Friday, February 26, 2016

How To Clean & Organize Your Hoarding Stash

I am guilty, I am a hoarder of decor stuff.  There it is out in the open, but I am sure you guys already knew that.  I don't have any closet space inside the house for my hoarding, so I use the garage.  Now it gets to looking really bad really fast.  Sunday hubby was cleaning the garage, so I took all the boxes and bins of stuff and went through it all and purged a ton of things.  A full car load to Goodwill.

I'm not sure why I keep all those little knick-knacks that I no longer use and just how many planters, statues and etc. does anyone need in the first place.  Wall space in my home is at a premium, our house has tons of windows, so why do I have so many pictures and placques.

First thing I did was pull all those bins out and go through them.  Now don't look at this so shocked, (ok it really is a mess).

As I emptied up bins and boxes, hubby repacked some of our leftover Christmas decor.  It's all nice and neat in bins now.  I had the trunk to the car open so I could put my purged items in as I went.  I was serious about cleaning this mess up.

No I don't have any fancy storage, just a small rack and an old press-board cupboard. (those bins use to sit in front of this rack and you couldn't find anything, the rack was full and so were the bins.)

I started with this rack first, cleaned it off and washed it down.   As you can see, I have a ton of faux flowers and a lot of floral containers.  I have to admit that I also hoard candlesticks and trays.  Now these are the things I use most often, so I put them all on this rack.  More seasonal stuff is in the press-board cupboard.

I also emptied this cupboard and purged tons of stuff out of it.  Now it is filled with mostly seasonal things for fall and some seldom used accessories.

I gave the top a good cleaning too.  Great place to store my carpenters toolbox a wheat wreath and some oil lamps.  (We use those on the patio sometimes.)  I like to be able to get to my double beverage server too, I use that all the time for entertaining.

A little dust broom, furnace filters and a small shop vac all nice and neat.

 My cleaning bucket, vacuum and tool box are all that's in front of the shelving rack now.    I love having my own tools too, that way I never have to hunt for a hammer or screwdriver.

It doesn't have to be fancy to work.  This is so nice to be able to walk out and see what I have when I want to change things up and you know I do that all the time.

Do you have some fabulous built in storage or a makeshift setup like me?  Some day some custom storage cupboards all along this wall would be great, but for now this works just fine.

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  1. Marty you have inspired me to take back the garage. It is a total mess. This weekend is supposed to be warm.

  2. I really love your posts but just so you know, lately I have a difficult slow time scrolling thru due to all the pop up ads.

    Best, Pattie

    1. Thanks for the infor Pattie. I cancelled all those pop up ads and don't see them on my site, where are they showing up.

  3. Good Morning Marty,
    Even though we just moved and got rid of so much, our attic has now become the catch all.
    Thank you for nudging me to get busy.
    Wonderful to have you join us at Thoughts Of Home On Thursday too.

  4. Doesn't that feel fantastic? I'm still due to re-organize our garage, but just waiting for some really nice weather to start tackling it. I can't wait to be able to go out there and smile!

  5. Very neat and organized. I try to keep my stash organized but it doesn't stay that way I fear. Time for another purge and organize!!


  6. Fantastic stash reorganization, Mary! You can easily see where all your items are for specific decorating projects. I'm actually pretty jealous of your stash! We moved from Michigan to Colorado and had to get rid of lots of stuff. You know that thought process of, I can replace all that when we get to our destination. Well, it's taking awhile, so keep as much as you can! All your stash looks like amazing possibilities waiting to be used! Love your blog, keep it the great posts!

  7. I have very little storage space, so I know just what you mean!

  8. I keep things in bins and some end tables. I like your shelves. It's easy to see what you have that way.

  9. I'm so proud of you for your purging and organizing! Doesn't it feel so amazing whe you walk out to the garage now?

  10. I've been doing this kind of stuff on and off since January and it makes me feel so good! We tried garage sales over the years but anymore we just donate everything. I focused on getting rid of stuff I don't use mainly because my style has changed. Someone else can enjoy it all now. Have a great upcoming weekend!

  11. Wow, great job! I've been doing this, too, as we are getting ready to start building our retirement home next month. Having to touch each item to pack it has made me decide if I really want to keep it, I've already pack lots of bags and boxes to go to the local donation center or the auction house. You're right, it's amazing what old and outdated things we just keep. Taking everything out and looking at them helps to make the purging process go faster! Happy weekend!! Sounds Ike you need to relaxing time. 😉

  12. I don't know what I would do without a basement. And let me tell you the 2 storage areas are FULL! When we moved in here we went to Lowes and bought as many shelving units that we could fit. I am guessing there are 10 or more. I have 2 or 3 units of each season with bins on them, plus a dish room!!! I have gotten rid of a few things but not enough. You are good to be able to have this little space and stick to it. My poor kids will hate me some day:):) Have a beautiful weekend, Marty. OH! I wanted to say, it is so awfully cold here we can't stay out in our garage for any length of time. I can't wait for Spring to clean out the garage!

  13. Great to share the reality of all those beautiful table settings you do! Yes, it takes a village(stash) to support a child(blog) Lol. Great job, must have felt good to wean, trying to do that here, but its worser hordes of 5 familly's goodies. Thanks, for the encouragement!Sandi

  14. I've downsized so much and, since I'm in an apt, I use a storage closet for the small amount of things that I have. It's really amazing how much I've gotten rid of and don't really miss it! :) I think you've done an amazing job and the area looks very nice and organized.


  15. I need a house with a basement and attic, but since I live in Florida, I have neither. Storing and reorganizing this month too. Good job in your garage.

  16. We do have to be creative with storage in most AZ houses where there is no attic (well, there is but it's knee-deep in insulation and probably a number of critters I wouldn't want to disturb) & no basement. We do have enclosed cupboards all along one wall of the double garage, & The Man has added tons of storage to the 3rd garage which is his shop. One thing that we added in the double garage is overhead storage. They are bolted to the ceiling and 2 of ours can be raised and lowered. That's where we store all of our Fall-Christmas decorations. Sometimes we forget to look up....there is a ton of storage space up there.

    Warm hugs (I may have to change that to "Cool hugs" soon if our weather continues to warm),

  17. My husband and I got rid of most of our "extra items" at the first of the year. It feels great!! We said good-bye to our extra deep garage and combined two offices into one. Major downsizing!! No more hoarding or packratting for us.

  18. Oh, I need you in at my house - so organized!! Happy Monday!

  19. My hubs is the organizer. I am messily creative but a sorta tidy housekeeper....sorta. LOL! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!