Wednesday, April 20, 2016

5 No Sew Custom Designer Pillows

As you all know, I love pillows and have quite a few.  Since I sew that is a really economical accessory that changes my rooms all the time.  However, some of those designer pillows are quite elaborate.  Beads, tassels and my favorite Greek Key Trim.

You can find some of the most amazing pillows on Etsy - tons of amazing seamstresses out there that create some true works of art.  I love them all, however it doesn't fit my budget since most of these are $60 to $80 a pillow.  Now that is not really all that expensive when you factor in the cost of fabric, trim and a zipper.  Then don't forget, these ladies are entitled to some compensation for their labor.

Greek key trim comes in so many different colors and it is totally classic.


Even a small amount of trim creates a stunning pillow.

Oh my trip to Ikea I shared how I bought several of their wonderful velvet pillow covers - $8 to $10  I had already purchased some greek key trim at Hobby Lobby, so it was time to create.

Both of these trims are 21/2 inches wide and cost $6.95 yd.  I did use my 40% off coupon on the black since I bought 6 yds. of it and 3 of the tan.  I will show you what I did with the tan later.

I love the classic design of adding the trim in a square around a pillow.

The gray euro sham pillow cover was $10 at Ikea - add the trim and you have a gorgeous designer sham that totally elevates any setting.  ( I did a mock up by draping the cover over my existing pillow.  I made two of these that I will be using with some gray bedding I have in an upcoming tour.)

I had about a yard left over from the gray Euro Sham covers, so I thought I would add some to the beigy/cream velvet covers I bought.  These are regular 20 x 20 and cost $8 ea.

Even small pieces of trim make a huge difference in a plain pillow.
 I think this is going to be one of my favorite pillows, so simple yet classic.

Now if you don't sew, don't think you can't have these pillows too, you can.  You can use hot glue or fabric glue to create the same pillows.  Buy some trim and see what you can create.

These Pom-Pom Pillows are super expensive, but you can create your own for pennies.  I give a complete tutorial here.  I used a Hobby Lobby Pillow cover and everyday yarn to bring the total cost in just under $10

This brings tons of texture and style to a simple chair.

A no-sew Jelly Roll pillow definitely adds that custom touch to any chair.  These are so easy and so inexpensive.  You can create one of these for less than $10 too.  You will find my complete tutorial here.

One of my favorite pillows ever is this Custom Monogram Pillow.  11Magnolia Lane etsy sells these amazing iron on decals.  This couldn't be easier.

   Find a pillow cover in a fabric you like, either plain or patterned and order a decal and iron it on for one of the most Custom Designer Pillows you will ever have.

 Tassels are so easy to make, you can see my tutorial here.  Just make 4 and add them to the corner of a pillow for a fun new look.  Adding a surprise color to the tassels is a fun way to spice up any pillow too.

Just one custom pillow will elevate your whole room to a new level, so give one a try.

Let me know what you make, I would love to see them.

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  1. Love your pillows. Great ideas to update pillows and make them look really expensive.

  2. Thanks so much for all the tutorials. You are the best!!

  3. Marty, wonderful ideas and tutorials! I have always loved the Greek key and all your pillows look beautiful and expensive! Thanks for sharing your expertise!
    Pam @ Everyday Living

  4. How smart you are, Marty! All of the pillows look simply fabulous, but I think the pom-pom is my favorite. Thanks for sharing your know-how!