Sunday, April 3, 2016

A Trip To Ikea

Today was a fun day, hubby and I set out to run several erands and to make a trip to Ikea.  It is about 50 miles from our house, so it is a drive, but the traffic wasn't bad on Saturday and we had a stop on the way and one on the way back home, so that broke things up.

I was too busy eating, but of course we had to have the Swedish Meat Balls for lunch.  They were really good.  Now that we were all fed, we were ready to shop.

I always love the decor aisles.  Pillows are amazing and the prices are really inexpensive.  I love how they display them by color.  So pretty, and their feather inserts are the best and you really can't beat their price anywhere.

I loved this color green.  This was a sort of silk fabric with a really pretty shine.

There are so many throw blankets to chose from, they are scattered all over the store.  (It was so busy it was hard not to get other customers in the pics.)

 I have this fabulous brown and gray on the left and today I bought the black and white stripe on the bottom.

 These cable knit throws were so beautiful.  I probably should have gotten the red one for next Christmas.

They have some gorgeous fabrics by the yard.  I saw several that I really liked.

Their curtains are so fabulous - they are worth the trip all by themselves.  There were so many people I couldn't get any pics, but oh, so many pretty ones.

Rugs are another area that is unreal.  So many choices and such wonderful prices.  This black and white polka dot is only $19.95 and it is gorgeous.  Great size too.

 I couldn't help but think I needed this rug to go with my famous Ikea pillow in the same pattern.  It really is pretty.  I didn't buy it, but I think it is amazing.

I wanted some more of their black and white stripe plates but they were out, so I didn't get any.  I did get a black and white strip pillow cover and some black and white stripe placemats.

This was the section hubby always likes.  He found about 8 pots that he wanted.  See the guy with the basket on the left.  He is covering up a display of beautiful white glazed pots that were only 49c.  Hubby bought 4.

Next we stopped off at the gravel yard to get a couple of 5 gallon buckets of some 1/4 inch rocks in brown and 1/4 inch in a pretty tan.  Hubby is going to put some of his plants in the next garden show and see if he can win another ribbon and he needed gravel for top dressing.

Home and a glass of wine, then I think we will have some leftover pot roast and a salad and call it a day.

How was your Saturday?

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  1. Oh Marty, so much eye candy. I feel a trip coming on the Ikea. That is a wonderful price for rugs. Need a couple area rugs.

    Have a great week - think I need to also look at the pots for my garden. Stop by and see it.


  2. Wow! Such great fabrics, I think I'd go crazy in that store. When we were in Miami I bought a couple of things and a throw for cold weather... can't beat the prices, either!
    You did good Marty, I loved what you got and yes, you should have gotten the red one for C'mas too.
    Enjoy your Sunday.

  3. Marty - they're putting a huge Ikea store about 15 minutes from me next year. I am seriously super excited about that - no more driving 3 hours to the closest one anymore. I LOVE Ikea!

    Have you ever purchased a meal there? The Swedish meatball dish is a most - and don't EVER forget to buy the chocolate candy bars - it is the richest creamist most heavenly chocolate on the planet, and is 4 times cheaper than the other fine imported chocolate bars out there - last time I bought a bunch they were $1 each, not $4 and $5!!!!

    By the way, do you realize you had leftover pot ROAD and a salad? LOL. Love typos, don't you? They always make me laugh, but they're not very delicious, are they? hahahaha. Hugs!

    1. Yes, we had the meat balls for lunch, so good. I got a chuckle out of my typo, not sure I want pot Road. haha. Wow, 15 minutes away would be fabulous. Ours is quite the trip.

  4. Wow, what a store! I have never been in an Ikea store but my daughter shops there. The closest one to us is Cincinnati. You had a very good day!

  5. I love Ikea. I have only been there twice, but loved it both times. It is a 2 hour drive from where I live.

  6. Wow, wish I could shop there! I've only been once. Closest one is near Dallas. Wish they'd build one in OK. We just now got our first Trader Joes and it's in Tulsa. Haven't been there yet though. Gotta wait till I can walk better.

  7. Always love a "virtual" shopping trip and you've highlighted just the things I wanted to see. Love those pillows and throws! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Hi Marty! Can I say jealous? :) Not really but I do love Ikea but there isn't one close by. I love all you've shown us and you're so right, the prices are just amazing! I know you had fun.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  9. I've always wanted to go to one but I notice that everything is very contemporary which doesn't work too well for me but somehow I doubt I could walk out empty handed! Sounds like you had a nice day. We went off on a trip to shop on Saturday about 70 miles away and dined out too. Now we're having another bout of snow! Darn it!!

  10. I was at IKEA on Friday. Unfortunately we have been spending a lot of time at Smilow/Yale Cancer Center and IKEA is right around the corner. IKEA used to sell these little red/brown rocks that I used for drainage in flower pots. They have discontinued them. They were wonderful and I wish they would bring them back.

  11. Our nearest Ikea is almost an hour away and right in Philly so I never go there:( I am hoping they build one closer and in a better location! It looks fantastic, I haven't been to one in probably 30 years:( Thanks for the virtual tour, I will look online to see if they sell there!

  12. I love every visit to Ikea, even virtually with you! :) I'm due for a trip!!

  13. A fellow Ikea fan here! Ours is an hour away and so worth the trip. I just visited recently to scout for options for my craft space ... It's always a fun trip. You got a great deal on the glazed pots!

  14. I bummed out at home for the first time in weeks! I love IKEA too and now that we have in STL I'm a frequent visitor!