Friday, February 5, 2016

An Epic Fail & Other Good Stuff

I was so excited that my daughter was giving me her gorgeous leather sofa, chair and ottoman.  She redid her family room with a beautiful new set, so these fabulous pieces were going to be mine.

Now I knew that her home was WAY bigger than mine, but I really thought from the measurements of the sofa that this would all work.  WRONG.

The minute the chair and ottoman came in, you could tell that yes, it fit, but it totally consumed the entire room.  I even eleminated the larger end table between the two chairs and got rid of an end table on the side of the sofa.  

I didn't get a picture with the sofa, but it was evident that I would need to remove the wicker chair and get a smaller coffee table.  

Another lesson is paying attention to the scale of furniture for a room.  This set fit, but that didn't mean it was a good fit.  Too massive and two oversized for this room.  It didn't compliment the room or the furniture.  A HUGE reminder to not only take the measurements of a piece of furniture, but to look at the scale of the furniture also.  

As much as I love this beautiful leather set it just consums this small room.  Not going to work at all.

Ok, drying my tears and putting the room back together and moving on.

On a much happier and more positive note -

It can be a little intimidating to have such good friends that are so talented (and pretty).  When Kristi from Design Chic asked me to reveiw her book - Dear Carolina, I was so thrilled and loved it.  What a great book.

Now she has written her second book and I just got my copy to review.

I can't wait to start reading it.  You can pre-order your copy from Amazon here.  It is due out the first part of April.  This should definitely be on your must read list.

Another book that I think everyone should have on their reading list is my dear friend Barbara Hinski's Uncovering Secrets.  This is the third is a series that began with Coming To Rosemont.  You definitely will love this collection and can order your copy from Amazon here.

 I also just got my copy of Emily Henderson's new book Styled.  It is available on Amazon here.

I have a ton of reading to do so I am just going to put my room back together and prop my feet up and read.

How about you, any epic fails, or good reads?

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  1. Been there, Marty! Our cottage rooms are tiny and today's furniture is so large. In the stores it looks ok, tall ceilongs, big rooms, but once, no. It's disappointing, I know.

  2. Oh Miss Marty! What about just the leather couch and not the set? I know you said you really needed a new couch. Boo hoo!

  3. The leather set is beautiful and such a shame that it won't work for you. Even with measuring, I have to actually see things in place to know if they are a good fit. We recently replaced a large leather recliner with two slipper chairs and a table between them - in the exact same space as the one recliner. It's a much better fit for our small room. Your daughter's family room is lovely!

  4. Marty,
    Oh, dear friend, I'm so~o~o sorry that the leather furniture didn't fit your room!!!
    I could already image how gorgeous it was going to be in your space.
    I'm sure that, in time, you'll discover other amazing options for your room decor!!!
    Sometimes, even the best thought out designs just don't come to fruition.

  5. Oh dear I had a small concern about this but it is so much larger in your room that I imagined. Good thing is she can sell it and someone else can enjoy it. I moved my furniture around a few days ago...seems to be a method of exercise for me! LOL....

  6. Marty, I had to learn that lesson the hard way! Years ago, we bought a sofa that was so oversized in the room it looked ridiculous. Unfortunately for me, my husband loved it and I had to live with it for years before we could finally replace it!

  7. Oh, that's too bad it didn't fit in your space! It's a beautiful set. The color scheme worked pretty well!

  8. Oh that's a shame, Marty! I know you were so excited about the leather set and I loved your inspiration post about it! I guess that means you're going furniture shopping? :)

  9. Oh how disappointing! The good thing is you recognized it wasn't going to work and didn't try to keep it.
    As for me, yes. I've had failure too...I painted my mom's bedroom furniture blue and Time to suck it up and paint it white like I should have done in the first place. Oh well, nothing ventured, nothing gained!

  10. I'm so sorry! Great tips. Kristy is such a sweet and beautiful girl. And a gifted writer as well. Waiting on my copy to arrive.

  11. Oh it happens more often than not Marty! It happened to us here in the apartment when we down sized from the big farm house years ago. We brought our sectional living room here and we had to give one of the couches away cause it didn't fit!
    What a shame, I love your DD's leather couches. Oh well..
    Yes I'm reading a couple of books, but nothing much. Those books you reviewed for your friend sound great.

  12. That's too bad about the leather chair and sofa. I've done this kind of thing too-- it's so easy to misjudge how something is going to look in a room. Right now I'm struggling with window treatments in my family room. I recently purchased new custom blinds for all the windows and had planned on adding a valence to each one to soften it all up. So far my 'test' valance doesn't look so great-- still tinkering with it.

  13. I had to pass up several "oversized" furnitures. Our home was built in 1966, before open floorplan concept and before oversized furnitures.

  14. I feel so bad for you! We bought new furniture for our TV room a few years back and when the delivery men brought it to our house, it wouldn't even fit through the doorway into the room and they tried every which way! Back it went and we had to go shopping again but this time, we were much wiser and chose much smaller scaled furniture. Although I know you were looking forward to having new-to-you-leather-furniture, I love your old furniture and the ways you decorate it and the room! Those books look interesting - might have to check them out. Have a good weekend Marty!

  15. So disappointing to have such nice furniture given to you and it not work but the good news is your space was beautiful to begin with!

  16. Oh yes, we made that mistake with leather furniture too. We had a chair and a half at our last house that we custom ordered. It was so huge when it was delivered I practically had an anxiety attack because we couldn't send it back. We finally just gave it away because it didn't work.

  17. Oh, yay! Thank you so, so much, Marty! I am so excited the book arrived. I have had my fair share of epic fails too! The first couch I ever bought was such a disaster... It's my husband's favorite story to tell... Thank you again, my friend! Much love!! Kristy