Saturday, April 2, 2016

A Little Tar'-Jay Shopping

The other day I needed to run to the bank and with Target in the same shopping center, of course I had to go in and see what all was going on.  I did need some running socks, so that was a good reason.  Once inside I can't resist walking the whole store.  That's also good exercise, so I try to hit every aisle to see what all is new. haha

I found a couple of things that I thought would be fun.  I am still really trying to stick to my new years goals and budget, so I always look for the best bargain.

I've been adding some yellow all through the house - even the front porch, so when I saw these bright yellow towels, I had to have them.  Now they aren't super high quality, but they are mostly for show, and at $3.99 for the pair, why not.  I replaced the white hand towels with these beauties.  (you can see my complete bathroom makeover here and here.)

I think they're just the spice the bathroom needed.

As I found myself in the kitchen section, I always take a look at napkins and linens, they have some great buys sometimes.  I found some really fun kitchen towels and cloths.  I love, love, love flour sacks and these fun flower sack towels definitely had to come home with me.  You get 2 solid and 2 polka dot in a bundle for $3.99.  Now that's a bargain.  I also found some really great gray dish clothes to go with me.  You get 6 of them in a bundle for $3.99.

Fun trip to Target.  Have you found any treasures lately?

(I am not compensated in any way by Target, just fun finds that I wanted to pass along.)

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  1. You found some great things! I love their flour sack dish towels too!

  2. Target (or Tar'Jay - which I often call it) is amazing. There isn't one is Santa Barbara and the nearest one is 45 minutes away. Still, sometimes there just HAS to be a trip. I'm on a vacay with my family, and we stopped at Target on our way down to the beach house. Great find: a vintage-inspired Mickey Mouse tee for $14. I wore it to Disneyland this past Wednesday. Similar shirts were for sale in the park for $35. Of course, I also stocked up on the beach vacay staples, such as heavy-duty hair conditioner and sunscreen. Gotta love Target.
    Best & Bisous,
    Michelle from Simply Santa Barbara

  3. I find myself at Target weekly. i love it, too! and I am also buying dish towels constantly because I don't like the ones that look dirty and worn out. best!

  4. Love those yellow towels with the black and you are right they really "spice" up your bathroom d├ęcor. The kitchen towels are fantastic as well. Great shopping!

  5. I think adding yellow to your spaces gives it a real zing! I love Target, but I'm not walking very well right now and having a lot of pain, so Target will have to wait until this bout is over. I love how things look, Marty! You have a wonderful eye!

  6. I love the added colors Marty! I fell in love the polka dot towels and bought them to match the grey and white polka dot ceramic measuring cups that a friend brought me on Easter.

  7. I'm a little jealous! The closest Target to me is about 35 miles away so I rarely go - but they always have such lovely stuff for the home and the garden! Those yellow towels really look perfect with that pretty shower curtain - very nice buys!

  8. Wow that yellow is perfect! I like the new kitchen towels too- love polka dots! I just ordered some striped towels I'm hoping will liven up my bathroom. I enjoy browsing about at Tar'-Jay too!

  9. TARGET IS "BAD" for me, I always find something there, too many actually to share! LOL! I recently stashed up on my Easter stuff for next year!

  10. Great picks, Marty! I'm a sucker for bargain shopping as well. It lets me buy nice things guilt-free lol. You can find me at Target when I'm not busy with my work. It's my all-time favorite go-to place. :)