Saturday, February 27, 2016

You Asked - Why I Love Roman Shades

When I shared my recent Room Refresh - Space & Editing Tips, tons of you wanted to know about the shades I use in the family room and breakfast area.
 Most asked -  what are they made of - how did I make them, or where did I buy them.

When we redid the family/breakfast areas shades were on my must have list.  I thought about all kinds of wood and fabric roman shades.  We had woven wood shades in our last house and I loved them.  So easy to clean and they looked amazing.  When we moved in this house we put up wood blinds in the whole house.  Now they are functional and inexpensive,  but they are such dust catchers and so hard to clean, so I couldn't wait to get rid of them.

In this picture you can see the wood bind in the breakfast area window and hubby already starting to install the roman shades in the family room space.  One of the perks of the roman shade is to add height to the window.  This just makes the room look taller and more finished.  I hate all that white empty space above the window.

Remember what the room looked like before with the check drapes made out of tablecloths.  I still think tableclothes are a fabulous and inexpensive idea for drapes, but there is a ton of nothing between the window and the drapery rod.

One of the reason I wanted roman shades is shown in this picture.  This is the wall that seperates the living/dining area from the family/breakfast area.  See those windows.  The builder cheaped out and put small windows in the family area.  Just look at all that space above the window.  If I hang the drapes up high like I like to, then there is all that wall.  Not pretty.

These are the shades that I found at Lowe's.  They are made of a grass cloth type fabric and are lined with a sheer fabric.  These were on closeout and I was able to get all the ones I needed for a total of $28.  Now that is my all time best bargain so far.  These are amazing.

They are the exact same color as my drapes and they definitely look like grass cloth.  I wanted a neutral look to blend in with the wall, not stand out.  I needed to keep a neutral background for this room.

Back to this picture.  See the shade on the left and how it is hung high so you don't have all that wall space glaring at you.   The room just looks so much more finished.

Now you can't see the skimpy window size, the shades make you think they are tall windows like the ones in the living area.  I also love that you can control the light where you need it with some up and some part way down.  They still let in all the light that I want without any glare.  The best part is how easy they are to dust.  Just a soft cloth to wipe them down and they always look perfect. (Cleaning all those slats on wood blinds is such a pain and takes forever.)

 I would have bought these at full price, such a great look.  The drapes and shades are a great neutral background and anchor the room beautifully.

I see the same thing achieved with wood or fabric shades of all types.  They add such a designer touch to any room.  Do you have roman shades or are you a wood blind person?

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  1. This is the perfect description about roman shades, even I have noticed and jot it down some of tips to apply in my home as well. That's what I always do I make a note of it so that any important information can be followed. Thanks! window shades

  2. I agree totally about shades vs. blinds. And what a fantastic deal you came upon at Lowes! I think even if I won the lottery, I'd still get excited about a great bargain. On a separate you remember Austrian shades? We had six very tall windows in the front of our house in Texas when I was a little girl, each sporting a sheer Austrian shade. Wonder if they'll ever become popular again?

  3. I need Roman shades in my closet badly Marty! Thank you for sharing these and on how to clean them! Quick question, do you think it would be easy to glue or sew a different fabric on top of this existing ones? I have a nice fabric that I want to use for roman shade. Thanks and have a great weekend!

  4. Clever idea using the Roman shade to make the smaller windows appear taller! I love the finished room - it looks so warm and inviting! I like the checked drapes also. Well done! Blessings, Janet

  5. Brilliant and fabulous, you did it again, dear Marty!

    I have roman shades in my tv room, kitchen dining area, on the one window in our living room, and one on our backdoor. I love them and have been looking at getting some for the dining room (full sun all day is killing my gorgeous black dining room table with its glare) and I LOVE the idea you had for bringing them higher. I am so needing to do that.
    Thanks for the great idea, yet again. Hugs.

    Have a great weekend.

  6. I LOVE those checked curtains! But then I'm a gingham girl. Saw that and just couldn't focus again!

  7. Great job! It looks airy and elegant.
    I am despairing over the new curtains I probably will have to make for our renovation. The ceilings are 4 meters high (13 feet?)--a bit longer than most tablecloths, not to mention most ready-made curtains.

  8. Marty - what a great deal you got on those great blinds!! They look awesome in your room and I love the texture they provide - I need some for our bedroom...I sure hope I can get that kind of deal!! Thanks for sharing!

  9. They look elegant! I have those same Lowes shades for my bedroom. I bought their white cloth version some time ago for almost the same reason: too much space above the window and two different sizes. I agree, almost my best bargain ever. I did something to make the chords safer. I forget now, but maybe that's not an issue anymore. xoxo Su

  10. Those really do make a huge difference in your rooms, Marty, and they look so pretty with the check drapes. So clever of you to make those out of tablecloths. Our home had wide plantation shutters at about a third of the windows and very cheap woven Roman shades at the rest when we bought the house. We quickly ordered shutters to replace all of the Romans. I do like the look of Roman shades and have even made quite a few for certain places in other houses we've lived in, but I really do like our plantation shutters. They really do block out a lot of the hot AZ sun!

    Warm hugs,

  11. Such a great tip to install the shades higher than the window to give the illusion of a larger window. We have white Plantation shutters throughout our home and bamboo Roman shades on our French doors. I really like the warm wood tone the shades add to the space.