Monday, March 7, 2016

Kitchen Barstools-What Style To Choose

I keep looking at my kitchen and thinking of what I can do to refresh things and the one thing I have been wanting to change for a while are the barstools.  Now there is nothing wrong with the ones I have, they are sturdy and have served us really well for about 15 years.  In our last house we had a huge island so I had 5 of these.  When we moved here I kept three and gave two away to a friend.  These are solid oak and wear like iron, but I am just a little tired of them.

I have been looking for something new, just not sure what I want.  You've all seen my kitchen a gazillion times.  A pretty typical builder basic with a small center island facing the breakfast/family room areas.

  Here is a straight on shot taken right after I painted the island.  Even though I don't think of my style as farmhouse, my kitchen definitely has that look.  I use a ton of Antique tins, crocks and country farmhouse style decor.

I have always had bar stools without a back, so I think I want to go with the same thing, however there are a few with a back that intrigue me.  Style is the main question.  I don't want to go country, but I am not sure I want to go too modern either.  I want something that is transitional.   I guess I will know when I see it.

Are you familiar with Dot &Bo?  They have tons of furniture and accessories for every room in the house and they display them by style, so shopping is really easy.   I was intrigued by all the various styles they have.  Everything from Mid-Century Modern - California Coastal - Industrial - Boho -and quite a few more.

 While I was shopping their site for bar stools, I found a ton of really great accessories that I thought would be perfect for my kitchen.  These are from their Farmhouse Collection, but I think they could be used with any style.

                                                   1./ 2./ 3./ 4./ 5.

Ok, back to the task at hand, I did find a few bar stools that I thought would work for my kitchen, just still not sure of style.

1. Wolfgang Industrial  - This one is such a fun style.  I think this could be a little farmhouse too.   I like the wood top.

2. Angeles Bar stool - This one would be a little more dressy.  I love the finish on the wood and the padded seat would really be comfortable.

3. Maggie Crisscross Bar Stool - This is a style I keep seeing in tons of dining rooms all over the place.  The back on this one would not block off the island, but would be really comfortable to lean back on.

5. Ridgewood - I've seen this style being used in both modern and farmhouse style kitchens.
 6. Physician's Bar Stool  - Hard to see in the pic, but this one comes in antique copper.

I found a couple others online that might work too.
7. Lewisville -This one is pretty traditional, but I think it could go in any room.

8. Ridged Leg Nailhead - I like the spool design and the seat has a really interesting shape.

I like several of these, just not sure what will be the perfect one for me.  I always have a hard time visualizing something different.  I'm so use to looking at these old ones, but it is time for a change, so help me out.  What is your favorite?

Be sure to get all of your projects lined up for Inspire Me Tuesday.  Party goes live Monday afternoon at 3 PM CMT.  Can't wait to see you there.

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  1. Marty, I never tire of seeing your beautiful kitchen. I followed your link over to Dot & Bo and found they do carry some great furnishing and decor items there. Of course, I think the stools you have now are fine. As far as the new ideas, I really like the first picture you posted. It would do well in most any style and I like the soft lines of the bottom!

  2. I really like #1. You have a lovely kitchen!

  3. With quite a bit of brown in kitchen and breakfast room already I think #1 would be a good choice, although I like a lot of the others too. I'm going to add one backless stool to my island soon so it was fun considering some of these for my space. I think for your island and mine a stool with a back is too much visually and detracts from the island. If you have to order maybe just start with one so it's less to return if it just doesn't work. Good Luck, Dee

  4. I really like the industrial-styled ones. But if it were for me, I'd have to have an upholstered seat and a back because of comfort.

  5. Hi Marty!!! Wow what great choices. I too am going thru the process of picking out counter seating. Of your choices I like #1 of the ones without a back. But I really like number three...the one with the back. The black color would be a great compliment to the dark flecks in your pretty countertop. So yes #3 is my favorite.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!
    XO Barbara

  6. 2 or 8 your home seaks comfort and style as do these two stools

  7. Hello sweet friend!
    I'm loving this new idea to chance the stools at your kitchen and the choices are fabulous!
    I am inclined to #3 because of the crisscross back and are very pretty and comfortable looking.
    You will choose just the right ones and I can't wait to know what you decided finally.
    Have a great week ahead.

  8. Definitely the one with the back. I'm all about comfort.

  9. So difficult to choose Marty, but I love 2 & 3 the most!good luck!

  10. This is very much a work in progress whenever I find out about one who is more beautiful than any of these I will add her and kick out number ten Thanks for sharing the informative post.

  11. How fun! My votes are 2 or 8 - to me, they have such an elegant look to them - just as your home does. But, whichever you choose, you'll make them look awesome in your space! Looking forward to the reveal. :)

  12. I'm new to your blog, but how fun is this I love #2and 8....
    Happy excited to see which you will choose...


  13. How wonderful your kitchen is, dearest Marty, and let me say that you've found such interesting items, I'm overjoyed just to see them !

    May your weekend be blessed with joy
    sending love to you


  14. How wonderful your kitchen is, dearest Marty, and let me say that you've found such interesting items, I'm overjoyed just to see them !

    May your weekend be blessed with joy
    sending love to you