I've pretty much gotten mine put back together. Lovely table!

  9. Looks great Marty! We are still working on some projects in the kitchen and the living room is my house is pretty much in disarray...My son is currently building a new computer on my dining no pretty decor there for me!! LOL

  10. It does seem to happen that way for sure. Still searching for my roll lol

  11. Marty,
    Oh, funny, funny, Lady!!!
    I adore your "I'm on a roll" comment!!!
    You've done a wonderful job on the Breakfast Room!!!
    I'll be watching for "the rest of the story"!!!

  12. Wow- your table settings and decor are beautiful! I absolutely love the way you decorated your dining room.

  13. You have created a beautiful and inviting breakfast room! I really like the candle holder in the center of the table. Yes, I think we will all be waiting for the "rest of the story". No pressure...ha!

  14. I am working on mine, tweaking here and there. It always looks so bare after the Christmas decorations are taking down. Your dining room looks really good.
    Wishing you a wonderful 2016.