Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Refresh Your Room - Space & Editing Tips

What a fun idea.  Jennifer Rizzo is having another one of her fabulous Refresh Your Room parties.  It is always fun to take a fresh look at one room and see what you can do to give it a fresh new look.  

I thought I was going to be replacing my sofa and the leather recliner with another leather sofa, chair and ottoman in luggage tan leather.  (you can read about that fail here)  I mis-judged the scale of those pieces and how larger scale furniture can overpower a room.  So I set out to scale down what I have and refine this space a little.

I love a good before and this is the best shot I have of this space.  It is hard to get a straight-on shot, the room isn't very wide, plus the room is full of windows, so it gets a ton of light.  Note all the end tables, especially the large gate-leg table between the two chairs.  (I didn't have the horse picture yet in this shot.)

Here's another one when I first got the  horse painting.  Again, this room is pretty much wall to wall with furniture. There is only inches between table and furniture if that.

Sometimes the best refresh is just to edit and delete.

 I like having plenty of lamps and sometimes that mean lots of tables too.  I thought I could remove one end table and give the space a more open feel and a little breathing room.  Out went the large gate-leg table and in came a floor lamp. ( I moved the end table that was between the sofa and leather chair to the window wall and replaced it with the floor lamp.)   I still have light, but now there is open space and the whole room feels lighter.

 Looks like the furniture fits the room even better.  As I deleted, I took a look at all the accessories.   I removed the throw and only did 4 pillows on the sofa.  Less is more, right?

 I thought maybe I could edit even further.  I took the rug away.  It gives a more clean line to the room without marking off one space.  (As you can see, these shots are taken from behind the kitchen island.)

 I like the changes.  The space looks a lot more airy and open.  Now I may go back to more is more one of these days, but for now, I like this.

One last refresh.  I couldn't resist changing out the black and gold pillow for the "hello" pillow.  It just adds some fun and whimsy to the room.  

When I was trying out the tan leather sofa in here, I did notice that aside from it being too big and over stuffed,  the color seemed to jump out at you.  I think the light beige sofa just blends in with the wall, so it doesn't seem to take up visual space at all.  It's almost not there - a trick of the eye.  (So if you have a small room, match the sofa to the wall color and it will disappear.)  Another lesson learned when I ever look to buy a new sofa.

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  1. Miss Marty you are QUEEN of the inspiring refresh!

  2. Your refresher looks terrific. You have such a great eye for design. Enjoy your new room, still love that beautiful horse picture.
    Have a great week.

  3. Great job, Marty! I admire the way you recovered from the leather plan that didn't work. I like it without the rug in the room. It looks bigger. We need a couple of floor lamps in our family room because like you, we need light but don't want more furniture.

  4. These are great points you make! Deleting can often recharge a room.

  5. Love what you did and it really is nice to see the pics that go with your thinking. Love the horse pic! Good job!

  6. What you did with the place is just lovely! I loved the orange pillows though. They really stood out.

  7. Very nicely done Marty! After Christmas season I love to bring the decor down a notch too. Then next September I'll start "nesting" and add some extra chatskis to the room. Isn't it funny how we instinctively do what is so natural in nature. Cheryl

  8. Very nicely done Marty! After Christmas season I love to bring the decor down a notch too. Then next September I'll start "nesting" and add some extra chatskis to the room. Isn't it funny how we instinctively do what is so natural in nature. Cheryl

  9. Marty - where did you get those lovely long gold candle scones on each side of the horse picture? So simple but elegant

    1. They came from Z-Galleries. They come in gold or silver and only $39. They really do make a statement don't they.

  10. Marty.....PERFECT!!!!! LOVE THE REFRESH....need to refresh my living room also. I would LOVE to know where you got the tall scones also.

  11. Your room looks terrific! Sometimes editing is what is needed...some times adding. The trick is in knowing what to do when. Kudos to you Marty! ;)

  12. Great post, Marty - I love all the 'new' changes. I think as winter progresses I always get the urge to pare down the accessories as well, to 'lighten' up the room visually. I'm nearly there....just waiting until after Valentine's day!

  13. Marty,
    I kept scrolling up and down as you mentioned each change, dear friend!!!
    I LOVE this refreshed look to your space!!!
    Amazing what eliminating a piece or two can do!!!

  14. Loving the refresh! The space looks very welcoming and uncluttered and fresh! Thank you for sharing and the hello pillow is such a nice addition!

  15. The room looks lovely. Everything is so well put together and coordinates perfectly.

  16. Marty, I thank you from the very bottom of my heart for joining us at our very first Thoughts of Home on Thursday. You know that it has taken hours of work for us to get everything coordinated and perfected. We are elated this morning. :)

    Your room is always amazing in my eyes. I'm in awe of the changes you make all the time. My eyes don't necessarily see a way to do things differently all the time.

  17. Marty,
    You have such a trained eye for decorating and just like Stacey, I do not always "see," things. I have to look and look. You make it seem so simple!
    Thank you for joining us in our very first party!

  18. Wow, such a difference! Everything looks beautiful, as usual, and I adore the horse! My daughter bought a beautiful horse picture that I love. You have such a vision for seeing what might be...I don't. :) I'm really in the mood to clear out, however, allergies have really been affecting me and my ears are a problem. I will get back to it soon though!

    Did you make the "Hello" pillow? Looks great!


  19. Our creativity kicks into high gear- doesn't it?- when we start to make changes?
    Everything looks lovely!
    Thank you so much for joining in on our Thoughts of Home on Thursday party today.
    You have always been so supportive of all bloggers.
    Thank you!

  20. Great tips Marty! thanx for sharing at THT my friend.

  21. The changes look great, Marty! I think the "less is more" is a good look for Spring/Summer, which we seem to be hurtling rapidly toward here in AZ.

    Warm hugs,

  22. Hi Marty,
    I like your new look too. Course, it looked good before, but always nice to have a change.
    It looks like you put less on you coffee table too. Like the floor lamp next to the sofa,
    since it is taller it makes the lighting a lil different, and also the sconces next to your horse picture look great too, and are just the perfect amount of extra.
    Happy Valentines day,

    Blessings, Nellie

  23. Your refresh looks great! I love to move things around and even from one room to another.

  24. Decorating the house can be really be both an exhausting and rewarding task. Good read.