Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The Tree Is Down - Now What

If you're like me, putting the house back together after the tree is down has both ups and downs to it.  

I love changing things up and creating a whole new look, however sometimes that is harder to do than other times.

Taking down Christmas always makes such a mess, so the first thing is to clean.  That seems to zap a ton of energy that I just don't have stored up.

Once that chore is done, then what?

Since the living room is the first thing you see, I always like to have it looking nice, so putting this room back together is always first on my mind.
I really love the new throw I got and would love to use it for a whole new look.  Maybe black and white, gray and white, how about a little gray, camel and white.  Ok, nothing is jelling at the moment.

I could leave the green in the living room.  Even with the tree down it is beautiful - - - however - - -

I could repeat this with my new throw and it would look fabulous.  I don't want to repeat anything, so I'll figure out something new.   I need to purge my stash of accessories and see what I haven't used for a while and organize my stuff.

Maybe I'll just work on the rest of the house first.

I'm also ready for the plaid to go in the family room.  Since there are browns in my fabulous horse painting, maybe brown.  This orange and brown was fun.  Not sure I am ready for a ton more color at the moment. 

Ok, maybe I need to move on - - - -

The bedroom needs a redo too.  Maybe a little black and white, or I could do silver and maybe fur.  A little color might be fun, although after the red plaid and green for Christmas - -  Hummmmmm.

This is soft and elegant. I like this combination.

Or again I could go bright with some color.

The dresser needs some help too.  ( I need to put my "Just In Case" present in my gift drawer for another day.)  Do you have one of those, you know, an extra gift just in case you need one.  This one isn't anything big, just a box of Channel soaps, but perfect if I need a spur of the moment gift.

This was a little over the top, but I do love using family photos.

This is simple and clean - (hard to remember how things looked a year ago before I redid this room)

I think I will just finish cleaning and think about it for a while. 

I did make one decision - I bought my favorite day planner from Target and added some gold stick on initials.  All my upcoming appointments are entered and I am set for 2016.

How about you, do new ideas just pop into focus for you, or do you struggle too?

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  1. it is hit and miss with me. Sometimes I can figure it out and sometimes not. I am thinking about this issue in my great room. what to do. ha!

  2. Oh sweet lady, you will come up with just the 'perfect' décor for after Christmas.
    I for one, don't know whether I'm coming or going with my house. Since I came from Miami Dic. 5th. I haven't stopped... thus, I haven't enjoyed my holiday décor... I didn't even make a tree! I also have no clue as what I want after I take down the greens and reds. I will have to get inspired by you!
    Thank you so much for your sweet comment, you always make my day for sure.

  3. I also find decor after Christmas to be a challenge. I think I want to stick to whites and grays- not too much color until March comes and spring hits. Your bedroom is seriously so pretty!

  4. You always have such great ideas for change, Marty...and you are an expert at that. Still, I feel your hesitation as I feel that, too. I'm ready for a change yet I'm not so sure about it. You always have great ideas. I think pops of color in your rooms would be wonderful. Your pillows and throws always make a statement. Maybe you could start there.

    Jane x

  5. Thanks for the inspiration Marty. I have all of the decorations put away but have zero energy for sprucing up the rooms. I'm thinking that a little retail therapy might help but don't tell my husband!

  6. Your house looks always so chic, so elegant! I love your style and how you mix patterns and colors. Happy New Year!!!


  7. I love how you phrased it..."nothing is jelling at the moment". That's where I am. House is clean, and mostly bare, and I'm just leaving it alone until I get inspired. I find myself spending more time cooking and reading these days, post Christmas, but did splurge on new bed pillows in the white sales. It was time!

  8. Marty,
    "It's all jelling at the moment". . .but there just aren't enough hours in the day!!!
    I promised to 'slow `down' on social events after the Holidays. . .and I have!!!
    BUT, I've taken on a leadership position that consumes a large amount of my time!!!
    Hopefully, I'll get life more in balance, soon!!!
    By the way, all your ideas look absolutely stunning!!!