Monday, February 15, 2016

A Look Back At How My Style Has Changed

Boy, do you ever look back at your style from a few years ago.  Mine has changed drastically over the years.  Believe it or not when I had my first home I loved Danish Walnut and modern.  That didn't last long then I went more Traditional.  When we lived in Oregon I was bit by the antique bug and had a home full of fun wallpaper and primitive antiques.   Some of that furniture is still with me to this day.

It's fun to look back a few years and see how just one room has changed.  (It's also fun to see that my photography skills have improved a little too.)

When we downsized and moved into this home, our Master Bedroom was a hodge podge of all kinds of furniture that was left over from many years of different styles.  This was a case of use what fit, not necessarily what was stylish.

 Definitely time for a makeover. ( I am not knocking what I had going on, it was what I was working with at the time and served it's purpose.)

This was the before.  A simple upholstered headboard, family photos over the bed, antique washstands for end tables and really simple decor.

A small settee and chair and that was about it.  See that piece between them, that's an antique butter churn complete with the paddle and crank.

 (A few years ago I took all of the antique pieces that I still have and put them in the guest bedroom.  It's kind of cute, you can see that post here)

All the changes started when I found this headboard at Hotel Liquidators for $75.  I knew it would be perfect for my transformation.

 Some paint and distressing and this is how it turned out.  I love it.  You can see how I painted it here.

 I brought in a buffet I had in the garage for one side of the bed and added some new accessories.

 Great lamps from Hobby Lobby and a few seafoam and aqua accessories for hubby's side.

 Paintings that were previously in the hall got moved in here and some new candles and a fern added to my side.

 This was the look for a while.

 Then I found this nightstand at Goodwill and refinished the top.  This is exactly what I was looking for, now to find a dresser.

 A couple of months later I found this beauty at a used furn. store and refinished it to match the nightstand.  I love this piece, and the storage is fabulous.  Gorgeous detail on the old hardware.

 Now it was looking like my vision.  I really like the new pieces and it reflects a much more elegant and put together style.

Of course it didn't stay that way too long.  I glammed it up a bit with some fur and glitzy pillows and decor.

 At the foot of the bed is our armoire that holds our TV.  I found this fabulous french chair at Goodwill for $15 and did a little makeover on it.  You can read about that here.

I am so enjoying this room and it definitely reflects my current style.

Well, I am sure you guessed that it has changed again -   2015 brought in the era of no more sea of beige.  I am loving white and color.

The white is still a favorite but the accessories have changed a dozen times. This is today. I love this room in the early morning with all the sunshine.

No telling what changes will come next, seems like my style is ever evolving.  Has your style changed drastically too?

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  1. Mr 4 was sitting with me as I read this post, and he told me how beautiful your room looks. I love all the antiques you had in there, love your room now too. I can't wait for a makeover on day lol

    1. Oh thank you so much. I love the antiques and I love it now too. I think that is why I still have all those antiques in the guest bedroom. Hope you get a makeover soon, it is so fun.

  2. It is interesting to look back. About a year ago I went boho, and now I'm back where I was!

  3. This was fun, to look back with you and see how your decorating style has evolved. Since we moved into our much smaller home, our rooms have changed as well. I spend a lot of time considering what I can give away! Sometimes I wish I still posted on my blog because I have changed so much. Your new look is my favorite one.

  4. Yes I love to look back and have sometimes laughing at our looks. Far out wallpaper of large flowers in yellows golds and greens in the kitchen. What was I thinking, but back in the 70's that was in. We have also collected antiques and sold many since we downsized as well. My family gets a bigger kick out of how my looks have changed over the years. Many many hairstyles and colours. Now that's what we should do a feature on what do you say Marty?? LOL

  5. I enjoyed looking back with you. Love your style, Marty. Mine has changed, sometimes zigzagging all over the place. Have a great week!

  6. It looks great Marty. It's amazing how it always starts with just one thing! Enjoy your week.

  7. How interesting to see one room change through the years! Always elegant, though.....always reflects your style!

  8. Marty, the room has always looked pretty, but now it looks so polished. Your style is always beautiful.

  9. Your bedroom is so elegant with the new headboard, fur throw and pretty pillows. I love the shape of the headboard. My style is ever evolving too. I think that's normal for us creative types!